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    lililam on Here’s the plan, Nancy
    riverdaughter on Here’s the plan, Nancy
    Ga6thDem on Here’s the plan, Nancy
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She seems nice

Somehow, Trump has managed to reach deep down into millions of people and pull up the darkest parts of their minds for all of us to see.

I’m not sure that was such a good idea. I don’t mean for Trump. I mean for them. There might be something cathartic about unleashing this kind of vicious anger at the rest of the world but you have to live with the fallout later.

I guess she’s hot to someone. 🙄

Here’s another one:

Ok, she goes to a Trader Joe’s without a mask. Someone asks her to put one on. People, there is no tactful way to ask someone like this to put a mask on. But what really disturbs me is all of the sudden the person who asks her to put a mask on is a Democratic pig. That’s twice today in two separate videos. That anger and rage that someone is taking away their freedom to deny the pandemic and do whatever the f#%^ they want is directed at Democrats. And by the way, why does she assume that only Democrats go to Trader Joe’s? The other person could have been a Republican, independent or a cancer patient going through chemo. But no, she jumps straight into politicizing the mask thing and presumed that it’s a Democrat who is trampling on her right to “live free or die”. Or “live free AND die” in this case.

Anyway, it’s a trend. A few more n’s and we can call it a correlated. It is “Democrats are taking away your liberty by acting like this virus is worse than it is and they shouldn’t be allowed to get away with that.”

Who benefits from promoting this kind of false narrative and hateful disunity? Which media outlet is spreading this? And what, besides freaking out and shrieking, are the Karens and Butch’s going to do about it next? Is this part of a strategy to paint mask wearers as the antichrist Democrats of communism or is it coming from a sense of fear and frustration that they are losing the argument? And the plot?


6 Responses

  1. I’d introduce her to my mum. What a charmer.

    • {{image of roger’s mom pops into RD’s mind with big “WARNING!” sign over her head}}

  2. I am just starting to read about what appears to be an absolutely valid story, that Trump was briefed months ago that Russia was paying bounties to the Taliban to kill American soldiers, and he said and did nothing about it. This story would destroy any presidency. One could even surmise that Trump was okay with it, that he is working with Russia to destroy America. The other possibility is that he is so in debt and thrall to Russia, that he will never criticize them for anything, even killing Americans. All I can say is that if this had somehow been Obama or Clinton, this would be 24-hour coverage, with calls to immediately remove the President as a traitor. I do not think I am exaggerating. So where is the cable coverage? And how does Trump’s cult deal wit this? All those people who love to wave the flag . I am pretty well convinced that they just like to hide behind this display of virtue, that the flag has no actual symbolic meaning to them, nor does singing “God Bless America” in the seventh inning of every baseball game.

    • If it’s true, it would be one of the worst things an American can do, let alone a president. My stupid, hard ass right winger greedy heartless brother is in the army and has served in Afghanistan and even though I think he has many shortcomings (don’t even get me started) I would be livid if he were one of our soldiers picked off by a Russian funded bounty hunter.
      He’s an American. He’s serving us. He represents our country. He’s a human being loved by his wife (I think) and kids (probably). If our “president” looked the other way on this, it’s an outrage. I can’t think of anything more worthy of getting rid of him.
      Yeah, if it’s true and he did nothing, it’s appropriate to finally call him a traitor.
      BTW, I heard that Trump’s latest Russia expert at the National Security Council just resigned. I’d want to get out of the White House as fast as I can at this point.
      There’s an uncontrolled pandemic, BLM protests, the botched response to the BLM protests, an economy teetering on the edge, a corrupt Justice department and now this.
      It’s hard to believe the Senate Republicans can hold out until Election Day. I think they need to pull the plug momentarily if they have any chance of redeeming themselves. They’ve gotten 99% of what they want. Why not let the catastrophe that follows take care of the rest and let the Democrats take the blame for the cleanup measures?
      It’s got to be on their minds this weekend.

      • Of course, if Trump resigns, Pence takes over, which doesn’t help us, though it would allow Republicans to wear a new mask to try to fool voters into keeping them in office. Impeachment would take too long, though it might still be worth starting it again. What the Republicans in the Senate would do, is interesting. They are pretty well tied to Trump. People like Joe Scarborough and Joe Walsh have bailed out, along with many former Defense officials and commanders.. Apparently the TV media is not covering this much, at least not yet. I wonder what denial or excuse Trump will come up with.

        Of course your brother deserves much credit for his commitment to trying to protect our country. And the idea that Russia is paying the Taliban to kill Americans, and Trump doesn’t care, is almost incomprehensible for any leader in modern history. How can any soldier or officer now support Trump? It is such an error in perception, this long-standing mythology that the Republicans support the military while the Democrats are peaceniks.

    • The behavior of the mainstream media toward Benedict Donald and the Treason Party (fka GOP) begins to make perfect sense as soon as one realizes that:

      (1) The Treason Party consistently supports low taxes on corporations and wealthy individuals.

      (2) The large media outlets are corporations, and their large-share owners and higher-ranking employees are wealthy individuals.

      (3) If the Treason Party did not control the White House and/or at least one house of Congress, the Democratic Party might, just might, raise taxes on corporations and wealthy individuals.

      The Republicans are not the only traitors in this country. 😡

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