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He’s a liar, yah, yah, yah, he’s a liar, talking about our little liar…

Tom Jones songs might be dating me. Anyway…

Unsurprisingly, Trump says Bolton is lying about what he said in that book.

This presents two dilemmas:

1.) If it’s all lies, why is Trump asking the Justice Department to sue the publisher in order to stop the release of the book due to insufficient vetting of classified material? And if they’re really all lies “that make me look bad”, why isn’t Trump going with a libel suit?

2.) This reminds me of the lying sister puzzle:

There are two sisters in a room. There are two doors in that same room. One door leads to freedom and one door leads to death. One sister always lies and one always tells the truth. You have 1 question. What do you ask them to get to the freedom door?

This is a good question. The correct answer is that we can’t ask the question. In order to get to freedom, John Bolton would have had to testify under oath as a material witness during Trump’s impeachment trial instead of allowing his more principled subordinates to testify putting their careers and lives at risk.

That may not have changed the outcome. But it would definitely have put the Republicans in a spot having to acquit the president on largely party lines after the most important and relevant witness testified.

That is not the choice Bolton made. Instead, he has tried to thread the needle allowing his party to get away with not holding the president accountable, blaming the resulting acquittal on Democrats who should he says should have pursued Trump on vague allegations they were prevented from knowing anything about, all while planning on making a killing off a book with all the juicy details in it.

If I knew how to do it, I might charge Bolton with misprision. But Barr is AG so this will never happen. Instead, there will be a lot of drama around whether the justice department will be able to squash a book because the toddler in chief is having a hissy fit.

The bottom line is one sister is a self-serving liar and the other is just a craven, unscrupulous self-serving opportunist.

No freedom for us.