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    riverdaughter on Here’s the plan, Nancy
    Ga6thDem on Here’s the plan, Nancy
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This is the way to do it, Buffalo

Pittsburgh Police take a knee at the Liberty Tunnels:

Does that mean that every protestor and every police officer in Pittsburgh behaves perfectly every time? No.

But showing each other dignity and respect is a good first step.

These days, we have to depend on each other and stick together. Don’t let anyone divide us.

Best guess on why the police are rioting against protestors.

1.) Because they can. The Patriot Act gave them a lot of powerful paramilitary tools and tactics. Ever been kettled? I =>barely=< squeezed out of one when I was in Zucotti Park in November 2011. I was just observing and blogging about Occupy Wall Street. The “organizers” went over all of the safety procedures with the occupiers: don’t resist, cooperate, keep the phone number of the lawyers on your body, preferably written in sharpie, always remember we are peaceful, etc, etc. It didn’t matter. At about 1:00pm that day, I was just sitting in the park, minding my own business, when an organizer came running into the park and warned everyone that the police were about to show up and reminding everyone to stay calm and peaceful. I looked for the nearest exit and barely got out in time. An occupier ran by me followed quickly by police who violently threw him to the ground and arrested him. It was briefly chaotic and things happened so quickly. Like, how did they kettle us like that?? It came out of nowhere.

It was worse than that. No one was even protesting. Everyone in the park was either digesting their lunch, trying without much success to get a signal in Manhattan, doing virtue meditation, or playing guitar. I see more protest and violence in a kids’ playground. So, what was the justification exactly?

My point is, they are trained to quell protest as quickly and efficiently as possible. They have the means and the communications and everything they need to take you out. I suspect they’ve been taught that random acts of surprise crowd control keeps the protestors on their toes. It creates an atmosphere of unnerving anticipation.

You know what it reminds me of? Stephen Hawkings said we should be careful about the friendly messages we send out to the universe. We don’t necessarily want everyone to know we’re here. That’s because if there are civilizations that have the power to intercept those messages and drop in for a house call, they will see us as inferior beings that can’t match their technical superiority. It would only be through self-restraint that they wouldn’t instantly subjugate or annihilate us.

That’s the police we are dealing with today. They have access to stuff that the typical ammosexual can only dream about. I’ve see it. It’s not just kettling. It’s the gear, the vehicles, sheer number and formations of the battalions,the portable watchtowers. Oh yeah. You didn’t know your country was already a police state? Welcome to America post 9/11. We lefties told you that this was a possibility. Now it’s here.

2.) About that self-restraint. I don’t listen to right wing media outlets. Some of this is because I don’t have to. The people who support Trump will tell you what’s up in a very unsettling way. I have heard all about how sorry we should be for Derek Chauvin whose life is ruined by this stupid act. Why would he do what he did?? It’s horrific.

The unstated question behind this sympathy for the devil is that somehow there is a reason for the actions of these four cops that would explain why they thought they could knee Mr Floyd, we just don’t know what it is.

Also, they have this notion that it’s the cops who are in danger from US. I know right? It’s laughable if you’ve ever been to or witnessed a protest since 9/11. The police presence at the Democratic convention at Denver in 2008 was also out of control. Step off the curb the wrong way and you could be forceably tackled and sent to a holding facility 40 miles away. I saw a cop with a massive shield hit a girl so hard I was amazed she wasn’t knocked unconscious and no, she wasn’t doing anything violent or provocative. So, you know, Democrats are just as bad at using this force for their own purposes. (makes you wonder why they thought they needed the national guard up block off most of downtown Denver but I digress).

Anyway, back to self-restraint.

If you are a police union member and you are getting the message that you are acting in self-defense, what motive do you have to dial it back a bit?

And why are Fox News watchers so damn angry at anyone who doesn’t think that the Trump era represents the best of all worlds for America? Like I said, I don’t hear the messages. I only see the results. It’s very difficult to make sense of the world when your amygdala has been sent into a state of overstimulation. It prevents clear thought, the ability to connect cause and effect. It narrows your vision, truncates your perception, circumvents your empathic sense.

I’ve seen perfectly lovely people become unhinged and furious to the point where there is no reasoning with them anymore. So if you are a cop of that mindset and you hang around with likeminded sympathizers and you watch a lot of right wing media AND you have access to the best riot gear the world has ever known, what would you do?

Those protestors are barely human to you. They don’t think right. They’re trying to take power away from you. (No, they’re trying to prevent the powerful from becoming dangerous) Should we be surprised by what we are seeing when police knock 77 year olds to the ground and blood comes out of his ears or when a woman who instinctively reacts to being groped is beaten into submission? Should we be shocked when a guy on a bicycle in a public park attacks a little girl holding flyers? Or that a biker gang starts beating protestors in Philadelphia?

We should be surprised if they DON’T act that way.

The elected city and state officials need to come to grips with the rioting police or we will need to call the military in to save us from them.

That’s where we’re headed.


DC Mayor Bowser’s got brass ovaries:

Also, the street painters have been busy:

Imagine seeing that everyday from your bunker in Fort White House.