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Who is paying for Donald’s new fortress and private army?

While George Floyd’s funeral is being held today, Trump is finally getting his wall – around the White House. It looks like he’s terrified of his own citizens more than two year old Guatemalans.

He also seems to have a new army looking out for him. Weren’t the Secret Service sufficient? I mean, we’re not going to drag him out from under his desk and give him a public swirly or anything. Please 🙄. We’re not barbarians. However, we’ve never had a situation like this before, which has a vague Sans Coulottes storming the Bastille quality to it.

The unidentified, facial haired and disheveled “soldiers” appear to be from the Bureau of Prisons. That’s right, activating Barr meant that he called our the Attica prison riot guards. Presumably, they have no problem cracking heads because everyone looks like a criminal to them.

This was the best Trump can do. The real military is in a state of flux. First Sec. Esper said, um, we’re not using them and told them to stand down. Last night, someone probably threatened his kids and he reactivated 200 of them. I don’t think we can conclude anything about the military at this point.

But back to the BOP riot police, who is paying for that? Deploying them and the extra walls and barriers around the White House has prevented peaceful citizens from petitioning their government for addressing grievances. Should we be paying for violations of Americans’ first amendment rights?

Seriously, that looks expensive. Who is paying for it? After all, Trump has nothing to fear from his constituents, especially if he hasn’t done anything wrong as he is always telling us. Even if he is guilty as sin for committing crimes and abusing his office, we have due process. You know, impeachment! See? He had nothing to fear.

Unless he stops getting the support and protection of the Republicans in Congress. Lisa Murkowski is starting to make strangled noises to that effect. But she’s always in the vanguard until she sees her latest poll numbers from Alaska. Then she falls back. A couple days ago Pat Toomey expressed concerns. But it’s not like he’s drawing attention to himself. Maybe it looks like Biden is going to win PA this year. Toomey doesn’t have to worry about re-election for 2 more years (is it really that far away? 😢). So, theoretically, strategically, he’s pretty safe unless he’s sure that Trump is going to cheat this year again. Who knows.

I always think that the wall of support is about to give way but the brave toe dippers always eventually chicken out.

Meanwhile, we have Trump in a fortress of his own making. I wouldn’t worry about him not leaving after the election. Presidents have had to relocate away from the White House before. Didn’t Madison have to use a different building after the WH was torched by the British? So, let Trump stay there. Find another auxiliary White House for Biden and cut off the official White House. Make sure he can only get his Big Macs by airdrop, screw around with the WiFi, cut his cable, make him do a Julian Assange.

Don’t let him leave after the election. He’s already built his prison.

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  1. 😈

  2. I seriously hope to live long enough to see that toady Toomey voted out of office

  3. #Whitelifematters is getting its goat-smelling ass kicked by K-pop fans. 😆


  4. So, when Biden is elected and Donald refuses to leave, don’t the secret service agents join the new president? I realize that the outgoing President gets secret service coverage too but don’t the ones stationed at the White House go to the new guy?
    Also, during the blockade, can we prevent him from leaving? Like will the blockade mean the helicopter can’t land there?
    You know, I’m kind of getting into this. Trump is holding out in the White House surrounded by electric fences and barbed wire, all the BOP dudes are gone, the secret service blows the White House popstand, he has no WiFi, no 5G or LTE, no cable or satellite. No fast food deliveries. Maybe we can send him a Lean and clean Sunbasket delivery. He’ll have to make it himself. Melania’s not going to hang out in the White House unders blockade, are you kidding me? Anyway, it doesn’t look like she knows how to cook.
    All the footmen, housekeeping services personnel, cooks, landscapers, all of them leaving because they move to the new Gig somewhere in Washington. All of the press decamps for the temp White House leaving a bunch of 4Chan guys to report on him and a phalanx of out of shape unsexy ammosexuals in camo guarding his sorry ass. People will pass by and laugh as the weeds start taking over and the toilets start to back up. (5 gallons of water per day).
    I love this scenario. I hope Donald stays indefinitely.

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