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Some observations.

This image of the current online version of WaPo will make you anxious, especially if you didn’t see it coming:

Here are some observations, please add your own in the comments section:

  1. The fact that we are currently gripped by disease, hardship and fury should come as a surprise to no one. It is the foundation of American life. We have been living with this reality for decades. But until you have experienced it yourself, long term unemployment, a shredded safety net, a paucity of affordable healthcare and normalized mistreatment of African Americans and women, it takes your breath away when it happens to you. What did YOU do to deserve this? Weren’t you a good citizen? Didn’t you live within your means, pay your taxes, get a good education, strive for success? Why is it that now I’m being treated with such disrespect? No one should be humbled just because they aren’t born wealthy. No one should feel less than because they choose to pursue a trade instead of college. Everyone deserves dignity and respect.
  2. There were many George Floyd’s before George Floyd. There were Eric Garners and Sandra Blands. There was Ahmed Aubrey. There was Representative Lucy McBath’s son who was gunned down at a gas station for playing music too loudly. There was Philando Castile whose girlfriend’s four year old daughter was in the backseat of the car when he was shot to death in the front seat. Some of this was caught on video, some on audio. All of it is horrific. A lot of Americans have been outraged at the calloused inhumanity and the lack of accountability. They were all obvious violations of a person’s due process rights. The cops acted as judge and jury and we all knew it was wrong. So why was this time different?
  3. Protests are supposed to make people uncomfortable. If they didn’t discomfort and inconvenience the powerful and privileged, we would call it a parade. Peaceful protests and non-violence is the ideal. But they MUST be allowed to make other people uncomfortable. They must shine a light. They must shame. Or they aren’t effective.
  4. There are provocateurs in these protests. A car full of undercover cops was identified last night in Atlanta near the CNN center. What are they doing? Who sent them? Who was paying them? For what purpose?
  5. There was a recent study that showed up on Twitter yesterday. Your reaction to the protests will be shaped by the way the media covers them. If the focus is on the lawlessness, you’re likely to side with the law enforcers. If your attention is drawn to the victims, like that George Floyd video, you’re more likely to sympathize with them. What role do provocateurs play in shaping the narrative?
  6. The press has been targeted in multiple instances in the last couple of days. Some have been arrested, some have been shot at with pepper bullets. https://twitter.com/chrisbishopl1c4/status/1266546753182056453?s=21 There are videos that show these targets as clearly marked as media. So, some rogue elements in the police and state police are deliberately going after the press. Those videos are equally disturbing.
  7. We’ve had problems in the past. The Vietnam-Civil Rights era was particularly rough. But there is something different going on now. If you don’t feel it, you must be living under a rock. There is nothing like it in our American history.
  8. It will ruin us. The structural problems have always been there. Now they are exposed and we are all vulnerable. If things don’t start getting under some kind of control, we should expect more chaos, fear, illegal actions and more crime as desperate people start looking out for themselves. Is this what the powers that be really want? Do they want to kill the golden American goose? Because that is what is going to happen if Trump isn’t held accountable and the country doesn’t start to stabilize. We’re going to start to look like Venezuela.
  9. What is it the powers that be want so badly that they would allow this to happen? Somebody better find out fast.

4 Responses

  1. I would say that the radical right-wingers in the South want to go back to the 1840’s, the radical right-wingers elsewhere want to go back to 1870.

    The only thing that could save us is proper media framing. But they have failed miserably in the last decade. They let Sanders and then Trump frame the issues, and never Hilary. They let Barr frame the Mueller report, and shrugged their shoulders. Today Barr blames the Left for the unrest, of course he does. That is their avenue to election, get the country angry at liberals and Democrats. It’s Bannon’s strategy, it was Goebbels’. It is so obvious, but the media wants access to Trump, and the owners of the media want the billions to continue to flow in.

    These are people who do not care one bit if average people are unhappy, poor, dispossessed. They never have throughout the history of feudal or totalitarian states. As long as the downtrodden do not have enough weaponry to successfully revolt, they do not care what they say or how much they complain. The billionaires have their own version of an ideal America, and it revolves around them having all the material things they want, nothing else. The MAGA types just want everyone else to suffer and be miserable. If America is Venezuela, that would not bother them much, as long as they had the ability to stomp on the liberals on a daily basis.

    In the 19th century in England, in the midst of mid-Victorian smugness, there were a few noble-minded reformers who called for empathy and help for the lower classes. There are not any here among the Republicans and their mouthpieces in the media. We really need another FDR, or another JFK or WJC, who had the charisma to rally enough of the middle and lower class to our side. Otherwise, we are suffocated by the rich and their media empire, who weaponize the poor and miserable by finding an enemy for them to go after. Let us see if the media correctly tells the people that these riots are mostly being caused by right-wing radicals who are either being paid by Russia or Koch and the Mercers to do it, or who simply revel in violence and are hoping for a civil war in which they can kill Blacks, Hispanics, and Jewish people. Or will the media do their ordinary both sides tap dance, and let Trump set the tenor, forcing a few Democrats to play defense and try to explain, while Fox blares headlines at their viewers.

  2. “What is it the powers that be want so badly that they would allow this to happen? Somebody better find out fast. “

    Perhaps The Masters Of The Universe are no longer their own masters.

    Perhaps Sith Tsar Putin knows things about them that, if revealed, would cause them to be tried, convicted, and imprisoned–or even lynched by angry mobs–or, at the very least, dethroned and forced into exile.

    To name just one hypothetical example, I expect Putin knows everything that happened on Epstein’s yacht, and everyone who participated in the rape of teenagers, and perhaps even of pre-teens.

    If so, The Former Masters of the Universe may now have no choice but to assist in the destruction of Mommie Dearest Russia’s greatest adversary, even though their own wealth and power depends on that adversary keeping its good health.

  3. All done for Mr Trump to declare Civil War and proclaim himself Mr Dictator – which he is HUNGRY for .

    • I suspect the only reason the latter of those has not already happened is that Benedict Donald is a coward.

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