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Is Donald’s “Justice” dept behind the lack of arrests in MN?

I’m just throwing this hypothesis out there.

Everyone saw what happened. Floyd was on the ground, handcuffed. He couldn’t do anyone any harm but the police knelt on his neck anyway until he was dead. Slightly off topic: what if Floyd was suicidal and suffering from a psychotic break instead of being accused of a crime? It’s possible that the police would still have killed him like this but aren’t there different procedures for subduing someone who is mentally ill?

Anyway, there is no doubt that there is probable cause that the police used excessive force. We see what happened, there’s enough time between when he is immobilized and dead that resisting arrest isn’t a justified excuse, there were witnesses. It sure looks like probable cause to arrest. That’s the procedure, right? Arrest, arraignment for probable cause, indictment, trial. Or have we not watched enough crime shows in this country?

If the police can justify their actions they can do it at their trials.

So, why are there no arrests? Cui Bono?

The city of Minneapolis is not benefitting and neither are the cities in other states, most of which happen to be blue states.

Without arrests, there is an ever increasing chance of protests turning into riots followed by deadly force to restore the peace. Why would any US attorney or local FBI office want that?

I don’t know. It seems to me that arrests could have been made on Wednesday and the city might have been spared a lot of this violence.

Could Bill Barr be applying pressure on Minnesota local officials to not make any arrests? Do Barr and Trump want the protests to continue and get ugly? Are they looking for an opportunity to bust some heads and fluff their base?

Has anyone asked these questions yet? Because failure to arrest the officers who did this is a mystery wrapped in an enigma that needs to be solved quickly.


CNN crew in Minneapolis just doing its job is arrested. This is the long clip. You can hear that the reporter, cameraman and producer are trying to comply and are being respectful. There’s no explanation for why they were arrested.

This smells like Donald:

Update: Gov. Walz just took responsibility for the CNN crew being arrested while broadcasting. He says he was the one who called out the state police and asked them to assertively restore order. Some of them got way too enthusiastic. Anyway, Walz apologized fo Jeff Zucker of CNN who was apparently livid.

Sounds like the state police needs to get a flash lesson on the first amendment.

Donald’s off the hook for this one. But I still think he’s behind the reason why the officers that caused Floyd’s death have not be arrested yet.

Keith Ellison on now. Neither Walz or Ellison condemning the protests. Just the arson and looting. How many looters and arsonists are provocateurs? We shall see.

7 Responses

  1. Typo…….Floyd, not Lloyd

  2. Yes , Ms Wilhelmina Barr has told the police force not to arrest any White Supremacists .

    • Are you referring to Erica McDonald who was appointed by Trump and Barr as US Attorney in Minneapolis in 2019?
      Because that would explain why there have been no arrests of the police who killed Floyd yet.
      I haven’t heard anything about white supremacists in MN yet. But then I have been busy.

  3. We know that fascists desire that there be violent social unrest, because it gives them their rationale for imposing state police power. It has always been that way. It is long been thought that totalitarian leaders actually try to foment the unrest. We know that in the late ’60’s, the FBI would have their people at anti-war demonstrations, trying to turn them into riots. We know that Nixon and Wallace got about 58% of the vote running on “law and order” platforms. So while we do not know if Russians or American fascists helped instigate these riots, we know that they benefited from them.

    What happened to George Floyd was terrible. What is happening now is that this is being turned into a fascist talking point and campaign narrative. Trump is now in his element, having managed to get the dreadful virus news out of the headlines. Some people set fires and some looted, which of course does nothing to help this country, or anyone in it, except the looters if they get away with it, and the nazis who want a race war. Also, it has likely removed Amy Klobuchar from consideration as the VP choice, because apparently she declined to prosecute some police officer two decades ago. Just more collateral damage. I had thought that she was the best person to help Biden win this absolutely imperative election.

    Militant Black people have self-righteous anger, but it does not lead to anything helpful to their causes. Too many Black people stayed home in the last election, because Russians and right-wingers managed to convince them that a misconstrued comment that Hillary had made 20 years before showed that she did not deserve their vote. So they got Trump. Then people like Jason Johnson went on TV to say that she was the most despised presidential candidate in history; while Eddie Glaude and others can only talk about race issues. Black people, and all decent White people absolutely do have the right to be angered and saddened by the horrible killing of Floyd, and to call for justice. But Keith Ellison is providing a rationale for many people to vote to elect Trump again. And I don’t think he even cares. He is fighting his own war, one that he and Blacks cannot win on his terms. Perhaps he thinks, along with Susan Sarandon in 2016, that a Trump win will “heighten the differences,” so that we will have revolution by and by. Colin Kaepernick who said that Hillary should be in jail, and whom Joy Reid championed, is urging a revolution now. These are the useful idiots and the self-righteous firebrands who play right into the fascists’ hands, while the rest of us have to watch it play out. It has been the tragedy of the last hundred years in the world, and who is to stop it? Obama winning did not, from either radical side.

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