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Twitter and Donald.

Twitter fact checked Donald.

The world is about to end. Dogs and cats living together. 🙄

Let’s put aside that Twitter is a private company and has no obligation to let any of us tweet anything. Twitter can be very choosy. That’s fine because Twitter is not a government entity. If it were, it would need to let anyone Tweet as long as there’s no incitement for violence or other restrictions on the first amendment.

Twitter is being generous to let our twitter obsessed “president” tweet to his heart’s content when he should be doing other stuff. I understand their point of view. Trump is a public figure of some importance. He’s also got 80 million followers. His complaint that conservative voices aren’t getting enough tweet exposure is ridiculous. I block a fair number of conservative right wing conspiracy theorists on a daily basis. I shouldn’t have to read their crazy s}%^ if I don’t want to.

Which gets to the real point of this post. Donald’s tweets show up in my timeline a lot more frequently than I want them too. I am not one of his followers. But some of the people I follow think his tweets are so over the top or stupid or illegal that they feel they need to retweet with comment.

Yeah… I think we should stop doing that.

Sometimes, I can’t help myself but to tweet back. I try to keep my tweets polite but pointed. (Stop laughing. I’m serious.) But if I do that, it’s like Trump’s tweets have a high R0 value. He’s infecting more and more people because my response to someone else’s retweet of Trump’s asinine tweets just keeps getting passed along where more people can read them.

Kellyanne Conway is probably laughing evilly and rubbing her skinny claws.

That’s just what they want. They want us to be focused on Trump 24/7. The best way for no other conversation or message to get a toehold is to occupy as much space as possible. He’s succeeding every time we reply to a retweet. We’ve got to stop doing that.

Even Twitter is in a bit of a bind. Who wants to have the “president” threatening their business model all the time? It doesn’t matter if Trump can do anything about it. You don’t want to be in the vanguard in the war for the first amendment in the era of Trump and his lackeys.

If Twitter restricts his tweets, which it hasn’t done, it’s just going to trigger a lot of push back and fury from the MAGA nuts. That’s the kind of attention Trump craves. Even fact checking him gets his mental masturbation on the news. Controversy and attention will drive even more people to check out his Twitter account. What got fact checked THIS time??

No one else in the world matters to him. No other crisis is more important to him than how many media outlets and social media apps can he dominate. To him, it’s all about winning.

Right now, he is winning Twitter.

So, to any of my favorite Twitter friends I am asking you to please stop retweeting him. Just don’t do it. Act like your twitter finger has a mask and is soaked in disinfectants. Do not perpetuate his memes, outrage, illegalities or even fact checked tweets. Deprive him of fuel. Gray Rock him.

Keep your eyes on November and direct all your energy at getting rid of this country sucking vampire that was stupidly invited in.

One Response

  1. I have a Twitter account, although I don’t actively tweet. I do like following smart, funny and awesome people, though.

    I don’t retweet or comment. I came to the Twitter platform because my partner, at the time, was in the media business and trying to expand his digital influence.

    I don’t follow Trump, I do follow those who take his tweets and words and actions and skewer them brilliantly.

    Jack Dorsey, contrary to Kara Swisher’s analysis of him as a “thoughtful person”, is a craven capitalist whose creation is threatening to eat him alive. Maybe I can give him props for tagging a couple of Trump tweets with a “The More You Know” label.

    I wish the Twitterverse wasn’t so influential to the media types, because, for most us ordinary people, it has no relevance except for a glimpse at the general conversation about current events.

    And, RD, it’s so good that you had an actual vacation of getting away and relaxing and I am happy to hear that you, being eloquent and knowledgeable and charmingly snarky, challenge Trump on Twitter. 🙂

    Please stay well.

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