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The beach is safe. I repeat, the BEACH is SAFE.

Blame Florida’s Governor, Ron DeSantis for the bad reputation that beaches have gotten since the pandemic started. It was those images of drunk, libidinous students on Fort Lauderdale’s beaches that freaked us out. DeSantis was allowing Covid-19 free reign in south Florida’s bars and beaches and then exporting the virus back to the country by air. Hear ya’ go, blue states, suck on this!


DeSantis still isn’t being honest about Florida’s numbers. In fact, Trump Republicanism has an almost unfettered experimental environment in Florida.

Stingy hard to get unemployment bennies? Check.

Lockdown procedures delayed, delayed, delayed? Check.

Extraction of tourism dollars turned on full force exacerbating the spread of the virus? Check.

Allowing the religious community to gather in close proximity without appropriate cautions and/or fines to restrict services to video or outside? Check.

Hiding the real number of cases and deaths to keep that money coming in? Check. Check. Check.

You could not pay me enough to go to Florida right now.

But I just spent a week at the beach (we’ll get to the unfortunate weather in another post. I think I am done with the Outer Banks after 3/3 weather disasters.)

For the total of 1 1/2 days of sunshine that made beach going possible, the place was paradise. There were acres of sand between groups of people. It probably helps that the beach I was on didn’t have a boardwalk or dozens of bars and restaurants. This beach was bordered by rentals. The nice kind. I saw absolutely no reason to fear the beach. My chances of catching anything was infinitesimally small compared to using one rest stop bathroom in Virginia on the way back. (Jeez, guys, get your act together. And get those damn air dryers off the walls. They spread germs everywhere.)

I gotta hand it to North Carolina, everywhere I went was immaculate from the grocery stores to the beach to the post office. Granted, I didn’t go out very much. And isn’t that the point?? If you’re going to the beach, you’re going for the sunshine, sand and water. The beach is not responsible for you hanging out on a crowded boardwalk or breathing all over one another at a bar. Sure, those things are fun. But they’ve got nothing to do with the beach, the ocean and sunblock.

If states are concerned with overcrowding, then limit the number of people who can get on the sand. But even this is ridiculous. We don’t tell people to stop going to the grocery store where even with a mask and metering, there are far too many people in close proximity to each other touching things and stupid white women spitting on the fruit.

On a beach, you can easily sit 6 feet apart and germs diffuse into the air and away from your body much more easily. It’s like a particle in a box situation. The particles bounce around in a grocery store. They take off for infinity on a beach.

As long as you’re not libidinous, drunk students rubbing each other while dancing at a beach party, the beach is a great place to go during a pandemic.

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