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Religion will send us into another Great Depression

Senator Rick Scott (R-Florida, duh) says religious people have the right to worship together:

Of course they do! And I have the right to run around maskless at a crowded pool party. No one can stop me. I’m just that wild.

We all have rights to do whatever we want as far as socializing goes. The governor of Pennsylvania hasn’t implanted chips in us yet so he can’t tell who we’re hanging out and sharing cooties with.

That’s why I wear a mask when I go anywhere outside my own back yard or a beach where there are acres of sand between me and the next person. Since I don’t know who has been inside a church showing each other the sign of peace, I have to practice safe social distancing. It’s like having to always wear a latex free condom, life size, all day long, without any payoff.

I might have to ask to work from home longer. I will need to stay off of public transportation when I do go back to work and spend more money to pay for gas and park my car everyday. I won’t be going to my favorite Thai restaurant for a nice pad prik king. I won’t be shopping for new work clothes because I’ll be able to do online work in my shorts.

There will be a lot of things I won’t be doing because Rick Scott’s constituents can‘t seem to get in touch with their own personal lord and savior unless they’re in church. So much for omniscience and omnipotence.

I could think of a lot of other ways church could happen that doesn’t involve breathing on each other in an air conditioned building where the virus particles will be floating around on every exhaled hymn note. Like, video church or subscription channel church or outside worship services where all the chairs are GTE 6ft apart or church in your car in a parking lot.

But no. Rick Scott’s constituents are special. The first amendment guarantees the right to worship but it’s only mandatory for certain states in the south. Yes, for some reason, the southern state god would prefer that the rest of the country stay in the state of uncertainty about who may or may not have thrown a germy $20 in the collection plate.

For some reason, Scott’s constituents practice a religion where the golden rule goes “do unto others as you fucking well want, don’t worry about people you don’t know because it’s not a big deal anyway”. Oh, that’s not what their golden rule is? My mistake, I’m just going by what I see. I’m not into faith.

So, the religious will just keep this virus going on and on and on. While developed nations in the rest of the world will get their epidemic under control and will aggressively attack outbreaks with testing and contact tracing, the US will need to be ready for another lockdown at a moment’s notice and our lives will be in constant danger.

That will lead to more income and food insecurity, instability and crime, sickness and death.

Which leads me to wonder: what are these mandatory worshipping sinners of an angry god praying for exactly?


7 Responses

  1. What if we find out that the level of care being offered for early stages of the coronavirus were below the quality of care that could have been offered? If the Media does not work with the healthcare industry on a more aggressive level, all we get is Media Hero Worship. Let’s not just make this about God Worship, I think Media led Hero Worship of the Medical Healthcare system is causing the most deaths of all.

    • Good question. But we also have to take into account that the healthcare workers were working under less than ideal circumstances against a virus they knew nothing about without standard treatment options.
      I’m not calling them heroic.

  2. For decades at least, this warped idea of “freedom” has been a part of the right-wing culture, particularly in the South.To them it means that they can do anything they want, but no one else can. You want an abortion, you can’t have it. You want to buy contraceptives you should not be able to. You’re the Dixie Chicks, and you don’ like the policies of their president, so they burn your records and try to ban you from the airwaves. You’re Dan Rather, a highly respected member of the free press, and you have a well-sourced negative story about Bush, and so they get you fired. I absolutely guarantee you that if a Democrat were President, and this virus were rampaging, they would be calling for his removal or assassination; and if he argued that places should be kept open, they would stand in front of them with assault weapons to block ingress. It’s about them vs. the enemies they are taught to hate, no philosophical consistency behind it.

    My guess is that Rick Scott,a criminal who stole millions of dollars, does not care one bit about religion. What he cares about is his big church donors who need their coffers filled,and also the culture war which Republicans use to trick credulous people into voting for them. Pretty much like “The War Against Christmas.” The obvious fact is, that states and cities have the right to enact health ordinances and restrictions for the good of the citizenry. Scott did so during hurricane seasons. Floridians could have kept Bill Nelson, a decorated veteran and an honest person, in the Senate, but they ostensibly chose Scott, or at least enough votes were suppressed and fixed to let him sneak in. Now he wants to demand that people get to go to church, get sick,, to put more burden on the health care system, and then go out and infect other people, all in furtherance of the royal grift that Scott and his cabal are daily perpetrating on the people of Florida and America. Scott wants to be President at some near point, and this what he sees as his ticket to it.

  3. It’s all very confusing. If Trump and the Republicans cared as much about people of faith as they claim they do, they wouldn’t be encouraging them all to go out and infect each other with a deadly virus. It’s all superficial political theater, as always.

    Also, I have religious friends who are just fine with doing a virtual service online. They believe that “church” is about the spirit of the service and the community, not about a building. But I also think those are the same people who still follow the traditional Golden Rule, not the warped new version of it, so….

  4. It’s Memorial Day in the USA.

  5. The Rapture. They’re praying for The Rapture.

    • in the medieval period, the masses were told that their suffering and toiling on earth was worth it, because they would get an eternal reward.. Now it seems that the masses are told that they should actively work toward destroying everything, to speed up the process. And they get to do anything they want to in the meantime, because they are never guilty of anything.

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