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No… He’s really taking it

There is a lot of speculation about Trump’s self-report that be is taking hydroxychloroquine. Mostly, people don’t believe he’s actually taking it.

But friends, I know he’s taking it. In fact, I think he’s going to double his dose as soon as another person in the White House tests positive.

By the way, has anyone seen Pence?

So, what makes me say he’s taking it? Easy.

1.) No one is the boss of him. No one has been able to tell Trump to do or not do anything since he was a kid. His parents should have hired super nanny but instead, shipped him off to a military academy. Where I come from, that’s where bad boys with a future record go to get their asses straightened out. But even that didn’t work. He was just biding his time for when he could be president and get even with the military in general. I mean the generals. How many has he fired? I’ve lost count.

2.) He’s a Fox News fan. I wish the stereotype about Fox News fans was inaccurate. Nay, say I. I have met the enemy and she/he excels at wishful thinking. My dad used to say “wishing doesn’t make it so”. It was part of his “rude awakening” soliloquy. I took it to heart. Regrettably, not everyone in my family did so. I have lived to see people I know suggesting that it is fine to drink a baking soda concoction to make their blood alkaline as a treatment for cancer.

“Nonsense”, says me, “your blood is already slightly basic. It has a pH of 7.4”.

“You don’t know what you’re talking about. Dr. Larraine Day prescribes it. What makes you the expert??”

“Uh, my degree in Chemistry and 23 years in research?”

“I don’t like the way you think. Next think you’ll tell me is that lemon juice isn’t alkaline”

“Nope. What’s the point. Just don’t shoot your tumor with bleach anymore, ok? I think that might be dangerous. Who gave you that hypodermic anyway?”

“You elites think you know everything.”


(That was an actual conversation. You may be surprised to know that baking soda and bleach injections are not a cure for cancer but then that was an n of one so what do I know?)

3.) Trump is a notorious germophobe. Reports say he was “lava level” mad when he heard his valet tested positive. Note the “phobe” part of germophobe. If my experience with the irrational base personality can be extrapolated to Trump, he probably had a massive freak out and panic attack. It might already be IN his body and it’s all the fault of that damn military attaché. It’s in there, doing its virally thing. Oh, woe is him! He’s going to die. They’re going to put a germy tube down his throat and take pictures and show them to the rest of the world. Holy shit! Angela is going to see him with a mask on but not the cool mask. One of those plasticky things with the long snakey hoses that go to an oxygen tank. He’ll be propped up in bed on pillow in a hospital bed like all the other Coronavirus LOOOOOSERRS. HOLY FUCK!! WHO’S GOING TO DO HIS HAIR AND MAKEUP!?? WHY IS GOD A NEVER TRUMPER??

That’s when he called his doctor back in Manhattan for a HCQ Rx. Dude had to put down his blunt and read him the side effects and told him about the prolonged QT interval. Cutie, huh? Probably sounded like some kind of ED cure to Donald.

So, I think he’s really taking it. He’s thinking that if he takes it early, it will stop the virus in its tracks. Then he can strut around maskless again like some cock on the walk.

Did anyone tell him that there’s a possibility that you can get it again?

Ha! Damn elitist “experts”. He’ll show them. Where’s that hypodermic needle?