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Please, Rally Already.

Eric Trump says Democrats don’t want Trump to hold campaign rallies so they’ll keep milking the Covid “hoax” to keep states shut down or some such silliness 🙄:

Yes, Eric it’s all about your father.


You want to know what we’re really thinking? We’re thinking that you should hold MORE rallies. As many as possible. Pack those arenas. Make them standing room only. And don’t let any sissies with masks in. Real American warriors do not need masks.

There are so many good reasons to open up the states. Employees can get back to work, children can go back to school, food pantries could get back to servicing the poor and not everyone you know. But the absolute best reason for opening up is so Trump voters could go out there and join in one big, side by side, hand holding kumbaya at a political rally. Nothing would warm the cockles of our hearts more.

Better yet, they should get temp tattoos that also glow in the dark that say Warrior for Trump so they can show how proud they are that they bravely stood up to us for their FREEDOM!! I want to be able to see them so I know that they’ve been at a rally for Trump. That way, I will feel bad for denying liberty to these people of good will. I will benefit from the daily reminder of their courage.

Please, please, do not let us stop you Trump voters from going to rallies. I will personally contact Governor Witmer and Governor Evers and plead with them to at the very least open up the stadiums and convention centers for Trump and ONLY Trump. We Democrats don’t deserve that kind of privilege.

Now, onto the masks made in America for Trump. We’re not triggered by your flaggy stuff. It’s a little like ammosexuality. Whatever floats your boat. Patriotism is patriotism. Who am I to judge? But, guys, you don’t need a mask to signal your love of country. Be bold and daring. Wear it as a scarf not a mask. Make it into a fashion statement. Maybe everyone at the Trump rallies will do the same as a signal of their defiance.

Make it go viral.

We won’t run out.

Here’s an account of a day at the food pantry line from a hardworking guy in his 50’s who is laid off. It’s his first time.

I’ve been one of those volunteers. I wish I could tell him that it was our privilege to serve people like him. I’m not a virtue signaler and most of the time, I’m a pretty “get off your ass and make it happen” kind of person. I was not a helicopter parent. I can be insensitive and clueless.

But food and income insecurity hits my soft spot, if you can say I have one at all. There are too many people like this guy. He’s worked hard all his life and he’s been waiting for unemployment checks and stimulus checks and waiting and waiting. All three adults in his house are laid off. He’s also got a granddaughter living with him. Taking this worry off his mind is the least we can do.

The food pantries around the country won’t run out. Hopefully, we won’t need them for too much longer. But as long as those of us who are still employed have a little money, we can contribute to organizations like Feeding America and World Central Kitchen, No child will ever have to go to bed hungry.

(If you get your meals delivered from companies like sunbasket, Hello Fresh or Blue Apron, you may also be able to donate your weekly boxes. In sunbasket, go to Schedule>>Forward and choose your option. The company will donate your groceries to Feeding America.)

Unless their parents can’t drive to the food bank. Maybe that’s the next problem we have to solve: gas money and transportation.

By the way, if you worked all your life and paid into the unemployment system for your state, there is zero excuse for your state government to make it difficult or impossible for you to get your benefits. You deserve them. And stimulus checks. And food stamps. All of it.

This isn’t Haiti and we should never allow our country to become Haiti. We need to set an example, not follow one.

It’s never a bad thing to be nice to people.


I am VACATING, people! It’s happening. It’s really happening! {{throwing back head, laughing evilly}}

I can see the Atlantic from my house!

You guys can’t make me do anything. {{more evil laughter}}

I slept in until 8:27am this morning. Missed my morning photography on the beach. I’ll do it tomorrow because I can do that. Bwahahahahahhh!

No hurricanes. No crazy relatives. No responsibilities.

BTW, this beach is safe. There aren’t many people here. Sun is shining. Weather report sucks for the rest of the week but I’M ON VACATION. You can’t stop me.

{{weeping tears of relief}}

Thanks for all your support. If you contributed to the gas fund, doubly thank you.

I’ll check back later. I just can’t quit you.