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My Favorite News Story

We have seen an explosion of news in the last several days. Sorry, I haven’t been keeping up as well as I normally do. I’m still working from home until Friday afternoon and at the same time trying to prep for vacation.

There are too many stories to follow. That might be partially due to the times we are living in and partially intentional. I haven’t even begun to dig into #Obamagate. Who cares, really. The pandemic is still full force, there are new and troubling aspects of the virus on a daily basis, 3 million more Americans filed for unemployment last week, the economy is shaky, food is rotting in the fields while 1 in 5 children go hungry and the stock market is showing signs of crisis fatigue. Do I GAF about some scandal that Trump’s campaign has synthesized to distract us when he should be actually doing his job?? No, I do not.

So, here are my list of newsworthy stories in order of importance to me:

  1. New revelations about Coronavirus especially wrt children experiencing Kawasaki syndrome.
  2. 3 million more unemployment claims.
  3. The Washington Post editorial finally tells the Republicans, specifically Republicans, to stop fucking around with politicizing the stimulus packages.
  4. Fauci’s daring bravado testifying.
  5. The supreme court’s review of the request for Trump’s tax returns and Jay Sekulow’s incredibly stupid argument against releasing them.
  6. The horror show surrounding the prosecution of Mike Flynn for lying to the FBI about his phone conversations with Russian Ambassador Kislyak. The courage of judge Sullivan to appoint a third party judge to review Barr’s request to withdraw charges.
  7. The stupidity of Wisconsinites to flood and crowd bars just after their Supreme Court spit in the face of the governor’s stay at home orders. (I don’t think we’ll have the same issues with the electoral college vote this year if Wisconsin and Michigan keep acting like this)

I see that Rick Bright is testifying today. I’ll try to listen in while I’m working. But I think the thing that disturbs me most this morning about Bright is Trump’s insistence that we will have a vaccine by the end of the year. It might be the case that he will exert his screaming orange person for scientists to work harder and faster, (because pressuring scientists always works) but I don’t see any evidence that he will indemnify them or their companies for vaccine that comes out in November just before the election. Vaccine testing takes time and there is no way to rush it. Ok, you can rush it but that only means that some safety checks will need to be discarded.

Anyway, I really wish for once that Republicans would set aside their rapacious power hunger for just once for the good of the country and the rest of the world. Just once. Is that so much to ask???

Apparently, it is.

What is your current news obsession? List them in the comments below.

5 Responses

  1. Dr. Bright painting an absolutely horrifying picture.

    A reputable scientific organization based in London, whose name escapes me, just saying that their study of data indicates that 90% of American fatalities (or maybe it was world fatalities) would have been prevented, had Trump shut down America on March 2. This would dovetail with Dr. Bright’s prediction that if major steps are not taken now, the winter will show the most horrifying death toll in a century.

    The obvious plotting of the Republicans, which is more reliable than the mail getting through, now includinh forcing Burr to resign, so that they can begin their Big Lie campaign that Putin wanted Hillary to win, the Russians never helped Trump, Obama and Biden conspired to break the law, and should be locked up. That is their gameplan, it worked in 2016, with the great assistance of the media, and they expect the same result again. Pandemics are just another opportunity for them;; the true criminal sees everything as a potential opening.

    Barr actively trying to turn the DOJ into State Police, which lock up their enemies, and let their friends out of jail.

    Why Kelly Loeffler, who made $17 million in the stock market by acting on classified information about the virus, is not being investigated by the FBiI. How Manafort got out of jail, while Cohen is still in..

    Finally, not a story, but yes, it does make sense; there will be a big announcement about a vaccine a week before the election; the media will run with it, Trump will surge in the polls, just like he did when Comey falsely announced the existence of new emails, not that any of the older ones meant anything, either. Trump cannot afford to lose, he does not intend to lose; and if he does lose, it is not going to be due to him and his enablers not trying every single illegal, immoral, and darkly nihilistic maneuver they can come up with. Martial law, delaying elections, getting the power grid shut down on election day in certain states ;having some of their own people killed to create a Reichstag Fire effect, announcing arrests of Democratic leaders, inventing some absolutely absurd accusations of criminality against Biden and Democrats, which the media will run with; I will run out of room before listing the things they will do in order to try to keep Trump in office and out of jail.

    • There is time between now and november to make the public very cautious about a vaccine. Like, if it’s not tested thoroughly, we could kill a lot of people through allergic reactions, unknown side effects, autoimmune responses, etc etc. it should all be brought back to lack of preparation.
      Lack of preparation leads to death from inadequate infection control measures, inadequate testing and contact tracing, inadequate PPE, inadequate safety net, inadequate R&D and politicizing the CDC. All of this could have been a lot less destructive if Trump had stopped tweeting and did his job.

  2. Remember, if they win, nothing can be done to overturn it. All the screaming of foul, the anger, the demonstrations, the anguish, will not cancel out a word of it. That is their trump card, pun intended or not; just win, baby, and there’s not a damn thing the Democrats can do about it. I forgot the plan to buy off Electors in key states; find out about this two months later, and it would be of no value at all. In cartoons or lightweight movies, somebody would say, “Possession is nine-tenths of the law.” That is not generally true, but in the case of elections, it is probably ten-tenths; get installed, and they’ll never be able to overturn it. Republicans know that to a certainty, while Democrats keep appealing to a sense of virtue that has ceased to exist in our politics and governing. In practical terms, I will not be confident unless we are eight points up a week before the election; and even then, they could still turn off the power, put armed militia at the voting sites, close a bunch of them down, or tamper with the vote. Many ways to cheat, many more than were even available in the days before the Industrial Revolution, much less the Internet.

    • The fascists think the camel’s back is never going to break, no matter how many straws they pile upon it–and neither they, nor the rest of us, know which straw will be the final one.

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