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China is not the boss of us

There are many things wrong about this clip of the press conference that Trump had today.

First, just because you’re standing in front of a curtain wall of flags does not make what you say more accurate, trustworthy or patriotic.

Then there was being rude to the TWO female journalists trying to get answers to questions. If you run for office, you’d better get used to tough questions. And if you fuck up the economy with your pathetic response to a pandemic, then the questions are going to be extra tough. I suggest Trump man up, not leave in a huff because the journalists didn’t toady like his task force members did.

(we’ll talk about what I expected for my federal tax dollars in another post but let’s just say that if I’d known in advance that there would be no federal response, I would have asked for the money for oil subsidies and border walls and all kinds of stupid Republican nonsense back then.)

Here’s the worst thing about this press conference. He blames the whole thing on China.

But we already knew back in January that China had a huge problem with Coronavirus. You didn’t have to be a rocket scientist to figure out that China had a big problem with Coronavirus. China was right out there telling everyone it was shutting down cities. In fact, Apple couldn’t get its devices, lots of just in time inventories from China were halted, China just stopped sending stuff.

I’ll bet Anthony Fauci was watching news coming out of China and knew that it was going to be bad. Heck, *I* knew it was going to be bad and I’m not the brightest bulb in the pack just a little more sciencey than the average bear.

So, WTF is Trump and his minions blaming China for?

He either was 1.) unprepared 2.) uninterested and therefore unprepared or 3.) thought it would go away and was unprepared.

There’s no excuse here. It’s not China’s fault that Trump was unprepared and squandered 3 months lead time to get the country and economy prepared.

Look, you’d have to be dumber than a box of rocks to believe that China is responsible for our lack of preparation. I know that most people are not that dumb. So if you actually swallow this bullshit, you are deliberately ignoring what you intuitively know to be true.

The truth is that if we had wanted to, we could have put together a response to this virus that would have been the envy of the world. We’re that smart and innovative and hard working, clever, committed and strong. We didn’t have to wait for instructions from China.

China is not the boss of us.

China didn’t tell the Big Orange to sit on his fat butt and do nothing but tweet about the revenge he was going to take on crucial areas of our government for ratting on his Ukrainian extortion plan. He could have redeemed himself with a proactive, ingenious, unified response instead of making the senate impeachment vote look like a tragic missed opportunity.

You can fault China for a lot of things but saying “China made me screw things up” is something only a pathetic and weak person would say. That’s not something a strong, capable, courageous American would say.

I don’t care how many flags he’s standing in front of.

7 Responses

  1. https://www.theatlantic.com/magazine/archive/2020/06/putin-american-democracy/610570/
    OK, maybe China isn’t the boss of us but how about Russia?
    This article makes me wonder if we will ever have a secure election again.

    • No, Russia is not the boss of us either. Russia may be the boss of Trump though. This makes it all the more important that he gets turned out on his ass.

  2. One day geologists will study the GOP from top to bottom, and very likely prove your ‘box of rocks’ theory

    • I have a theory. They’re not all dumb. Oh sure, some really are stupid beyond all reason, I mean some White women who apparently can’t think their way out of a paper bag. I met a lot of them while canvassing in 2016.
      And there are some relatives I know who thought Trump was disgusting before the election but thought he looked much better after their 401ks took off. (What goes up after being artificially inflated must come down at the slightest bump in the road, like a delicate soufflé)
      Some are real racists. That’s about as stupid as a person can be. You have to be brain dead to be a racist. Or extremely opportunistic.
      Most people I think really resented that nothing stuck to Obama. Nothing. It didn’t matter how mediocre he was or how expensive his ACA was for average Americans. All he got was praise. He even got a fricking Nobel prize. Do YOU think he deserved a Nobel prize?? WE would have to be dumb as a box of rocks to think he did. No one on this site bought that nonsense. He also was no feminist. In fact, I think women’s rights actually suffered under Obama. That wasn’t his thing. He signed Lilly Ledbetter that was merely a formality but left Paycheck Fairness on the back burner. He stalled on Plan B and kept it out of the hands of teenagers who presumably would need it the most. Michelle spent her terms as a housewife with a garden. She gave up her law degree to be a stay at home mom to Sasha and malia, two kids who were well into their school years and didn’t need mommy at home. That’s the kind of lifestyle that women in my upper middle class suburb lived. They looked down on working women who needed the gym to be open for the after school program while their own little darlings used it for gymnastics, keeping the otherwise latch key children confined to the cafeteria. I could go on but you know. You were there.
      He was no friend to working people having largely gotten to where he was without them.
      He came off as benign and his supporters were a bunch of arrogant over educated young male eggheads who just didn’t give a fuck about anyone but their own fame and glory. Jared is The Trump contingent revenge on the Jon Favreau types.
      In other words, Trump is the Obama of the right. He’s much much worse than Obama in every conceivable way. But they are going to shove him down our throats until we gag and then they will stomp on us and tell us how great he is. How do we like THAT?
      That is Obama’s legacy to us. It’s only somewhat racist because Trump is racist. But many of Trump’s base are not racist. They are simply using him as an instrument of their anger. I can relate. Somewhat. I’m still mad about Obama too. But I realize that the GOP is using that rage of theirs to remake the country. By the time the typical Trumpist wakes up, the country will be a fucking wreck.

  3. That is Obama’s legacy to us.

    FUNNY… I agree with you 100%, but when act blue sends me their weekly survey on Obama’s legacy they never mention anything like that.

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