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And now a word from… er… China.

Normally, I would be skeptical of anything from a Chinese news source but in this case, it’s accurate:

A few things more to say:

First, I’ve been following this Coronavirus since early January. How do I remember this? The f]}%ing JHU tracker has been up since before then. I remember checking the map obsessively in January and seeing a dot at Toronto a few days after Martin Luther King Day. And why is that significant? It’s because I was in Kingston, Ontario Canada that weekend. Hmmm, that’s interesting, I thought. So, the information has been out there for a long time. Early on, you could see the alarming spike in China.

Second, we don’t report to China. It’s true. We are the United States. We are a sovereign nation. We have the power to act in our own best interests no matter what China or WHO was telling us.

We can’t absolutely trust China to report everything openly. And we know this because early on, there were reports that some Chinese doctors who broke the glass and pulled the alarm were reprimanded. That right there tells you that there was something bad about the breakout. Think about it: China locks down a city of 11 million, reports its numbers (which are already horrific even if not complete) and builds emergency hospitals in days. The last time it did that was when it had an outbreak of SARS. So, it wasn’t a good look to begin with even without gagging the doctors.

You don’t have to be a “very stable genius” to figure out that something very bad was happening in China. There were even reports by the WHO that said China was giving it all they had and it was probably still not going to be enough to prevent a pandemic. This was weeks before WHO declared it a pandemic.

But back to the “we are not China” thing. We don’t take orders from China. If China said, “ignore it, we’re fine”, which it didn’t, we didn’t have to take that advice. In fact, all of the evidence was pointing to us acting swiftly and aggressively even if China wasn’t telling us the whole story. Just the parts we knew about were bad enough to take defensive action, get testing in place, play out lockdown scenarios, secure the food supply, train healthcare workers, check the stockpile, trigger the defense production act, etc, etc.

All of that could have been done back in January.

We could have been wearing masks like South Korea. THEY have their outbreak under control.

What did we do? Nothing. No, worse than nothing. We had a big orange dude and his network of lunatics rant about how it was no worse than the flu and make promises they didn’t intend to keep.

I honestly can’t believe there are still people in this country who believe that Donald Trump is some kind of victim in this whole clusterf]{% and that somehow, HE, not WE, needs some kind of sympathy and protection from taking the blame for screwing this up. He’s lazy and has been in denial since January. If you don’t like the fact that you’re stuck at home and out of work, put the blame where it belongs, on the guy who is supposed to defend us “against all enemies foreign and domestic” and that includes a virus.

If he didn’t take his oath seriously, it should come as no surprise that he’s done such a poor job. Jeez, the company I work for did a fantastic job of quickly assessing the situation and putting a plan in place. If some corporate CEO can do it, Donald should have been able to do it.

The thing that pisses me off most about that very accurate ad from China is that now the rest of us are lumped together with Big Orange. We’re now the Statue of Liberty. It’s a joke. And it’s not fair to the majority of us who didn’t vote for him. We warned everyone that he was going to be a disaster and dangerous since before the election. There was no mystery about this. It had nothing to do with hating on poor Donald. It had everything to do with Donald being completely incapable of fulfilling the responsibilities of the job of running what was at the time the most powerful nation on earth.

And who is the most powerful nation on earth now?

It’s going to take the next president to make America great again.

8 Responses

  1. First Trump said, only two cases. Then he said, only 15 cases, well in hand, will vanish. Then he was shown before one of his maniacal rallies, where he twisted up his face as he does, and said in a guttural voice, “another Democratic hoax.” Yesterday, he said more than 60,000 fatalities so far i s a really good job by him, and that if he hadn’t done what he did, there would have been a million fatalities, maybe two million, as he screwed up his face to look like he was calculating the possibilities, like a actual scientist, with an actual functioning mind.

    Why this sequence is not played over and over and over, why immense numbers of media are not just rationally looking at this and realizing that not only does Trump have no idea what he is doing, but that he simply lies about every single thing, with the goal being to make himself look good, is hard to fathom. This is not a complex proposition or even one which has to be twisted into some kind of “both sides” nonsense. It is palpable stupidity, insanity, and treason against America. He kept saying that China was doing very well in dealing with it, because he wanted his big trade deal to strut around with, and because he is essentially lazy, and because he was willing to sacrifice people for his own invented image.

  2. So my take on why Trump recommended drinking bleach. To Make America White Again.

  3. If you want to pimp Chinese propaganda that’s your business, but you’re helping the people that stole your job in Big Pharma.

    Trump wants to bring those jobs back.

    • Sure, Jan. 😛

      BTW, I read your Orange Hero owes the Bank of China $250 million.

      Now, what if Xi decided to call those loans in?

      I don’t guess he will, though–because just like Putin, Xi wants the Orange Doofus to stay in the White House, and continue to run the USA off the cliff, whether he actually means to or not.

      Bottoms up, Niles! 😈

    • Lol!! Omg, Niles. You think China stole my job?? Haven’t you been paying attention to any of my liquidated posts?
      China didn’t steal my job. The shareholders GAVE it to them. And India for all the medicinal chemistry jobs. And to graduate schools here in the states for the cheap slave labor.
      China just happens to have a billion plus well educated stem students. That doesn’t mean they’re ready to do research in the way we do it here in the states with independence and scientific integrity. They do what they’re told and they don’t cost much money. That’s why the shareholders moved our jobs there. Oh, I’m sure China was glad to get them but it’s not like they do better work. In fact, my lab partner and I did in about 4 months what a structural biology lab in China couldn’t do in a year. It’s about being able to take risks and try something different. That’s not their jam.
      But that’s where the money went. Hey, you get what you pay for, amirite?? During this Coronavirus crisis, there is a whole generation of thousands and thousands of experiences small molecule drug hunters and synthesizers who have been sidelined.
      Not a very good use of our talents is it?
      Don’t blame China. Blame your 401K.

  4. RD: IIRC, a few days ago you said we needed to stay angry. I agree.

  5. This article was written in 2014, but it has lost none of its relevance.

    Not A Tea Party, A Confederate Party


  6. Off topic: OH FUUUUUUUUCK… 😮


    “Murder hornets. Why did it have to be murder hornets?”

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