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    • The Flynn Pardon Is The Right Thing To Do + Mishandling Russia
      So, Michael Flynn has been pardoned by Trump. His crime was lying to the FBI about talking to the Russians before Trump was inaugurated. Even a man like Trump can do the right thing occasionally, usually for the wrong reasons. It is entirely reasonable and routine for a President-elect’s advisors to talk to foreign governments. […]
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The two headed beast of Republicanism

The reason why our Coronavirus response has made us the laughing stock and/or object of pity in the world has two components:

The Republicans reject governing. Period. They believe entirely in the “private sector”. That’s why there’s always a list of corporate sponsors at the briefings. Supposedly, they do EVERYTHING better than the federal government. But how would you actually know if the Republicans have been starving the beast for 40 years? Conversely, the crippling of the federal government has made us increasingly reliant on the private sector. This is the best it can do?? They can’t even get their s}}% together like a band of superheros to use their American ingenuity and can-do spirit to put together a program of national testing? Why is that??

The second component is the crime family approach of the Trumps. During this crisis, they have been aggressively capturing as much of the personal protective gear as possible, played with military resources and threatened the states that do not “bend the knee” to Trump. The demand to say nice things about him is maniacal. But it’s the piracy of the PPE that should have gotten him thrown out weeks ago.

Ok, here’s what I think is going on. The Republicans are starting to feel skittish about Trump but he’s got an iron grip on their balls. The advice he is getting from the Kremlin is to remain fixed, unapologetic and corrupt. Sow confusion and rage and then stand back and say, “you think you can make me leave? Go ahead. Make me.”

The worse he gets, the harder it will be to get rid of him. That’s the whole point. It’s to teach us learned helplessness. They want us to give up.

During this crisis, we can’t hit the streets and protest without risking our lives. So, it’s harder for the rest of the country to see how resolute we are to get rid of them all. There’s going to be a purge in November. Some of the swing states are going with mandated mail in voting or expanded absentee voting. Unless he cancels the elections, and there won’t be any reason to cancel them in the mail in states, the Republicans are going to be wiped off the map except in the most stubborn and self-destructive southern and western states.

Stay very, very angry.

10 Responses

  1. They believe entirely in the “private sector”.

    I think you left out in the part about ignoring any liberals in the private sector. Granted, there are not a lot… having that much wealth seems to activate the greed gene which is dominant throughout the GOP… but there are definitely private sector entities that the GOP considers enemies.

  2. Not a problem, tRumps and Mitch the Mooch’s corruption of our 3rd Branch of government, DOJ, and countless other government positions with ignorant, unqualified, nationalist, conservatives all unelected Republicans, is a major attack against us all and one that needs a quick remedy. Real easy to stay pissed off when you consider how we will rid our country of this blithe.
    I do believe we all need to be ready for a march on Washington when the time comes, these paltry republican Open campaign gathering will pale in comparison.

  3. Oh and I agree VP Elizabeth Warren, she is a proven fundraiser, most successful women candidate, fully vetted, wide Party support, and has a team ready to go.

  4. Oh, no problem staying angry. The hard part is keeping it to a slow burn so I don’t end up with a heart attack or stroke. – circles hands, mutters this too will pass…ohm.

  5. The fact that Benedict Donald is still alive and (relatively) well proves that the wingnut fantasies of a “Deep State” hostile to the Treason Party (fka GOP) and reactionary “values” are exactly that: fantasies.

  6. I will not watch any of these fake briefings. But occasionally I see a few clips, because they feel compelled to show them on news shows. Trump is now saying that the fourth quarter is going to be incredible economically.. Of course it won’t be, and it would not show up until after the election. He is indeed a pitchman, carnival barker. The economy was not really very good before all this, except for the very wealthy. What was it Orwell said in his novel about “the Party demanding that you ignore the evidence of your own eyes”? Can he convince people that he directed a great economy, and will do so again, and that Biden and the Democrats are worse? it’s been done, as in 2000 , 2004, and 2016. Very hopefully, not this time.

    The post-Civil War history of this country has essentially been that laissez-faire, social darwinist Republicans ruin the economy, plunder the national resources; and then the Democrats are called upon to fix it; and they usually do, and then people are comfortable, and they decide to vote for Republicans,who do the same thing as before. It is worse than Hegelian dialectics, because we get nowhere, and the bad part gets worse. A Democratic landslide is necessary, but I don’t know that we will get that. We need to take over the Senate and that means four more seats, which includes Manchin, so make that five. Take Warren out of the Senate, replaced by a Republican, and we then need to win seven Republican seats, because unfortunately Dougie Jones is going to lose. That kind of sweep is what the Republican strategized Red Map was designed to prevent. Can we somehow break through that? And then keep that advantage, not just lose it back again to the party which essentially wants to make this a third-world country, with their cadre at the top, and everyone else barely having enough to buy food and shelter?

    • It was done in those years, but only barely, and almost certainly through cheating.

      Without propaganda, voter suppression, and plain old cheating (lately with treasonous acceptance of help from Putin’s gremlins), the GOP would have gone the way of the Whigs after 2000.

      Eventually, enough old white voters without college degrees will die off in enough purple states that a Democratic era will emerge.

    • Lord you have the most defeatist comments always. It’s like you want to constantly demoralize the people who visit this blog. Doug Jones has a 41% approval rating in Alabama. Mitch McConnell has an 18% approval rating and it’s all about how Jones is going to lose and McConnell is going to win. Jones may have a tough time getting reelected but his numbers are close to David Perdue and nobody is saying that Perdue is a sure loss.

  7. We interrupt this serious business to announce the forthcoming low-budget sequel to Snakes On A Plane:


  8. Here is something which one may react to with laughter or outrage or sadness, but it is worth sharing: On March 5, 2016, Ricky Gervais wrote, “The fact that there are warnings like ”do not drink’ on bottles of bleach, make me realise that Donald Trump could become President.”

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