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Save the US Postal Service. Buy some stamps.

The postal service is written into the Constitution.

Section 8

1: The Congress shall have Power …

7: To establish Post Offices and post Roads;

I guess that if you’re a libertarian type captured by the Trump contingent, you could parse that section as being something the Congress could do but isn’t mandated to do. But I wouldn’t recommend that argument because there are a bunch of other powers in that section that you really don’t want to cede like the power to declare wars, set up courts below the Supreme Court and most importantly, pay our debts. If we can’t pay our debts, we can’t borrow money. No one will lend it to us.

So letting the postal service go hang itself is the proverbial slippery slope. Do not take this bait. That way madness lies.

Slightly off topic: does anyone remember the mailboxes everywhere? One of my most special memories is walking to the mailbox on a rainy day in San Pedro, California with my see through umbrella and raincoat to mail a letter to my dad on a ship somewhere off the coast of Vietnam. I remember the smell of the rain and the squish of my wet tennis shoes.

Anyway, there are parts of the country that rely heavily on the USPS, like rural areas of the country. Does FedEx deliver everywhere through all kinds of weather? I don’t know. But I do know that eliminating the post office suddenly due to Trump shaking his tiny fists and shrieking about voter fraud and Jeff Bezos is going to have some unintended consequences. Can we really afford more unintended consequences this year? Shouldn’t we have as much stability as we possibly can get right now? This is not the time to fire Mr. McFeely.

I know I’m preaching to the choir here. If you have a few moments today, like at lunch, go buy a book of Forever Stamps from your local post office. Mine is in Verona, PA, 15147.


And now something different for the skin-to-skin deprived:

13 Responses

  1. My guess is that tRump thinks he can issue a belated signing statement to that part of the constitution. You know I’m right about this

  2. Yes, this is very important. The Radical Right wants to privatize the post office, as they want to privatize everything and then control it for the benefit of the rich and privileged. Also, if there is no post office, people cannot vote by mail, and of course they are masters at suppressing the walk-up vote. We are watching a long-held plan unfold, by which the United States is not a democracy, but an oligopoly, or maybe worse than that. The pandemic does not deter them, they see it as an opportunity. They are fanatics. I do not know that many people buying stamps is going to save the postal service, but it is worth a try. I guess the only downside is that the stamps may not be usable, as they will be replaced by trump stamps, available for only $50 each, to those in selected Red states.

  3. Lots of rural red-state voters like not having to drive into town to send and receive mail, and not having to pay jacked-up prices to do it.

    Likewise, lots of old folks aren’t comfortable with e-mail and e-commerce, and still like being able to use postal mail.

    This could backfire bigly on the Treason Party (fka GOP). 😈

  4. William – this is very creepy your point about privatizing the post offices and its connection to voting.Very creepy. Also if they do have mail voting, these private companies could control and corrupt the process.Thank you for making the connection. Just something else for us to worry about. Yikes.

    • lucyk, I did not want to worry you any further! But yes, this has been a right-wing fantasy goal for years. Everything that Trump says or does about policy comes from the Federalist Society, and various far Right sources. The country they envision, though interpolation of their positions, is a frightening state run by some kind of evangelical/oligopolist regime where only a very few control power. And of course part of that is controlling dissemination of information.

      i think that the House has been trying to get funding for the postal service in the stimulus bills, but Republicans have blocked it. i don’t know how it can be saved, unless Speaker Pelosi and others bring it to the attention of everybody, and maybe Biden starts speaking out about it. I don/t think that most people want this, but they didn’t want the billionaire tax cut, either, or indeed many of the policies that the Republicans jam through regardless of public opinion. I saw a poll where 57% of Republicans, 98%of Democrats, 78% of Independents believe that there should be access to mail-in voting. But that does not stop the right wing from pushing ahead with their agenda. It is time for some strong ads, not waiting until the pandemic subsides, which may not be for months, sadly enough.

  5. William – Maybe this is time to hope that our “good’ billionaires, ie Bloomberg and Soros spring into action. I really did admire the ads that the Bloomberg people crafted. You are right that connecting the dots in the publics mind at large is the only thing that can “save the republic”. I agree with you the stakes are that high.

  6. Trump melted down in his Coronavirus debacle of a briefing today. Let’s see how that plays. The media sharks are out (not our friends, but blood in the water and all that).

  7. Speaking of sharks: 😈

  8. The motherfucking piece of shit douchebag son of a bitch who wrote the following swill is not fit to shine Capt. Crozier’s shoes. 😡


  9. Just went down to the post office in this little town and bought 20 stamped post cards and a sheet of beautiful orchid stamps.

    The post cards were for writing to Dump, Mnuchin and others urging them (politely, they may get read in transit) to drop the privatization and get with the bailouts. Also for my reps, and others, when I can locate them, on any committee that is in charge of funding for the post office.

    It’s a great way to a) support the post office through purchases b) let Congress and other critters know how a voter feels and c) let the employees know we care.

  10. RD, your description of walking to the mailbox is so evocative.

    A lot of the online stories supporting the post office are like yours, irreplaceable memories of getting mail, sending mail, talking to their local carrier. In the Alabama Air Force base town we were stationed in for 7 years, I remember my mom would leave a glass of iced tea in the mailbox for the postman in the excruciating hot summers – and of course cookies at Christmas, along with her speciality, home made mints.

    I seem to remember all the right thinking ladies in the neighborhood left glasses of tea. It’s only occurred to me, very many years later, to wonder how those glasses stayed upright and didn’t create mail-soaking pools!

  11. On another subject, if anyone really doubts what the stock market is about, note that it is just about to hit 24,000 again. This is with all the casualties of the virus, some 17 million people drawing unemployment, many small businesses perhaps not coming back. Why is the market going up? Mostly because this entire administration has been dedicated to pushing the stock market up, no matter how. They removed all restrictions on polluting, virtually encouraged it. They basically let companies do what they want on all levels. Even before this catastrophe of the virus, they had pressured the Fed to drop interest rates to about zero, meaning virtually free money for banks. A headline today notes that bank balances are ballooning, I wonder why? And the price extorted by Republicans for the stimulus package that was aimed by the Democrats to help out of work people, was $500 billion to corporations. The Democrats tried to put constraints on how it is used, but Trump essentially laughed at that, and much of this money will go where the tax cut for billionaires went, to corporate buybacks of their own stock, and various indulgences.

    Put another way, the last four years have been a stealing of our tax dollars, and federal funds which are supposed to go to maintain the safety net and to provide services, to the pocketbooks of billionaires. At some point, the deficit will be so insurmountable, that the next phase of Republicans’ plans will kick in, which is to cut or get rid of the safety net, provide virtually no government services. The government will primarily be a military machine, everything else will be privatized for profit. This obviously is very bad for the average American citizen, but it is good for big business, and the stock market is big business. The 401k idea inadvertently made it look as if the stock market rising helps everybody, but it doesn’t, not compared to what it requires to push the stock market up, which is giving working people’s tax dollars to billionaires,and removing all restrictions on the behavior of corporations. The idea that the stock market is somehow a proxy for the strength of the real economy–the economy of the average person–or that the market going up is great news for people, is completely wrong, but it is effective propaganda for the economic royalists, as FDR used to call them.

    • Re 401(k)s, IMHO they were part of the “evil” plan. When I was in federal civil service there was a big push to move us old timers from pensions to the the stock market via the 401(k)s. Fueled expectations of a far bigger pot at the end of the line if we switched. New employees had no choice, they had to take the 401(ks) for their retirement. I stuck with a pension, now I get a fixed annuity with an occasional COLA. Best decision I ever made. Taking away pensions and retirement benefits, making it nearly impossible to save safely with a decent return, were other ways to gut the working and middle classes. There needs to be a reckoning. They made the working class a slave class with little hope of moving up, esp if you are a person of color or a woman, regardless of your hue. Is there such a thing as capitalism with a conscience and a soul? With great wealth should come greater social responsibility.

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