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Thank you, Bernie

I’m guessing it was the sight of so many Wisconsin voters risking their lives to cast votes that finally made him realize that the cost was too high for a dwindling benefit.

For the record, I am not a Biden fan. He wasn’t my first choice. Or my second. Or third or even fourth. I am not going to experience any joy voting for Joe Biden. That’s not to say he’s not a good guy with plenty of character or experience. He is. But so were many other dynamic, new candidates who dropped out. We had an embarrassment of riches. Unfortunately for those of us in late primary states, many early voters went with the safe choice, not the best choice.

If those early states’ primaries were held today when our healthcare system and entire economy is in tatters, our federal system deliberately hobbled, I wonder if we might have given Elizabeth Warren, Kamala Harris, Amy Klobuchar or Kirsten Gillibrand a better chance.

After all, we are in a brave new world and we need a different mindset to navigate what is to come. The status quo is gone, gone, gone but we are left with the one candidate who represents that status quo better than all of the rest.

It’s going to have to be good enough after he is elected.

We have no other choice.

We really don’t.

12 Responses

  1. Sanders ostensibly dropped out, but he did not endorse Biden. He said that he will keep gathering delegates “to have influence.” Last time, he and his surrogates and followers demanded that Hillary keep adopting or compromising with his platforms, none of which helped when 25% or so of Sanders supporters did not vote for her. There is something in his psyche which will not allow him to endorse another candidate.

    Some will extol him for dropping out, finally. I blame him for getting Trump elected, for staying in for months after Hillary had an insurmountable lead, and letting his supporters attack her venomously, even at the convention. He was a artifact of something; the Left’s abiding hatred of what they like to call the “Establishment,,” or “neoliberals,,” whatever that means. Or maybe people who do not know how government works, who think that if someone makes a bunch of declamations, and wishlists, it means that they can somehow bypass the rest of Congress, to make it happen. Sanders passed virtually nothing in his entire career, but this didn’t tell them anything. In my view, he contributed nothing worthwhile to the discourse, and got Trump elected. And he still will not go away.

    I have never been much of a Biden fan, either; but some journalist, I think a Sanders supporter, made one comment which when adapted, makes sense: Sanders so inflamed the discourse, that the majority of Democratic voters were just desperate to find someone who could stop him from being nominated,and so were almost compelled to support Biden. Biden is basically a decent and caring person, and I am counting on the fact that if he can win, which will still be a difficult undertaking, he will appoint competent and honest people to important positions. The rather bitter irony is that for all their complaining and demonizing and mocking for the last four years, the Sanders wing ended up with Trump, and then a nominee who is not nearly as politically liberal or intelligent as Hillary, thus accomplishing less than nothing for their efforts. Without them, Hillary would be embarking on her campaign for her second term, and whatever virus there was, would be far less dangerous in this country.

  2. RD,

    It’s heartbreaking that we have lost another extraordinary woman with Elizabeth Warren, in favor of a status quo male. What the status quo means to me is the continuation of the patriarchy. Granted, biden is definitely not the toxic masculinity exihibited daily by trump but does he truly have tge vision to set our country on a new and better course and stand up to big business?

    Yes, biden is better than trump but then is that too high a bar for him to reach? With Warren, we could have had real change and not the illusion of it. I’m not so sure about biden’s ability nor his desire to live up to the the standards necessary for him to make the kind of changes this country so desperately needs right now. I think any hope for real change will come down to which woman biden chooses as his VP. SHE could make the difference we are looking for, despite biden.

    • It’s time for us to rally around him and give him all the help we can. Let’s hope for the best.

    • Well, if Biden or Bernie hadn’t run we probably would be looking at a completely different type of nominee. However Bernie ran which pretty much assured that people were going to run to someone that they thought they could take Bernie out. Warren and too many other candidates made the mistake of ignoring Hillary voters and pandering to Bernie voters.

      • Ga6thDem,

        I don’t recall biden or, for sure, sanders paying any attention to Hillary voters, so how can you blame Warren or any of the other candidates for the oversight? It was the media’s resolve to ensure that biden got the nomination and is why they ensured he got the biggest political turn around EVER to convince the American people he was the best choice, not to mention to cover for their complicity in pushing biden. They carried him all the way to South Carolina and never told him to get out of the race despite his dismal performance. They spent months declaring that the AA community was behind him totally because he had been obama’s VP. You hear that propaganda enough, you start to believe it. Hell, even trump knew biden was going to be the dem nominee!

        You can bet that the media had plans to never allow any of the women to overtake biden. They were committed to a white male as the dem nominee, no matter how extraordinary the women candidates were in comparison. However, they manage to treat the other white guy, sanders, with respect, unlike how they treated Hillary or any of the female candidates in this primary for that matter. This is why I refuse to blame Warren or any of the women for anything they “supposedly” did wrong in this election considering he overhwleming bias spewed against them by the press. The media gave Mayor Pete, who had no real experience nor a record to speak of, more respect than he did Warren, Harris or Klobuchar, who blew him out of the water.

        I am convinced that the ONLY way a woman can finally reach the WH will be through the back door as VP to an old white guy. A white guy as old as biden, who may not be able to make it through his first term, much less a second one. When the country finally witnesses how well a woman can perform as the leader of the free world in comparison to her male counterpart, we can finally put to rest the persistent mantra by conservatives and liberals alike that a woman cannot be president. I remember Ann Richards telling us that “when given the chance, a woman can perform. After all, Ginger Rogers did everyting Fred Astair did, except she did it backwards and in hills…”

        Yes, we have to support biden, WE HAVE NO CHOICE. We have no choice because there are forces behind the scenes who do not want someone, like Warren, who actually has the cajones to take on the top 1%, who happens to be male BTW, and finally stop the “trickle down economics” crap fed to us since Reagan. I do not have any confidence tht biden will take them on. Therefore, the woman he chooses to be his VP will be key to the fate of the middle class, women’s rights and equaility and minorities finally getting their fair share of the pie.

        You can bet the farm that the white guys will do anything and everything to make certain that their strangle hold on power will not be changed or altered and with trump leading the way, it’s going to get really, really ugly.

  3. Yeah, I am sad, too… I just keep imagining every one of those women in high cabinet positions at this point.

    Trying to stay as positive as possible and still be realistic. Got an email from the Biden campaign this morning. It was a letter he wrote to his 12-yr-old self when he became VP, and it was beautiful. He’s clearly had therapy. In my mind, that’s a great thing.

    I also appreciate the empathy. Wildly.

    • Yep, I’ll canvass my ass off for him this fall. We could all use more empathy.

      • I can’t figure out how to put a heart emoji on here, but if I could, I’d put one here for you, RD.

  4. I’ll support Biden, like RD not my choice, VP is important my candidates 1. Hillary Clinton, 2. Amy Klobuchar (women who ran and expanded their bases) 3.Catherine Cortez Masto 4. Tammy Duckworth.

  5. Hello to all
    In this difficult span, I love you all
    Appreciate your family and friends

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