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    Catscatscats on General Mattis’s Statement
    Ivory Bill Woodpecke… on Who is paying for Donald’s new…
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    riverdaughter on General Mattis’s Statement
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    riverdaughter on General Mattis’s Statement
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    HerStoryRepeating on General Mattis’s Statement
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      The people who need to a good shit-kicking are most politicians, CEOs, and senior civilians. Well, and cops, obviously. And they need to know the cops can’t protect them from another one. The President, the mayor of New York, the Governor of New York, almost everyone who works for the Federal Reserve, all senior Wall […]
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This is the thanks Michigan gets.

Trump is screwing Michigan. Hard.

He doesn’t like Governor Gretchen Whitmer, probably because Whitmer had the nerve to expect that the White House would operate in good faith to provide resources and supplies to fight coronavirus.

Instead, Trump can’t even say her name. He calls her “that woman”. It’s almost like he’s afraid of her and has to step on her neck. Is it possible that Whitmer is one of Biden’s VP choices and the pandemic gives Trump a perfect opportunity to discredit her? What are the chances that a sitting president would deliberately let people in Michigan die in order to score campaign points?

Who could imagine such a thing??

How about this Constitutional scholar who back in January predicted a very similar scenario:

This is what you get, Michiganders (wolverines?). You just had to be all drama queen about Hillary not kissing your asses in 2016 and now you have to kiss Trump’s ass to get the federal help you should expect as your birthright as Americans and deserve because you’re human beings.

BTW, maybe the governors of these states should have expected to get no federal help, in spite of the fact that we as taxpayers bought into the idea that our federal government would not be disabled by radical ideological extremists on the right. But it would have been only fair for Trump and the Republicans to state that up front while they were running for office or after they had taken office. It would have given the governors time to make alternate arrangements in case of a pandemic.

There are four states pooling their resources and working together through this crises: NY, NJ, CT and PA. It’s a shame that they have to form their own United States inside the United States.

Some on the right would say that’s our own personal and individual responsibilities. If that’s the case, why bother calling ourselves the United States in the first place?

And if Trump et al can force this independence on us during a pandemic, just imagine what they’re planning to do with social security if they’re re-elected.

Mercy and Comfort

We are so proud to send humanitarian aid to war zones. Who would have thought there would come a day when the country with the greatest need for humanitarian aid would be ours.

I grew up as a navy brat. My dad would sometimes take us on the ships, especially during the weeks he was in charge of the Chief’s mess. He made stellar omelets, stovies and steak and eggs (no he was not a cook. He was a nuclear reactor maintenance specialist. Who knew the guy could cook?)

Here are video tours of the USNS Mercy, the hospital ship that is being deployed along with her sister ship, the Comfort. The hospital ships remind me of my childhood experience with military medicine. Very sparse and utilitarian. Nothing flashy, no valet parking. I was surprised to see whimsical sea animal stickers on some of the windows. But luxury doesn’t necessarily mean better outcomes. The care my family got from military doctors was pretty damn good.

The videographer in this clip had to be a navy guy. There’s a lot of emphasis on shiny control panels and blinking lights. Navy ships are spare, everything is out in the open. Sailors slide down steel ladders on their elbows. They’re pretty cool places, if you’re into that kind of thing.

Both ships have CT scanners, surgical suites, a ton of beds and an ambulance boat. Here’s a video of the Comfort. Check it out.

And here is the Mercy:

I’m going to predict we’re going to get some iconic lifetime images of the hospital ship in NY harbor with the skyline and/or the Statue of Liberty in the background.

These are your federal tax dollars at work. This is what you pay for. Every American should expect mercy and comfort, regardless of where they are, whether in New York City or Michigan.