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      The people who need to a good shit-kicking are most politicians, CEOs, and senior civilians. Well, and cops, obviously. And they need to know the cops can’t protect them from another one. The President, the mayor of New York, the Governor of New York, almost everyone who works for the Federal Reserve, all senior Wall […]
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Bernie being his best Bernie

This is what he’s good at. I read a lot about how Lizzy Warren should stay in the Senate because we need her there. No. No we don’t. We need her in the White House and Bernie in the Senate for moments like this:

Yesterday, I briefly stumbled upon some southern white Senators on C-Span objecting to the unemployed getting a bit more in their emergency package than their measley salaries would normally allow. The reasoning was so offensive that it was like listening to the internal monologue of their shadow aspect. I almost couldn’t believe I was hearing it. But the sick thing is that some people actually believe this stuff.

For example:

The unemployed would be incentivized to not work. Like these recipients wouldn’t know that it’s only temporary or that staying home alone isn’t going to drive us all crazy so that going to work is going to look like fun again.

The money is a pittance. Trust me on this. After I lost my nice career, I’ve had at times had to struggle on “salaries” like the ones that Lindsay Graham feels is too generous. It’s not. And it’s not for lack of education or experience or willingness or drive. It’s because that’s how the workplace is structured especially after the 2008 collapse. Give people money. They have a million good reasons to have it in the first place. At least it’s not sitting around in a billionaire’s Monopoly game pile. Earth to the billionaires: getting through life with enough to eat, a place to live and adequate healthcare is not a game. Adding a few pleasures is rare and good for everyone’s mood.

The second thing I heard was that by suddenly increasing the salaries of laid off workers we would be interfering with the “employer- employee” relationship. I think it was Lindsay who said this. Lindsay is from South Carolina. I lived in Charleston South Carolina when I was a kid. Back then, they still had segregated schools. Imagine my surprise when a little elementary kid fresh from Southern California where everyone went to the same school found out that black kids had their own school. Yeah. That didn’t make any sense.

They also had plantations that weren’t quite museums back then. The slave quarters were abandoned but they were small and dark and empty of any color. Charleston still had a slave market. It also didn’t look like a museum. There were kids in my lower middle class development that had their own black housekeeper/nannies. Imagine being so poor that you are employable by some transient military family. In fact, come to think of it, living in Charleston back then was like living in another country. Probably still is to some extent that no one talks about.

What is this “employer-employee” relationship of which you speak, Lindsay? Is it the one where some people remain in the permanent underclass in dead end jobs? What is going on in the minds and hearts of people like Lindsay who shriek in drawls about bootstraps but who have never lacked for boots?

The unemployed don’t want to check out of the workforce. They want their work to mean more than a precarious existence. Want to know why there is an opioid crisis? It’s the way for working poor and millennials to escape the indentured monotony of their working lives. But they aren’t lying to themselves that this teeny tiny windfall for a few months is going to somehow make them arrogant and entitled billionaires or even useless asshole senators from a southern state where the south still thinks it’s going to rise again.

Get over yourselves, guys. The old grind will start up soon enough after the underclass has its boring staycation.

5 Responses

  1. Pelosi is as always doing a great job, doing everything she can to help people. She unfortunately will inadvertently very possibly help Trump get elected again, by saving the economy. Trump caused all of this, and is going to wiggle out of it, take credit for everything that Pelosi is doing. She was talking today, and the networks cut her off, but they leave Trump on for two hours every day, can’t miss any of his electioneering.

    I will just suggest again that Warren never would have much chance to be elected. Some of it is her specifically, but most of it is just her positions. Maybe if the country collapsed into an economic Depression, people would be desperate, but the Democrats will help avoid such a calamity. For whatever strange and awful reasons, so many people have been conditioned to vote against their own economic security, as they are afraid of helping minorities or people in Blue states They are fixated on abortions, but have no interest in anyone one day after birth. If these people were around in 1932, they would have voted for Hoover again. I am rereading Philip Roth’s ‘The Plot Against America,” which imagines a different time, but is not that far from what could have been the reality, and which apparently is now. It is so frustrating that Trump is not at 15% favorables, since he is responsible for these deaths because he put his own political concerns and his own hatred of Democrats above the slightest amount of human decency.

    • Structural change is needed. Maybe not Bernie level change but intelligent, thought experiment guided change? Absolutely.
      It doesn’t do us any good to put lipstick on the pig. Eventually, it catches up with us if the current environment spirals out of control. I mean, who do you find more credible and helpful in a crisis? The guy who gives it to you straight or the one who wants a hard stop by Easter so he can fill up church pews?
      Warren isn’t going to sugar coat it.

    • Naaaah.

      Benedict Donald’s ass is grass, and here’s the lawn mower: 😈

      This time, Dirty Donnie won’t have the luxury of running against a target of the anti-Clinton campaign, which was the most lavishly-funded, well-organized, and insanely dedicated smear campaign since Goebbels & Co. went after (((That Certain Minority))).

      Plus, this time, Dirty Donnie must run on his rotten record, and the pandemic (unfortunately) is ramping up. He can’t bullshit his way out of this one. If Donnie Dumbass scraps the containment measures like he wants to, the resulting spike in deaths will trash the economy even worse than the containment measures would do.

      Plus, this time, underneath the eternally efficient Russian censorship, Corona-chan is using Putin’s balls as punching bags. Between the developing pandemic in Mommie Dearest Russia, and his oil price war with Bonesawdi Arabia, Sith Tsar Putin may just be too busy to help his puppet this time.

      Plus, this time, all those idiots who either voted for Dirty Donnie or didn’t bother to vote, because they thought, “How bad could he be?”–now those stupid shits know. 😈

  2. Oh, I so, so wish that Liz could be in the White House (and was volunteering for her campaign up until the moment she dropped out).
    The woman with the plan…our shadow President!
    Maybe she can still be somebody’s VP?

  3. The woman with the plan

    Wonder if we’ll ever get “a woman with a plan” in the White House. I really wanted Hillary and I would have been happy with Warren, but no, we had to get an incompetent, malignant grifter instead, because *anything’s* better than having so much as *one* woman in the nation’s highest office. (And now having no choice but to vote for a mediocre man if I want to get said incompetent, malignant grifter out of office.)

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