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This is INSANE

Look, I’m not trying to panic people but I have respect for nature. You should be calm and ready.

But this attack on scientists based on a loyalty test is not productive. In fact, it’s likely to make the situation worse. Does anyone believe the information coming from China? We are right to be skeptical because CHINA has a habit of destroying and discrediting its scientists and medical professionals who try to sound the alarm. It’s what authoritarian countries do.

Do we want to be like China??

How about India, which inexplicably and defying all of the laws of epidemiology has only three cases in a country with over a billion people in it. Can we actually trust those numbers? Of course we can’t. But that’s what Modi’s government is reporting while it wages a stupid internal war on Muslims.

We don’t have time for this, people. If you want to interrogate Messonier’s political leanings, take it up with her after the pandemic is under control. Right now, scientists are working on a very limited budget due to Trump’s reckless attacks on the NIH, CDC and the pandemic response departments of the DHS and NHS.

Call me pessimistic but I can almost hear Trump try to assure the public that everything is in control because he has sealed our borders. As if viruses ever respected a border.

It’s too late for that. The barn door is still open and the horses are running free- everywhere. If the JHU tracker is predictive at all we can probably expect to see a sharp rise in infections in about a week.

As for the stock market, if you voted or supported a deeply incompetent Trump because you thought your 401k would grow indefinitely, well, you’re just going to have to learn the hard way. Any number of natural disasters might have brought the market down. Or even just waiting for the tariffs to take their bite. Or any of a number of ill-considered and selfish market manipulations that would make the early 20th century robber barons blush with envy. We are all living a very precarious existence right now. You should have demanded that the government pay back its IOUs yo the social security trust fund.

I would hope this will be a wake up call for the Trumpers after they see that Trump’s primary concern is his own re-election. Screw all the people who are about to become very sick because he refused to pay for proactive measures.

Nature has a way of leveling our plans. And Trump is way over his head. But Nancy Messonnier is just a scientist. Stop foaming at the mouth over her telling the truth.


Buckle up, peeps. Here we go:

9 Responses

  1. I actually think people who oppose Trump should consider divesting a fair amount of their portfolio. For one thing, his incompetence will eventually destroy our markets and country so we might as well get out while market hasn’t tanked. And for second thing, if market is down, much easier to get rid of this cancer named malignitrump.

    • Opposing Trump equals divesting one’s hard earned portfolio. Connections not in evidence.

  2. The stock market is tanking because no one (No One!) believes the Trump administration can handle this complex pandemic. No one.

  3. Rush Limbaugh is the last person anyone should listen to for medical advice, he will be gone soon from his own denial and self inflicted cancer. Seriously why do I even know what the idiot has to say about anything. It’s tRump rally attendance they are really worried about. Oy!

    While I really hate it, I too believe it’s time for Buttigieg, Klobuchar, Warren (Bernie has her voters) Steyer and Sanders (cant expand his base) to drop out, they are collectively done imv.

    • In general, I agree with you about Rush. But I don’t wish lung cancer on anyone.
      I’d like everyone but Warren fo drop our. She’s been getting the most editorial endorsements and I don’t get to vote until April. And damn it, I don’t want to vote for an old white guy.

      • Even if the coronavirus doesn’t cause many illnesses in this country, our stupid misruling class has allowed us to grow so dependent on China that an epidemic in China could send our economy into a nosedive.

        If that happens soon enough before the November elections, then that, on top of Benedict Donald’s crimes and follies, might be a second Perfect Storm Of Black Swan Events, like the one in 2016, which could actually let Crazy Grandpa Bernie win the general election, if he wins the Democratic nomination (despite not being an actual Democrat).

        If so, we would have two Black Swan Presidents in a row.

        Putin 2017: “BWAH-HA-HA! I am the supreme power on Earth!”

        Corona-chan 2021: “Bitch, please.”

      • I don’t want to sound bitterly cynical, or shift the focus away from the epidemic, but I am truly convinced that every single delegate that Warren gets, is going to Sanders,; that is, to the extent she can control them. She is at 20% in California, and that’s a lot of delegates, so I’m sure that Sanders will get some funds to her to keep her in. How long this goes on, I don’t know. But if Sanders gets 35% in CA, and Warren gets 20%, that will give him a whopping amount of delegates, and make it almost impossible for anyone else to catch him. I think that it is now a shell game, and I don;t know if it was always intended to be, but at this point, Sanders has a a confederate in the race to siphon votes to him.

        • I think you’re wrong about that. If Warren drops out my support absolutely does not go to Sanders. It goes to Klobuchar or Biden. I’m pretty sure I’m not alone in this.

    • I think all the men should drop out and leave Liz & Amy to it. May the best woman win!

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