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      Just saw a case of the argument that “the people who have been enriching themselves by fucking everyone else for four decades are misunderstood, they’re just following the incentives, and suggesting that the people killing and impoverishing you are bad is polarizing.” Lovely. Everyone is well-meaning, and it’s all just a misunderstanding. They don’t mean […] […]
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Get a grip.

Insanity has taken over the Democratic Party on the day the “president” replaced the DNI with one of his lackeys. Trump did this because he was livid that DNI Maguire had the nerve to tell Congress Intel Committees that the intelligence community had proof that Russia was already interfering in the election.

I’m going to say this out loud, hoping I don’t piss off propertius too much: for the sake of the country, Bernie needs to get out. He’s going to get us all killed. This year, his campaign should not be. Period. It’s too divisive- within the Democratic Party. I have a favorite but I would almost vote for anyone else except Gabbard if Bernie would drop out. It is that serious.

He can claim his heart can’t take the strain. That would work for me. Then he can throw his support behind someone else. If he stays in, it will be because he loves himself more than the country. If he can’t get more than a pathetic plurality going into the convention, he’ll just be holding us hostage.

There are other candidates who should GET OUT. As much as I like some of the other candidates, the rest of them should put their country before their ambition and drop out.

And there are certain elements on twitter who need to stop talking crazy. For example, the Kamala voters. She dropped out before a single primary. I don’t know why she did that. That was HER decision. But it doesn’t mean that white women gravitated to their own kind and deliberately cut Kamala out of consideration. There are many reasons for selecting a candidate that don’t have anything to do with race. And at this point, attacking Klobuchar and Warren voters for not supporting a candidate who is no longer running is counterproductive and insane. I don’t see these voters going after Bernie or Biden voters. It’s only women voters who have chosen to support one of the remaining women candidates. There is something deeply wrong with that rationalization. Are we never allowed to make up our own minds without submitting every decision to a committee??

He’s stealing the election again. This time, he won’t try to hide it. The Republicans will help him. Voter suppression and dirty tricks will be like nothing we have ever seen before. They think that the rest of us shouldn’t be allowed to vote them out. I’m not sure how they convince their base to voluntarily emasculate themselves but there’s no reason why we need to participate in our own demise.

Sanders can not win. He can only damage the rest of the party as he runs one of the most toxic and divisive campaigns I have ever seen. It’s irresponsible. He needs to quit for all of our sakes. And if he doesn’t, what does that say about the kind of person he is to knowingly give us four (or more) years of Trump?

57 Responses

  1. YES!!!!! Thank you for this strong statement. The so-called moderates need to get together and decide on a representative and achieve a clear win in the primaries. In demanding that he be given the nomination if he has any kind of plurality, which may not be more than 30% of the delegates, Bernie wants what he refused Hillary in 2016: she entered with 4M more votes and a clear delegate advantage not counting the super delegates, earned in the primary, and still he dragged his feet and put up a huge fuss at the convention, which injured the party for the fall. What’s worse, Bernie and to a lesser extent Warren have practically excommunicated anyone who doesn’t go along with their maximalist approach to many policy positions broadly accepted by most Democrats. It’s obnoxious and is bound to leave many of us with a sour taste in our collective mouths this fall.
    I recently moved to northern NJ from suburban (Lower Merion) PA and my new Congresswoman, Mikie Sherill, (11th district) flipped an historically Republican district. She’s exactly the kind of representative at risk if we are shackled with Bernie since there has been a steady decline in people voting split tickets. Overall Hillary did pretty well in this district but the local Republican party is still very strong and I have no doubt we’d be in big trouble if Bernie is the nominee.
    This whole mess indicates why we need the revival of (non smoke filled room) parties who can vet candidates and select one or a few to endorse, who actually are members of the party. Online fundraising has its good and bad sides: the bad part is the rise of a political grifter class–yes, that is essentially what Bernie is– who can sustain a campaign with an unelectable margin of the party and/or of the general electorate.
    This is a dire situation and our country is in grave peril with Trump in office. What is wrong with these idiotic Democrats???
    I’ve been following your blog forever but this is the first time I’ve commented. The stakes are too great!

    • Bonnie, welcome! You and RD make a great tag team on this issue. Personally, I don’t think Sanders will do what is best for either the party or the country. It’s always been about him, just like trump and Obama to a subtler degree. I also wonder if the millions of young people who will be voting for the first time will skew the Dem Party to Sanders. He’s got the “change the world,” revolutionary patter that always draws the young, but he has no follow through. At least Obama did some good while it lasted. “Grifter class” says it well, Bonnie. I fear both the GOP long con and the Sanders short con. Either way, I anticipate the worst for our country. How did the Dems get so self destructive?

    • Bonnie, excellent analysis, as is RD’s above! But of course we know that Sanders will never leave the race. Because of ego, because maybe he is either getting something to stay in, or threatened with something if he gets out. We can’t even tell these days, there is so much evil and deceitfulness about our entire political process. Not to be morbid, but Sanders would have to die before he gets out of the race.

      I’m sure that the Russians work with Trump and the Republicans, and the efforts to have Republicans cross over or register D in primaries just to help Sanders, is a palpable part of that. But there are forces in our Democratic Party which have led to this and which do not want to fix it. Yes, as much as we “grassroots” Democrats didn’t like it then, the party heads choosing the nominee was the better idea. The current situation, together with the social media and some sympathetic cable news media, gives the Far Left a disproportionate power. It’s like Birnam Wood coming to Dunsinane in “Macbeth,” where Macduff’s forces carried tree limbs, to make it look like their army was greater than it was. The stark truth is that every single candidate endorsed by the Sanders/AOC “Justice Democrats lost in 2018, and they actually cost us a few more House seats by getting their candidate to knock out a mainstream Democrat in the primaries, something they are trying to do this year again.

      You are both completely right, Sanders cannot win. Worse than that, he will cost us Kelly in AZ, and D’s running to unseat R Senate incumbents in Maine, North Carolina maybe even Kentucky or Georgia. Last night, Corey Gardner in Colorado was either at or coordinating with the Trump rally, and he was talking about how he was fighting the socialist takeover of America. We are going to see that every single day if Sanders or even Warren gets the nomination. We lose. We desperately need to win Arizona to counter the possible loss in Wisconsin again, and I can tell you, living in a state contiguous to it, that Arizonans will not vote for anything associated with socialism, and you can’t propound some theoretical arguments about Fabian Socialism vs Leninist Socialism or Danish Socialism to change any of it.

      WE LOSE if Sanders is nominated. The only question is can we stop it, and it does not look good at all. Bloomberg, whether some here like him or not, stood up and called Sanders’ policies socialist. Even said “Communist,” which sounds a bit too far–except that Sanders really is a Marxist by inclination. Who honeymoons in the Soviet Union, who praises Castro and blames JFK for not admiring him? Someone who is not very bright, got affixed to Marxist dogma, and never evolved from it. Meanwhile, we’ve got a bunch of Democrats who are either afraid of Sanders, or infatuated with him, and we will all lose, except that someone like Warren will keep her seat in the Senate, to no avail for the rest of us. Again, I predict that at least 90% of any delegates that Warren wins will go to her “Bestie” Bernie.

      My only real hope at this point, is that somehow Bloomberg and Bidden can get around 60% of the vote in the Reddish primary states, thus making it harder for Sanders to get more than 40% of the delegates to the convention. But Warren’s “takedown” of Bloomberg on NDAs, does not help at all, nor does it electorally help her, unless her goal is to get Sanders the nomination. The next debate is crucial. A repeat of the last one will guarantee Sanders the nomination. He will not go away, he has to be stopped by rational Democrats. Oh, watch the Republicans help to rig upcoming polls to make it look like Sanders is very electable in the Fall, which polls will surprisingly (to some) reverse once he gets the nomination and the masks come off. And we know that a certain proportion of the “Bernie Bots” on the internet are really Russians doing everything they can to help him and to disaffect Democrats in general.

  2. Bonnie,

    I disagree with you about Warren being anything like Bernie. I would rather support a candidate that doesn’t flip flop on their positions in order to win support by telling people what they want to hear. That’s not leadership, that’s bullshit and it tells me that the candidate does not believe in their own vision. They just want the title and power.

    I happen to believe the time for a candidate like Warren (who offers specifics and not just talk) if we want to turn our country around before it’s too late. For the last 40 years, our government has favored the rich leaving the rest of us behind. Why take milquetoast when you can have a full 10 course dinner? The media questioned whether she could take on trump. I believe the debate on wednesday proved that she could. No matter how well Warren does, they just keep raising the bar for her and lowering it for the men. You have to ask why the hell is the media still pushing biden since he is trailing behind both Warren and Klobuchar? Me thinks, misogyny.

    We cannot let misogyny to convince us that only white men can win. Do you notice the pattern since Hillary ran in both 2008 and 2016? Whenever a woman starts to rise in the polls against a man, the attacks begin ad nauseum. Are we going to be a bunch of sheep and let the media do this to us again? In 2016, the media, comey, bernie bros and the republicans all piled on Hillary and those damn e-mails, but she still won by 3 million votes. Obviously, she proved she was likeable and people did vote for her in huge numbers. However, the media pundits always “forget” to include that it’s highly possible that Russia’s meddling, not Hillary’s being a woman and/or a bad candidate, was the reason for her losing by a razor thin margin in the electorate, which is a highly questionable event itself, since it has been proven that voting machines can be hacked into and manipulated. How does nominating a less than competent white male going to prevent russia from doing the same thing to them? We lost out on the best person for the job last time and I damned well am not going to give in and give up and let them do it to us again.

    After her sterling debate performance, Warren was, again, a force to be reckoned with at her CNN townhall in vegas last night and the crowd was clearly with her in a big way. We must not depend on the media or the pundits (except for Lawrence O’Donnell) to report on how well she does.

    Warren can and will win if the people get behind her vision for the country and fight for it by volunteering and getting out the vote to ensure the largest voter turnout out in our history. We have been warned that russia is already working to ensure a trump victory.

    I say let’s fight for our country this time, support the candidate with the best ideas and is willing to be straight with us and not make the same mistakes we made last time. We can’t afford to.

    • I agree and Warren reminds me of Hillary, who was far more liberal than her progressive enemies believed.

    • Thank you, Kathleen

    • Yes, don’t underestimate Warren. Watch the CNN town hall last night, some of the most cynical looking undecided boomers had hope in their eyes by the end. She connects. The more they see her in debates, the more people like her. She was also smart in calling herself a capitalist. She’s from Oklahoma. Undecided and independents will look at her and say hmmm, I like this woman

    • I strongly agree.
      Misogyny! …writing on the wall

  3. Sanders has shown himself to be willing to be used by Russia. Plus he has a life expectancy of 3 years. I would prefer someone who can serve 2 terms as nominee. He should drop out for the good of the country and the party but then Sanders only thinks of himself. So i don’t expect it to happen.

  4. I looked at a couple of very recent polls on 538, and of course polls are polls, but they are still interesting if they get reasonable accuracy ratings from that site. Nationally, Sanders is 30%, Biden 19, Bloomberg 17, Warren 12, Pete 11, Klobuchar 5. The intriguing thing here is that the “Left, or “Progressive,” if one prefers, is 42%, the “Moderate” is at 52%. But because there are too many candidates in that wing, Sanders may win almost all of the primaries. The key would be whether his pluralities can be kept below 35%, it cannot be higher.

    The other factor is that because of another stupid rule pushed by Sanders’ “Unity Commission” (always be very wary of names like that), and agreed to by the pathetic Perez, if you do not get 15% in a primary, you don’t get any delegates; and I think this may also relate to each district, too. Sanders wanted this because he always gets over 15%. So as I understand it, if in an upcoming primary state, Sanders gets 32%, Biden 20%, Bloomberg 14%< Warren 12%, Pete 11%, Sanders gets most of the delegates, Biden gets some, no one else gets any. I don't know whether the remaining ones are split up between Sanders and Biden, or what happens to them, but it is not good not to allow all the candidates who get over a minute share of votes, to have some delegates, as was always the case before. So this is another big advantage for Sanders, unless some moderate Democrats drop out of the race. In a past era, I would want them all in, but not if they cannot get 15% in states.

    Sanders leads in all the state polls being conducted in the last couple of days (barely leads Warren in Massachusetts by 21% to 20%), except for Florida, where it is Bloomberg ahead of Biden, with Sanders only at 13%. The important point here is that Sanders cannot win Florida in a general election, that is a state which we may have bitterly lost in recent elections, but always fought for, and came quite close in. Now the ex-felons may be allowed to vote, and we could possibly win it, but not with Sanders, mostly because the ex-Cubans there hate that he supported Castro. So Florida is non-competitive with Sanders, very winnable with Bloomberg, and possibly BIden.

    Politics are always strategic, and as entertaining as the media tries to make all this, it all needs to be put into perspective, since we have an Electoral College, and the popular vote pols do not at all show us whom the best candidate might be to actually win the EC. The key states are PA, MI, WI, we need to win all of them, and if we cannot, then we need Arizona, which split would give Kornacki his fantasy of 269-269, which would mean the House would vote, BY STATE DELEGATION, so we would lose–again. So we need all of the Hillary states, plus PA, MI, WI (we are trailing in that state, very worrisome), OR if we win Florida or Georgia or Texas. Sanders has no chance whatsoever in any of those. Biden and Bloomberg do. Warren's chances, I will leave to someone else to extrapolate from. And remember that Hillary won Virginia, if we lose that this time, we
    have no chance, unless we can somehow substitute Florida. Appallingly, no one outside of poll aficionados, is discussing this, though I imagine the "Democrat elites" whom Sanders hates, are, and are very concerned about it.

    • I am watching Warren, for whom I voted, strategically place herself at any given time and adapt as needed. She is smart, her campaign is smart and she is pissing off the right people. Write her off at your peril. Me, I’m all in.

      • At this point in time, I definitely think Warren has an edge.

        What I don’t think would be a good choice, is to consider Castro as a running ticket. He is not that strong in Texas.

        The Latinos are a very complex mixed.

        The younger generation are very much for pro Sander’s agenda; older Latinos -specially in Florida, are very conservative and religious and for Trump. IE: Rubio type, hard to believe.

        She would have a better chance with Booker, to pull the black votes strong.


  5. Nancy LeTourneau on the Washington Monthly site:

    Is a Showdown Between Sanders and the Democratic Party Inevitable?


    Lest we forget, this selfish old SOB is not an actual member of the Democratic Party. Why did the Dems ever let him run for their nomination to begin with?

  6. Welp, you were right. The Washington Post just broke the story that the intelligence community briefed Sanders on the Russians attempting to aid his campaign AGAIN. Why do the Russians think Sanders is their guy? Only 1 or 2 reasons I can think of and that is either they think they can control him like they control Trump or they think he will definitely lose to Trump.

    • Sanders apparently getting praised by some media for saying that he does not want Putin’s help. But he is getting it. Why? And apparently he was briefed a month ago about it, but never said a word, until this story broke. Why doesn’t the media point this out, plus his votes against sanctions? I assume it will come up in debate, but from whom, and will it just be one person?

  7. Also from WM’s website, this one by Martin Longman:

    “Putin’s Plain Sight Takeover of Our Government”


    Just don’t expect the mainstream media to pounce on this, because its owners and higher-ranking employees love those low, low taxes the Treason Party (fka GOP) gives them.

  8. And yet Sanders consistently beats Trump in nationwide polling. He’s the only Democrat who has in every, single poll. Based on actual votes, everyone except Mayor Pete and Bernie ought to drop out (of course Super Tuesday will change all that). Based on fundraising, everyone except Bernie, Pete, and Warren should drop out.

    For some reason, you think the candidate with the most votes, the most donors, and the most funds raised should abandon the race. That seems backwards.

    Why do you hate democracy, RD?

    • While I can’t speak for RD, I would guess that she loves democracy.

      Therefore, she hates the thought of how much more damage Benedict Donald, and his master Putin, could do to our democracy if Don Donald “wins” a second term.

      And she knows that if your candidate wins the Democratic nomination (despite his not even being a fucking DEMOCRAT), Putin and his orange puppet won’t even need to cheat to win this time, once the Pretty Hate Machine gets through saturating both traditional and Web media with everything at-least-questionable that Crazy St. Bernard ever said or did, not to mention the vicious misbehavior from the Orc faction of his supporters.

    • As for your precious polls, the only polls which matter are the actual elections, and somehow the much-vaunted Double-Secret Invisible Army Of Left-Receptive White Americans never, ever, ever, actually turns out for a presidential candidate.

    • Look at the state polls. He loses Virginia and Wisconsin. The problem for Bernie is where does he make it up? He has nowhere to make it up. This is why Putin is supporting him.

      • If a Democratic nominee loses Wisconsin and Virginia, the only hope is Florida, and that is a dreadful state for Sanders. So you are right, Sanders cannot win, but his supporters have this cultish vision of him, and believe he will just magically win, even though every important metric guarantees he cannot. They will finallylearn what we already know, to the detriment of all of us, unless he is stopped. I wonder if the Democrats are so suicidal that they will stand aside and let Sanders have the nomination, even though it will be a disaster for the party, just because they don’t want to anger him and his supporters.

    • He’s the only Democrat who has in every, single poll

      Correction: He is the only candidate for the Democratic nomination. He is NOT a Democrat.

  9. Off-topic: Remember how we got shit we don’t need delivered to our doors before the Internet and Slavedriver.com Amazon.com?

  10. WHY ISN’T THE MEDIA INVESTIGATING THE REASON “WHY” RUSSIA IS SUPPORTING SANDERS’ CAMPAIGN? I don’t care what sanders said in response to his being the ONLY top tiered candidate to merit that support. He only said what any candidate (except trump) would say that putin is a thug. What he won’t answer is why he did not report this when he was informed by U.S. officials a month about russian interferring in his campaign. Why isn’t the media asking him why?

    Imagine if either Warren or Klobuchar had kept it quiet for a month that russia was supporting them, what then would the media would be reporting now? Easy. They would be demanding that the woman get out of the race NOW.

    Some are saying that the russian’s want sanders to win the nomination because trump can easily beat him. That is very possible. But I also think it’s possible that they are pushing sander’s as a guarantee that if by some fluke they fail in cheating trump back in they have some dirt on sanders which could be manipulated to their advantage, so they would come out ahead with either trump or sanders. Since the media refuses to vet bernie, this is a real possibility that must be considered when deciding on who could REALLY defeat trump.

    If russia wants to guarantee that they can cheat trump back in, why not support one of the women in the race, since we’ve been told ad nauseum by our media that a woman cannot defeat trump? Surely russia knows everyone would blame it on the nominee being a woman, just like they did with Hillary, and no one would pay attention to russia giving us yet another illegimate presidency.

    There is more to russia’s support of sanders than the media is willing to report about, which convinces me that the media is just a complicit in destroying our democracy as trump and russia.

    I have concluded that the so-called Fourth Estate is corrupt too and we should no longer trust their reporting of the women in the race. We are going to have to depend on our common sense and support the two candidates that neither the media nor russia wants us to support — Warren or Klobuchar.

    F__k the media and F__k the polls.

  11. The only question is whether the Democratic candidates focus on Sanders, and hammer away at him in this upcoming debate, his votes against sanctions (skipped the last one for a “meeting” at which he stayed ten minutes, just to avoid voting No again), his failure to release his taxes , both last time and this time, his praising of Castro, etc. If they let him go, he wins the nomination.. We’ll see how much steel is in their spines. The media won’t do it for them. What are they more afraid of, upsetting the Sanders cult, or losing the election, up and down the ticket? Sanders cannot answer such questions and criticism, but if they don’t make them, he wins. I’ve said this more than a few times, my mother, a lifelong FDR/Stevenson Democrat, as was my father, said to me that “The Democratic Party has a death wish.” We’ll see right here. Lose everything because they want to seem gracious?

  12. And don’t forget his vote against the Magnitsky Act. How can any decent human being do that. It still baffles and infuriates me that neither the press or the debate moderators have asked him about that as well as his consistent vote against Russian sanctions.

  13. A fairly important question today is whether at least a couple of the non-Sanders candidates in the caucus can hit 15%, to get at least some delegates. Otherwise, they don’t get any, because of the rules the Sanders “Unity Commission” jammed through Perez and the DNC. We need as many non-Bernie delegates as possible, but this makes iit harder. My understanding is that if it somehow went 34-14-14-14-14,-10, Sanders would get all the delegates, which is ridiculous, but that’s why Sanders wanted that. If it were the old way,60% or so of the delegates would go to non-Sanders. But in this situation, it becomes almost imperative that Biden wins South Carolina, or alternatively, that if he doesn’t, he should drop out, and hope that someone else not Sanders gets most of his votes going ahead. It is a tense time, Sanders winning another caucus is not such a big deal, but the media makes it so. One other rhetorical question, which I do not feel like looking up to answer, how is there early voting in a caucus state? Another, which I can answer, is why does Sanders dominate the young cohort? Because he is promising to give them free stuff, and because many of them don’t understand governance, they think it is like something out of a fantasy movie.

    • For anyone wishing to send a strongly worded message to the craven We-gave-into-Sanders-because-hes-the-the-only-bully DNC, here’s the link:


      Yeah, the bros will swarm them too, but what else is new?

      Let them know you will not stand for this non-Democrat once again changing our rules to benefit him.

  14. And because sanders has had his organization on the ground in those caucus states since 2016, while everyone else didn’t start until several months ago.

    It appears russia was helping bernie long before the race began. Where else does he get the money to support such an organization for such an extended period of time?

  15. I have been wondering for a long time about his funding. I thought more likely from Republicans. But we may never know since the FEC has now been weakened by Trump.

    • Everytime the Media gushes about huge contributions to the Sanders campaign, I turn to my husband and ask “Dollars or Rubles?”

      • Sue, I said that back in 2016, not that I was the only one. They would announce all this immense fundraising, and it was not conceivable that this could have all come from $27 donations. But the media was so anti-Hillary from all quarters, and pro-Sanders from some quarters, that they let it all go, and are doing so now again. The media controls the narratives. If they refuse to investigate Sanders, he and the Russians get away with all of it. As Jame Carville just set a while ago on TV, it is very close to Sanders wrapping up the nomination in ten days, unless Democrats get together and realize what will happen to the party if he does. He didn’t say those exact words, but that was the gist. And I appreciate that you would not agree with my contention on this, but for me, that last debate, where the Democrats, and particularly Warren, went after Bloomberg for two hours, and not Sanders, was one of the worst political strategic errors I have ever seen, with Super Tuesday so fast approaching Unless of course some of them do not comprehend what a debacle up and down the ticket this will be, or they have other priorities.

        It is like all the destructive forces lying somewhat dormant five years ago, have come to the surface, to defeat the good people at every single turn of the road; from the right-wing FBI, to the angry and spieful Democratic Left which refused to vote to save the country in 2016, to the neutering of the DNC by the same angry Left, to the profits-obsessed media, to the unscrupulous social media, to the vote suppression once the VRA was thrown out, to the “Unity Commission” which destroyed the usual ways in which Democrats choose a nominee.. And others, of course.

  16. William – I totally agree with you. Actually it might have been better if Bloomberg had not been at that debate. Then the others could have targeted Sanders as he would have deserved. Ah well.

    • lucyk, my understanding twas that it was a couple of the other candidates who pushed for Bloomberg to be in the debates,believing that he needed to be confronted by them. I don’t think that he really wanted to be in that debate, he would rather have kept all his momentum going into Super Tuesday. Not that one should not debate, but the timing was not good. But he couldn’t say no, he would have been attacked for that. Obviously, he thought he would do better. But I wish he had not done it, he would have been sat up in good shape.. I still believe that he is the only person who can stop Sanders, although Biden has some chance, but not if he does not win South Carolina. But it’s obviously going to be harder for Bloomberg now. He has a town hall on CNN on Monday, and then the debate on Tuesday.

    • I don’t think Warren could have attacked Sanders because that would’ve unleashed the Bern Hive against her and all who support her. She’s in the same progressive lane he’s in (although, she’s far more reasonable, electable and capable) and can’t alienate his supporters to the point where they’ll stay home, should she win the nomination.
      All that Trump has on her is “Pochahontas” which reflects more badly on him than on her. We know the Oppo against Sanders is awful, and now comes the info that he’s known for one month that Russia was actively helping his campaign. If they have to lose an actual asset, they’ll settle for a useful idiot. At this point, I not sure who is what, or what is whom.

  17. Off topic: Can you believe this song is over 42 years old now? 😮

  18. This post aged well.

  19. Does anyone know where to purchase titanium-reinforced umbrellas?

    I want to know this, in case St. Bernard somehow wins the general election, because then we’ll need protection.

    From the poop bombs.

    From the flocks of flying pigs. 😉

  20. From Mike Hoyer on Lawyers, Guns,and Money:

    To anyone who feels like they don’t want to have to vote for Bernie in the general because it will feel like giving a win to abusive twitter assholes, bear in mind that probably like half of them will declare Bernie a sell-out and turn on him long before November anyway.

    Hmmm…if the “Dirtbag Left” Uruk-hai deserted him, I could start to like the dude, especially if he chose the right running mate (NOT Gabbard Gabbard Hey).

  21. Bernie won a caucus because he can RIG a caucus. NV was no surprise, this is what we suspected. The good news is I don’t think there are many more caucuses left. Bad news is the guy is getting media attention & momentum.

  22. What a massive waste of time energy and money hanging around watching this Party self destruct again is unfortunate.

  23. Upps posted this via tweet, “when myths collide with truth.” I truly do not believe this country will make it to another presidential election beyond this one to find its “gathering” myth. I don’t know how it can be done without free and fair elections and widespread facts about the real world we are living in.

  24. I don’t understand. When I see the actual number of votes listed by a candidate, they seem very small i.e. Bernie – 3523 votes. This seems hardly a blowout or a great turn out. What am I missing? Can someone explain?

    • Lucy, that number denotes county convention delegates. The raw vote for sanders is around 21,000 or so at 60% in, not a whole lot either, but unfortunately the winner.

      • Everyone needs to go after Bernie next debate. Enough is enough of him not being vetted. Someone needs to say – Show your tax returns and medical records, explain why you didn’t pay child support and instead chose to run In races where you got 1% of the vote , explain why you called women teachers “old bitches”, be held accountable for writing that women get cancer because they refuse to have sex with you, explain his vote against the Brady Bill 5x. Explain your lack of achievements despite decades in public office.

        This man has so much baggage and the media has yet again chosen to vilify Hillary, Kamala & Liz and give him a free pass. How disappointing. THIS is what we all waited for?! He’ll end up picking AOC as his VP too. Someone the bros are attracted to. His abusive base will be fired up for sure. It’s going to be a bloodbath and we will likely lose and Sanders will throw a huge fit which will be meaningless and he’ll retire in some cabin in Vermont and the rest of us will be fucked for 4 more years. Also kiss your chances of taking back the senate. Think those voters in Kentucky will vote for Amy McGrath with Bernie at the top of the ticket?

      • lililam – thanks for clarifying.

  25. Never forget Bernie admitted he knew Russians were helping his campaign and he decided to remain quiet. He was only questioned about it a day before the NV caucus. This POS is destroying our party.

  26. This is an example of how bad the media is. Yesterday, Ari Melber, who is an intelligent person, said that something like 62% of the caucus voters favored M4A, via entrance polls. He said that though it had seemed to be from national polls that M4A was not as popular, it was favored strongly among these voters. Now, which of these two logical conclusions is more rational: 1) This particular cohort of voters in this caucus was very favorable to Sanders, and thus the data on issues was all skewed toward his positions; sort of like polling the attendees at a rap concert and seeing that they liked rap more than rock music; or 2) the opinions are changing on M4A, and it is becoming more popular, good news for Sanders. Obviously, #1, it does not take a genius in statistics to perceive that. But he implied that it was #2.

    Much of the coverage of primaries becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy. So far, we’ve had two caucuses, one a ‘hybrid caucus,” another inane idea; and the other primary, all in very small states. And from this, we get media telling us that Sanders is rolling, he is virtually unstoppable. This is totally irresponsible journalism, but once again it seems as if the media has a narrative if wants to purvey at any cost. Remember how they raved and raved about Obama winning Iowa in 2008? Then when Hillary kept winning almost all of the primaries, they would ho-hum about it. These things do have influence over the viewers.

    Now, the problem is that if Biden loses South Carolina (and remember, there is a push among Republicans to cross over and vote for Sanders there, something the media simply refuses to discuss), he is through. Super Tuesday favors Sanders already. That leaves Bloomberg. If Bloomberg and Biden both stay in, and can split, say, 55-60% of the Super Tuesday vote, this would help. But the media will be so eager to crown Sanders, that it might not happen. All the implications of the Sanders/Russia story were ignored yesterday, although they are so incredibly important in many contexts. Russia is about to pick both candidates.

    Why do we not hear about the absolute fact that Sanders spent his honeymoon in Russia in 1988, and then went to Cuba in 1989? Who does that? And why? Why doesn’t someone ask him point blank, why he voted against Russian sanctions and the Magnitsky Act?? Why does no one in the media seem to care? Apparently, 1) because many of the MSNBC people favor Sanders; 2)CNN and Fox vastly favor Trump; 3) the media never wants to discuss actual issues, unless it is about Hillary,or someone else they don’t like, such as Bloomberg. And so 2016 was about emails, and 2020’s primaries are about non-disclosure agreements following settlements of sexual discrimination or harassment cases against a large company over 30 years. Now, the one thing I do not understand, is if indeed Trump gets re-elected again, almost certain if Sanders is the nominee, where are their ratings going to go, with half the country in despair? Maybe the benefits to corporations from non-regulation and no taxes outweigh that in their mind? What is “He’s Mr. Stop and Frisk” Joy Reid going to do for four years, go back to bemoaning the fascist takeover of America before an audience of a couple of thousand people?

    Maybe it is just that our side has been losing so many battles, from suppressed and tampered with elections, to Kavanaugh, to acquittal on impeachment, that some hold dear to any “victory” they can get, such as showing Bloomberg that he just can’t come in there with his billions and run against Bernie, or that somebody on a show got in trouble because some actor made a sexist remark on set, or that another show got heat for allegedly portraying one or another minority in a way that the activists who focus on these things do not like. So we “win” those battles, and lose the other ones. I hope Weinstein gets convicted of at least something, but I’d a million times rather we won the election. Are those other things our bread and circuses, doled out to make people feel better when we lose on all the other fronts? Sanders will lose to Trump, that is all that matters in these elections, the rest is sound and fury signifying nothing.

    • Media wants the same Democratic candidate it wanted in 2016, for much the same reason they backed Obama in 2008, with the oh-so-liberal NYT leading the charge. A real Democrat would threaten their above all sexist world, also their incomes and other perks of owning all the microphones.

      This is an alternative to their “alternative facts”, i.e. reality:

      Bernie has amassed 1.7% of the delegates he needs to secure the nomination.— Dana Houle (@DanaHoule) February 23, 2020

      Following in the same thread:

      Worth repeating. Unlike 2016, when there were 11 caucus states, this time there are only 4, & the 2 remaining are the 2 smallest states. So in 2 of the first 3 contests Bernie has shown he can do well in a type of contest irrelevant for the rest of the nomination

      • A good point! And I think that only 4% of the electorate in Nevada turned out for the caucus. Which of course is just the way it is, but it certainly does not mean that Sanders has this big lead nationally. Sanders won every caucus last time, except for Iowa, which he said he won, and Nevada, where his supporter threw a chair. Caucuses always favor him. The concern is the apparently movement of Black and Latino voters to him, I have no idea why. I am also suspicious of Republicans who claim they are Independents getting in these polls. Sanders does have edges in several primary states, we can hope that the percentage is not all that high. Incidentally, a new CBS poll today seems to show Warren second to Sanders nationally, but of course it is state polls which most matter, not the national ones. But her debate helped her, apparently, though it also helped Sanders.

        • It’s just so transparent with NYT, especially, saying “This one! No need to vote! He’s won!” with so small a number of votes cast so far. Especially since they were still milking the “horserace” long past the time HRC had the nomination locked up in 2016.

          No idea either, why Black and Latina/Latino voters would be supporting BS in larger numbers. It would be interesting to find out why (if true – will all the skewing of polls via fake media, that’s a question as well).

  27. Argh. Being told today I am unable or unwilling to think for myself, that I am being brianwashed, that I know nothing about politics LOL, and that OF COURSE BS will win over every single voter, and 2020 will be a landslide!!

    Heartening to see the 60 Minutes interview tonight, clips from which will be all over social media tomorrow, and not in a good way for BS. “There are nice people on both sides” was not a wise thing to say to Floridians about Fidel Castro. And railing against AIPAC also unwise when it comes to FL and NY. But he will make many, many mistakes. He’s inflexible, and too narcissistic to consider others’ points of view, let alone expressing curiosity without going red in the face and raising his voice. (Wait. Am I talking about BS or DT?!?!)

    Mostly, I am engaging with BS supporters by talking about the House, that, if we lose the House and Senate, no Dem POTUS will be able to pass a single law (and likely will not withstand impeachment and removal). At the end of 4 yrs, Dems will have ‘failed,’ and there’s a real danger of Eric or Ivanka as POTUS in 2024.

    We only keep the House if we have a nominee who will enhance the chances of vulnerable Reps in their red or purple districts–where they were voted in in 2018 by Dem, Indep., and Repub. moderates. Not just by Dems, and not by progressives. Most 2018 midterm gains were made by moderates.

    I don’t mention the Senate. I don’t think we have a chance at all at the Senate. Which likely means another GOP SCOTUS. Things are accelerating quickly.

    • Good idea. They have a responsibility to the rest of us to not lose what we already have.

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