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Warren the Warrior

I didn’t see the debate last night. I can’t keep my eyes open past 9:00pm. I caught some highlights on YouTube and read some threads from people I trust on Twitter.

The results are in. Warren beat the living s#%^ out of Bloomberg. She stuck up for Amy Klobuchar against Pete Buttigieg. I like Amy. I’d vote for her, but the look on her face when she was trying to explain going up on Obrador’s name was unsettling. Amy seemed to be punishing herself for forgetting a name. That will doom her in this election year. No one can afford to have even a second of self doubt. Instead, the candidate has to be both smart and take no prisoners. That’s Warren.

Some of the complaints about Warren’s performance came from the typical conservative never Trumpers who just want a George Bush type they can get behind. Jennifer Rubin of the Washington Post criticized Warren’s anger, fluffed Pete Buttigieg (stealth moderate Republican that Jeff Bezos likes), and faulted Warren for not going after Sanders. That, Rubin says, prevents her from advancing.


Let’s unpack that.

Sanders is polling at about 25%- among DEMOCRATS. He’s collected some delegates in two early, small, diversity challenged stares so far and yet his pain on the ass supporters are going all jihad this morning asking Democrats to pledge to support him because he will be the eventual nominee.

Hey, I’m not pledging to support anyone before the convention is officially over. But the pressure campaign is intense. If you meet one of these people and they put a sword to your neck and order you to convert, just say “No Commitment”. It’s just the internet and they are only little black pixels on the display. They cannot hurt you. Use that to your advantage.

Anyway, why didn’t Warren go after Bernie? Best guess is that Warren knows that Bernie is deeply unpopular. Plus, her target last night was Michael Bloomberg, who she dispatched with aplomb. He was unprepared. Maybe he didn’t think the debate was a big deal because he planned to run more ads.

Warren had to redraw herself after the media guys decided to help her lose and muted her voice. She got attention and showed she knew how to take down a billionaire. Who knows? Maybe Bloomberg agreed to take a dive to help the Democrats beat Trump? It could happen.

So, she threw attention away from Bernie yo the real target -Trump. Bloomberg played the Trump surrogate. Now, when you look at Warren, you’ll see that she’s not afraid to take Trump on. She needs no encouragement. She’s smart, she adapts, she’s a warrior.

Sanders is still sitting pretty and pretending he’s got the whole thing sewn up. So why not make a play for his supporters? I think it’s because Warren recognizes that Bernie’s base, his most devoted supporters, are not unlike Trump’s MAGA crowd. There is almost nothing Bernie can do wrong. Why insult the guy? Isn’t it better to just treat him like another old man reliving his glory days?

At this point, I think it’s up to the other Democrats to come to a decision. They need to put their best person forward. The number of people still remaining is diluting the focus. Let’s see what happens after Super Tuesday. After that, the tea leaves should be readable and the other candidates need to drop out. They’re going to be a distraction. And money doesn’t buy you support or the lead. Not if Lizzy Warren can roll right over you.

Last thing:

Eric Boelert posted this tweet this late last night:

I agree and disagree with this.

I saw Obama in person in Chicago in 2007 and was completely unimpressed. He was on a stage with all the other candidates and his boredom was interpreted as cool French ennui.

It’s all about the packaging.

If the media says you’re swave and deboner, that’s going to have a multiplying effect on your followers. Similarly, if the media says you’re unexciting and makes supporters at your rallies sound like a bunch of 90 year olds sitting in wheelchairs shaking their bottles of Geritol tablets every time you make an applause statement, your poll ratings will start to sink. That’s what happened to Hillary and Boelert knows this because he just posted a piece on it yesterday.

The Democrats don’t need star power.

What they need is a Charlotte’s Web.

23 Responses

  1. Oh so agree about Bernie sitting pretty thinking he’s got this in the bag 🙄 he was so arrogant with that smug smile. It’s also laughable that he’s now going after & mocking the superdelegates. Do you remember when he LOVED superdelegates in 2016? And told everyone they should switch to him, ignoring the will of the voters?

  2. Warren gave me the excitement and hope last night I haven’t felt since Hillary ran. Almost forgot what it felt like after 4 arduous years.

  3. [H]is pain on the ass supporters are going all jihad this morning asking Democrats to pledge to support him because he will be the eventual nominee.

    No, we’re just asking that people who have blamed Sanders for Hillary’s defeat in 2016 and have demanded Sanders pledge to support the eventual nominee(which he has already done) not be hypocrites in 2020. I think that’s a fairly simple and totally reasonable request.

    Warren’s performance in the debate was truly excellent.

    • They can ask for support AFTER the convention and IFF Bernie is the nominee. Anything before that is push tactics and more and more people are starting to resent it.
      From what I recall of 2016, Hillary beat Bernie in the primaries by 4 million votes. If you accumulate that many votes ahead of the nomination, I don’t think there’s anything wrong with asking for support. That’s because you are the obvious nominee. If Bernie gets no better than 25% in the rest of the states, his claim to be the nominee will be shaky at best and the party will need to step in and evaluate whether he will be able to carry down ticket Dems. So, you know, there’s that.

      • Then people here should stop demanding that Bernie commit to supporting the nominee now (which he’s already done). There’s a double standard here (and by “here” I don’t mean The Confluence specifically): one for Bernie supporters and one for everyone else.

        • And, of course, when you say “pain in the ass supporters”, I assume you mean “users on social media platforms who claim to be Bernie supporters” who could, after all, be pretty much anyone.

          • Not at all. I ran a staging location in Pittsburgh for the three weeks before the election. The last weekend, we got a FLOOD of volunteers from a different neighborhood in Pittsburgh. They were Bernie supporters. They were lovely people and I was so happy to work with them. Even our local organizer was a former Bernie guy. These are not the people I’m referring to.
            I’m referring to the aggressive jihadis who are harassing other Democrats who want a chance to vote for THEIR candidate without pressure.

        • I never asked that. But he should have supported Hillary a LOT sooner than he did because he lost. It wasn’t even close.
          TBH no one should be committing to anyone right now except your own personal favorite. After the nomination, we’ll see. But Sanders isn’t the nominee yet. So pushing people to commit to him is conditioning their expectations and I think that’s going to lead to disaster.

    • And if you want to see just how excellent:

      • Ok, this is going to sound crazy but I’m beginning to think Bloomberg took a dive.

        • Come on. That would require that Bloomberg was working with, or willing to be eviscerated by the one candidate on the stage who disemboweled a whole panel of Wells Fargo execs, and for what? To show that she could take on Trump? We already knew that about her.

          Bloomberg had a shit ton of baggage coming into last night’s debate, the likes of which Liz has been brutalizing like the gorilla in that American Tourister ad for more than a decade. Mike picked the wrong year to be the plutocrat on a stage with a wannabe trust-buster, and he knows it. It has been said that he only bothered with this debate because he’s not on the ballot in Nevada and has nothing to lose by being mauled early-on. He should’ve thought better than to rehearse in the middle of the play.

          • I hear you but it was just weird to watch that uncomfortable exchange with Warren about those NDAs. Like, he didn’t even defend himself. What he said actually looked worse. It looked like a dive.
            Now, I have to ask myself, why would he do that? All I can think of is that there can be nothing more pleasurable for Bloomberg than seeing Trump lose to a girl. When you have that much money, winning is everything. But he didn’t act like he wanted the White House. Maybe all he wants is to defeat Trump.
            It’s not all altruistic.

  4. Holy sh*t, Warren is doing it again on the town hall tonight… just knocking it out of the park, women cheering her on… the audience reactions are visceral.

    • She was great, I’m all in. Did you see her not so subtle hint that if she wins the nomination, she’ll ask Castro to be her running mate? That would be a winning ticket.

  5. Warren badly damaged Bloomberg; by criticizing his sweeping plans to deal with climate change? By attacking his efforts to defeat the gun lobby? Because she strongly disagreed with his proposals to help people in the inner cities? No, she was incensed at his company’s policy on non-disclosure agreements, and that over 20 years or so, forty to sixty women had filed gender or harassment claims, not against him personally, but the company. Not much different than at most large corporations in the last twenty years, including various ones whom she worked for as a former corporate attorney. But boy, she really laid into him, not on any national policy, not on how somehow to stop Trump from turning this into a dictatorship, not on how to somehow get bills past the Senate and the Supreme Court, not how to protect the citizenry from hearing the Nazi-like knocks on their doors in the middle of the night. No, she got him on the easiest shot to take, much like the one she and Gillibrand took at Al Franken. Hooray for somebody, but not America.

    The results are that Bloomberg is damaged and has been substantially hurt in the odds in every upcoming primary through Super Tuesday. Sanders has become a favorite in about a dozen upcoming races, which if he wins even ten of those, will essentially guarantee him the nomination, unless he has another heart attack before July. After July, he is the nominee, and then Trump wins easily, and welcome to the American Reich, with the only possible rail being if we somehow keep the House. They will have the Presidency, the DOJ, all the apparatus, the Senate and the courts. A dire prediction, and maybe I’m wrong ,I hope so. But if Warren had wanted to try to save the country, she would have gone after Sanders, in virtually the lat chance to do so. She conspicuously would not criticize “Bernie,” but boy, did she go after those NDAs and Bloomberg LP.

    Whether someone wants Bloomberg to be the nominee, is another question; but damaging him now just clears the field for “Bernie.” If Warren somehow manages to vault over Sanders, it will be a truly olympian feat. She’s not leading in any state poll, even in Massachusetts. Bloomberg wasn’t her impediment, Sanders was. But I know that she could not resist going after him for something or other having to do with claims of a hostile environment over the years, and NDAs. I honestly do not know what was so noble or inspiring about that, just like I wish Franken were still in the Senate, maybe even running for President. Ask reporter Jane Mayer how absolutely non-credible the charges were against him, but a few Senators could not wait to push him out, because, “believe women.”

    So here we are. One of these days, it is dimly possible that what Warren has done throughout this race will not be seen as such a great thing, but as either a deliberate or simply politically bumbling effort which helped to assure the Sanders victory, and the Democrats’ defeat. I pretty much like Bloomberg, but putting that aside, I would much rather have had him a a viable contender to take delegates away from Sanders at the convention. I just hope that the feelings engendered by her vehement attacks on Bloomberg LP policies, plus him being very rich and giving immensely to good causes, keep people warm over what may be a very chilling time, though the temperatures will keep going up. And if this sounds like I am very upset, yes i am, as I see all the windows of escape being closed, and Russia getting both of the candidates it is working for. Wait until we see all those Republicans cross over to vote for Sanders in the red states in two weeks, another part of their plan. Will Warren have anything to say about that? Of course not, that would be a courageous challenge to perform.

    • Yes you’re right, women should continue shutting up and allowing their sexual harasser become President. And women running should simply step aside and let Daddy Warbucks take care of it all. Fuck that, William. Release the women (or men) from the non disclosure agreements immediately! We deserve full accountability from our candidates. Trying to prop up a shell of a man like Bloomberg is an act of cowardice

    • *facepalms*

      William, please listen carefully.


    • Yes, you are right. That Nevada debate reminded me of the 2016 Republican debate before the NH primary. The secondary candidates spent all their time attacking each other to none of their benefit and Trump won by a huge margin. As you may recall, Bloomberg entered the race when Warren rose to the top and he was afraid Biden would collapse but Warren would be unelectable. Sure, he wouldn’t want Warren but most of all he wants to prevent Trump’s reelection , and Warren would ,be almost as risky a choice as Sanders. I’m saying this NOT because I don’t support progressive policies but because I don’t think the American electorate will elect for Warren or Sanders.

  6. William – I share your despair. Ivory Bill – what are you seeing that should give us hope?

    • While our supreme enemy (Putin) is intelligent, he must rule through a pathetic stooge (Benedict Donald), who is neither smart enough nor evilly courageous enough to make himself a dictator.

      The stooge is also obese, refuses to exercise, is addicted to a legally-prescribed amphetamine (Adderall), and already has suffered hushed-up cardiovascular events. How much longer can he live?

      Also, Pence lacks Don Donald’s evil charisma with the authoritarian minority, even though they mostly agree with Pence on ideology.

      As for the wingnut judges, you KNOW they’ve all got financial and/or sexual shenanigans in their pasts. Once we get the Congress back, we can find their dirty little secrets, then impeach and remove them–or blackmail them into quietly resigning.

      And we will get Congress, and the White House, back before long. American Conservatism is a dinosaur, and demographic change is the asteroid.

      In my personal case, I believe in a God who has prepared a benign afterlife for me, so even if I am so wrong about this situation that I get killed, I still get a happy ending. If you don’t have that, then your fear makes more sense to me than it otherwise would. I suspect it also helps that I am single and childless, and always will be both.

      Also, I grew up on Star Trek. There is no “Kobayashi Maru scenario” that a good “Corbomite Maneuver” can’t get you out of. 😀

  7. I have always considered myself to be a liberal Democrat, but the definition of the term “liberal” has changed, and the Far Lett made up the word “neolliberal” to derogate Hillary and Bill Clinton, and Kerry and a number of others. So however they and we might define “liberal,” who was the last undeniable liberal to win the White House? FDR. Truman was not, JFK was not, LBJ inherited the presidency, had some socially liberal inclinations, but of course had a vast majority in Congress to get programs implemented, and the South was still reflexively held by Democrats.

    McGovern, a true liberal, got crushed. Carter was a conservative. Mondale was routed, Dukakis was beaten handily. Cinton was a liberal in my book, but not many, feel that way, and he was a Southern governor. Obama was not liberal, his ethnicity and eloquence made people think he was, but the only reason he won i is because the economy collapsed. Hillary is, but the Left despises her, mocks her as a neoliberal. So again, FDR was the only true liberal who has been elected in the last 80 years. But the Left keeps insisting that we need to go further to the Left to win, which is inane, given the history. One learns, sadly enough, that this country, as currently aligned, and with the EC a major roadblock, is not going to elect someone from the Left, not unless the economy had collapsed, and maybe not even then. Sanders will not win, Warren would not win, for the same reasons, even if they are different in personality. I truly wish it were different, maybe someday it could be, if we could get rid of the Russian influence, but certainly not now when a fascist is in the White House, and is sitting at 42% favorables or more. He can possibly be beaten, but not by someone on the Left. It’s like drawing two cards to an inside straight, at least in my view.

  8. Upps posted this via tweet, “when myths collide.” I truly do not believe this country will make it to another presidential election beyond this one to find its “gathering” myth. I don’t know how it can be done without free and fair elections and widespread facts about the real world we are living in.

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