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The Narcissism of Small Differences

Why am I not surprised that a Bernie Bro would have the chutzpah to tell a black guy that his shirt is racist?


14 Responses

  1. It seems like the media is drowning out Warren for their desire of a Bernie/trump battle royal, it’s hard not to feel hopeless..

  2. I hope this video gets wide dissemination. From what I can gather, most of the Bernie supporters are angry people, lashing out at all the other candidates and any major social media figure who supports them, in the most obnoxious fashion possible. They are indeed the flip side of the Trump supporters, this time hiding behind their version of “progressivism” to disparage and insult anyone who disagrees with them.

    Trump is out there every day trying to get Sanders the nomination, and to get Sanders’ supporters not to vote, or to vote for Trump, if he doesn’t. He continually tweets that people are trying to steal the nomination from Sanders. He is palpably obvious, he wants to run against Sanders, the easiest by far to beat. Rick Wilson is certainly not my favorite person, but he is a pretty smart political analyst, he continues to say that Sanders will lose 44 states. I think he would win more than six, maybe twelve or so, but that is a rout. Wilson is dead right that this mythology of all the people out there waiting to rise up to get behind a far left candidate, like Wat Tyler’s Peasant Rebellion in feudal times (my comparison, not his), is a fantasy, that the heartland of America is never going to vote for a self-described socialist.

    Trump and his evil Republican backers know that, and the only question with a Sanders candidacy will be how badly we will lose. Will we lose the House, too, all the statehouses back again? It would be like robbers at an unguarded house, trying to grab as much loot as they can with this unequaled opportunity. And I am very suspicious of Sanders’ “rise” in polling, I wonder how many Right-leaning “Independents’ are contributing to that. I do know that Republicans are doing everything they can to get Republicans to vote for Sanders in the primaries. That should be the top political story: the efforts by Republicans to hijack our political system again, but apparently the media has taken some kind of pledge to not say anything negative about Sanders or where he is getting his support. People warned for the last few years about new Russian ops in 2020, and here it is, the effort to get two supporters of Putin on the ballot (plus maybe Russian asset Gabbard as VP choice) a sure win for them. And it appears to be working, and as it becomes more possible, the more they will try to secure it. Essentially, we would have two mobs of belligerent authoritarians contesting with each other, with the rest of us just watching.

  3. If the rest of the moderates spend their time attacking Bloomberg tomorrow, they’ll all lose, and Sanders will proceed uncontested to the nomination. Point out differences in policies, yes, that is part of any debate. But at least in my mind, we are seeing a number of candidates who have almost no chance of getting the nomination, fight for what they think is their survival, and foolishly allow the person to get nominated who will destroy the Democratic Party.

    I expect that every single other candidate on the stage will attack Bloomberg, he will get no favorable comments from any of them, nor from people like Halle Jackson or Chuck Todd. .And let’s see if Warren continues to give Sanders cover for any of his policies. And I’ve already accepted that the MSNBC post-debate coverage will be uniformly disparaging of Bloomberg, no matter what he or anyone else says in the debate. The latest national poll, and it is only one poll, has Sanders at 31%, Biden 15%, Warren 12%, Klobuchar 9%, Buttigieg 8%. Are any of those four going to somehow rise up to overtake Sanders? And wait until Warren leaves the race, will that get Sanders up to 40% or so, and an almost sure nomination? What the Democrats should do in the debate, is attack and vet Sanders. But they’ll likely aim their fire at the more appealing but wrong target. They should somehow lower Sanders’ numbers, and then they can battle among themselves, and I am perfectly fine with that. But is this becoming analogous to the way in which 16 or so Republicans split their own votes so many ways that Trump’s early numbers of 30% or so of primary votes were sufficient to make him the prohibitive favorite to win?

  4. I would be curious to know among your blog community:

    If the election is Sanders v Trump
    1 will you vote for Sanders?
    2 will you vote for Trump?
    3 will you vote for 3rd party/Independent option?
    4 will you not vote?

    Does your vote change if you are in 1 of the ~10 swing states versus the remaining safe states?

    • Why Sanders? Why not Warren or Klobuchar?

    • This “poll” smells really bad.
      First, many of us live in states that haven’t had a primary yet. How am I supposed to commit to supporting candidates I can’t stand?
      You don’t know what’s going to happen Super Tuesday. And I’m not going to be stampeded into voting for Sanders.
      So knock it off.
      No more “polls” like this or you will be banned.

      • Actually, you’re smelling the pollster.

        It’s winter. Would you want to bathe if you lived in Mommie Dearest Russia in the winter? 😛

    • BTW, your IP address suggests you are posting from the U.K. Who are you?

    • @Pollster: I would be curious to know how long you will be living in Siberia if you fail Tsar Vladimir. 😉

    • Here’s a thought – stop making us choose between two old white men, we’re tired of it.

  5. I was there (invited guest, so I was right by the podium). I didn’t see this happen and in fact didn’t even know it had occurred until this morning, but it’s not too surprising that there will one or two idiots in a crowd of 11,400 people.

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