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      BREAKING: President Biden just signed an Executive Order “to extend masking requirements on interstate travel on trains, planes and buses.” — Scott Dworkin (@funder) January 21, 2021
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No Commitment Zone

One of the comments this afternoon claimed to be from a pollster using a push question to see if we will commit to voting for Sanders. The IP address suggested that the user was coming from the U.K., but that could be just a proxy server. It could be from any of a number of questionable actors.

So I’m putting this out here right now. This blog was created with the intent to question consensus reality back in 2008 and this mission hasn’t changed. It’s perfectly ok to hold a dissenting point of view here as long as your comments don’t smell suspiciously like carefully tuned pieces of propaganda. Now, I’m no expert, but I grew up in a religious cult so I’m probably more sensitive to undue influence than other people who don’t have that armor. I don’t appreciate having my tears jerked or my emotions manipulated. And I don’t think the visitors to this blog like it either.

This blog is a No Commitment Zone. No one here is obligated to fall in line or pledge to vote one way or another until after the convention. They are free to sing the praises of anyone they like. Debate is encouraged. But marketing techniques that are intended to make the reader feel compelled to make a choice before they are ready? Nope.

Violators will be moderated or banned.

Standard disclaimer: We are 1st amendment advocates. We believe in your right to say whatever you like. The blogosphere is huge. You would not believe just how vastly enormous it is. If you don’t feel that your comments are well received at this blog, you are encouraged to start your own.

21 Responses

  1. Don’t bother asking for donations, either. 😈

    • On the other hand, visitors should feel free to hit that tip jar so I can pay the medical expenses that wage slavery doesn’t cover.
      (Note that the author LOVES the company she works for.)

  2. Well said, RD, and I appreciate your openness to people expressing their viewpoints, as long as they are honestly expressed, and don’t use the “r word,” which II inadvertently do at times, which seems to send my post to some kind of “in moderation” holding zone. I do value the general good nature of this blog, the intelligence of the person who has kept it going for years (that is you, in case you might miss it) and the chance for me to vent a bit, and maybe think that I might be making even the tiniest bit of difference to what , as you have stated, is the vast dialogue which takes place every day on the internet.

    • Well, we’ve ticked up a lot lately in unique page hits. So, people are finding this place in the Oort belt. 😉

  3. Ascended Madoka help this country if both of its major parties are captured by cult leaders with online Orc-hordes of swinish trolls (I apologize for the insult to pigs).

  4. And now for something completely off-topic:

  5. Here is a very sobering look at the race in terms of odds from a major sportsbook. Now, odds do not predict results (Hillary was favored the entire campaign in terms of odds last time), but they are pretty smart in these places, and they hate to give out bargains; i.e., really good odds on a longshot.

    Sanders has now moved to almost even money to win the nomination, he is +112, the lowest he has ever been; that means one would bet $100 to win $112 additional. Bloomberg is +212, you bet $100 to win $212 in addition to getting your bet back. Biden is +1100, or 11-1. Buttigieg is a bit higher at 11.5-1 Klobuchar is 25-1. Warren is 67-1. Hillary, who is not going to run, is 24-1, maybe for those who think there would be a brokered convention and she would be nominated by acclamation.

    Also, note that Trump is now -192, becoming more of a favorite every day, you would have to bet $192 on Trump to win $100. This rise, not surprisingly, seems correlated to the Sanders rise in nomination chances,

    What this tells me is that if the Democrats tomorrow night decide to have fun and hammer away at Bloomberg, they will badly damage him, and will also virtually guarantee the nomination to Sanders. They don’t see it, of course. The only one person who can stop Sanders is Bloomberg. The only other possibility is that they all stay in and thus stop Sanders from getting a majority of delegates. But they won’t; lack of funds and public sentiment will most of them out.

    We are looking at this race being over by Super Tuesday, an appalling prospect, unless Bloomberg somehow handles all the other candidates attacking him, plus the media saying he did poorly, and emerges even stronger, something that is very unlikely. I do not know that much about the various fascinating strategy games which deal with situations where seeming to help yourself actually hurts you, but this seems like one of them. For example, Biden going after Sanders is what he thinks will get rid of someone who is a competitor to him in the moderate lane. But what he will do is just take away someone who might get enough delegates to help stop Sanders on the way to the nomination. Now, Warren, either because of her political inclinations, or because she has made some kind of agreement with Sanders, is likely to benefit him by attacking Bloomberg, and then dropping out of the race soon thereafter. Klobuchar is smart and strategic, but she will likely make the same mistake that Biden makes. The right strategy would be for every moderate to attack Sanders in a reasonable way ,but they will not. We are about to watch the virtual end of this race; and as Sanders goes up, so does Trump, because Sanders is the worst candidate we could put up against Trump.

    I was thinking a lot about how even if Sanders won the election, he could not govern at all, because he would not have the ability to pass any legislation, but I’ll save all that for another time unless I am too depressed about it all to even bother. I probably will not watch the debate, because it looks to be a bloodbath before the first “gotcha” question is even asked, and before O’Donnell and Reid state that “Bloomberg was the worst, he did not give sufficient answers; he seemed stiff; Sanders got in a great dig at him; Warren stood up for all those who do not want money in politics, etc., etc., etc. We didn’t think that it could happen again, but the media once again has let Sanders slide by with no tax returns, no medicals, no questions about his essays, his support of Castro, his support of the NRA position for decades, his inability to compromise with anyone anywhere. It looks like Perez and the Democrats are in the process of committing slow-motion mass suicide. For the record, I would be perfectly fine with Klobuchar or maybe even Biden being the nominee, but they will never get enough delegates to stop Sanders, unless Bloomberg gets a great deal of delegates, too, which they seem determined to prevent him from doing.

  6. Off topic again: Yeah, it’s February. Who cares? 😛

  7. I’ll be concise. The old white men are there to keep us from having a woman president. Sanders to keep Warren from winning; Biden from keeping Klobuchar, Harris, et. al. out; Bloomberg playing clean up, just in case.

    I send money to Warren because I like her ideas for structural change. Her writings on bankruptcy, and actions to create the CFPB are her credentials.

    Klobuchar may just be Trump’s nightmare candidate, getting inside his head and sending him further up the wall if he’s not there by November on his own.

  8. I’m sure we all remember when Hillary had a bout of pneumonia during the campaign, did not take the time off which her doctors recommended, and then on a very hot day, had a fainting spell. Well, the media played that clip maybe five hundred thousand times, over and over. And all that speculation, what was wrong with her, what is he hiding, where are the medical reports?

    Now Sanders has a heart attack a few months ago. Will not release any complete records. Media looks a bit askance, but will let it go, because it’s not Hillary, it’s Sanders. Sanders never released tax returns (probably because they show links to Russia, and also money from corporations which he spends his time decrying.. Media lets it go. Sanders and media kept demanding that Hillary release all transcripts of every speech she made to a corporation, remember Chuck Todd during a debate, saying, “Will you pledge right now to release all of the transcripts?” Sanders went on and on about it, “What is in those speeches?! It must have been something very important for them to pay her $250,000, what was in them, let’s see them!” Meanwhile, no tax returns from Sanders, not then, not now; and no medical reports. Sanders campaign says that Bloomberg had a heart attack, which is not true, and he had heart surgery back in 2000.

    Sanders is just the demagogic Far Left side of Trump, same disrespect for transparency, same flouting o f laws; we all know about his campaign violations, about 500 pages worth in the Election Commission Report. But since he ‘s not Hillary, and much of the media likes him, we hear virtually nothing, whereas every minute detail of Hillary’s life and statements were combed over by them. And this is infuriating, but there is little we can do about it, it is just part of their preferred narrative.. Anybody ready for A Tulsi Gabbard presidency i if Sanders dies in office? I know one country which is. Oh, Assange now says that Trump promised him a pardon if he lied and said that Russia did not hack the election? Let’s just skip that, and talk about how rude Hillary was to suggest that the Republicans or Russians were behind Gabbard, how dare she? Media will not deviate from their chosen narrative.

  9. Comment on P. M. Carpenter’s site: 😈

    I wish Bloomberg would buy up all the mortgages on Trump’s properties. I would love to see the look on that fat orange bitch’s face when his Mar-a-Lago becomes a public golf course.


    • [snark] Bellecat, for shame! Our New Friend has categorically denied that Russia had anything to do with the Electoral College defeat of Hellary Clinton, who is the Mostest Evillest Wickedest Witch who ever molested and sacrificed children in an invisible pizza parlor basement!

      Our New Friend says so! It MUST be true!!!1! [/snark] 😉

  10. I don’t intend to vote for President this year if Dems nominate Bernie, since I live in a VERY deep blue state. If I lived in a swing state, I suspect I’d hold my nose (and wear a gas mask) and then do it. And then head out to a 6 week meditation retreat to deal with the results the morning after.

    This fall my energy will go into helping a swing state Democratic Senate candidate. Remote phone banking for the Dem in Colorado, Maine, or Arizona, depending on which nominee I end up liking most. And maybe sending a little cash their way.

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