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Today would be a good day for Bernie to drop out.

The gaming of the primaries has begun. He can’t win the General Election in this environment. For the good of the country, I want him to step aside.

He needs to sacrifice his ambition. It’s the right thing to do.

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  1. Jason Johnson said that the latest Schmidt-Haberman bombshell (Why are THEY getting all these stories?) on Bolton’s input on the timeline and Cippiloni’s complicity in this extortion scheme while defending its ringleader may benefit Bernie because he wants to “blow it all up” and “change the House and Senate Rules by EO.” Oh, boy. Please make it stop.

  2. I assume you are being facetious, RD, although you are, of course, correct. Since when has Bernie shown the ability to “sacrifice ambition” or do. the right thing? His M.O. Is diametrically opposite.

    • I am completely serious. Let his supporters yowl in disbelief and give them 9 months to adjust their expectations.
      We know what’s coming if he doesn’t drop out. If he doesn’t win the primary, his bros will claim it was rigged. If he does win the primary, he’ll be our version of Britain’s Corbyn

      You know it, I know it, Bernie knows it. It’s time for him to drop out.

      • Yes, I knew you meant the sentiment, and I agree. It would be so aberrant for him to do such a thing, that it seemed absurd to me.

        • A lot of things seemed absurd when I was younger but the Republicans just kept repeating them until everyone accepted them. Like pro-life and death taxes and trickle down economics.
          If no one says what we’re all hoping he’ll do, there will be no momentum or pressure to make him do it.
          So, Bernie should stop running for the good of the country. There. Pass it around.

          • But he won’t. He’s a complete egotist and I don’t believe that all of his money comes from small donors.

    • Bernie will never do that. This is turning into a big fat mess because a segment aren’t willing to accept that change is desired but getting rid of Trump and Republicans has to happen first.

  3. Never gonna happen

  4. I believe you mean: “Why won’t the silly b*tch quit?” At least, that’s the way people put it in 2008.

    I just maxed out on my contribution to Bernie. Thanks for providing the incentive.

    • Propertius, what do you see a Prez Sanders doing for us before he keels over?

    • Actually no. This is completely different. I mean, we’re all being set up and he’s our next Jeremy Corbyn.
      He can’t win. Ever. Not this year, not 2024, not ever. And I used to like Bernie.
      Spend your money any way you want. Just remember that to beat Trump and the Republicans we have to win by overwhelming numbers. Bernie won’t be able to pull in the people he needs. That’s what it’s going to take. Large, gigantic, tsunami type enthusiasm. He’s going to have to have rallies that eclipse anything Obama had. It can’t be a nail biter.

    • If your St. Bernard of the Green Mountains wins the Democratic presidential nomination somehow–yes, I will hold my nose and vote for him in the general election.

      Then, I will go home and steel myself to endure four more years of Benedict Donald–or maybe less than four years of the Waddling Orange Cardiovascular Catastrophe Waiting To Happen, and the remainder of four years of (Ass) Holy Mike Pence.

    • Does it not concern you that the GOP is blatantly pushing Bernie? I mean they’re not even being underhanded about it. They are loudly promoting Bernie the victim again even before anyone votes.

      • I hate to sound tin foil hat but we are in the midst of intent warfare which the average vote is totally clueless to the manipulation.

    • Oh please… Bernie is doing damage to the Democratic Party. His supporters are rabid and angry. They’re calling people who support other candidates snowflakes like Trump supporters. He’s only helping Biden and Trump.

  5. Sanders will not only lose the election, he will cost the Democrats greatly in downticket races, we might even lost the House back. Republicans will do everything they can to get him the nomination. It is the inevitable next step for them after the Senate votes that the President can do anything he wants to insure his election. Watch them basically tell Republicans to cross over in every primary to vote for Sanders. We can only hope that Democratic voters figure this out before all the efforts being made to win the next election are completely destroyed by the toxic Sanders at the top of the ticket. I still do not know whether this is Sanders’ real goal, to destroy the Democratic Party, or whether he is just so vain and doctrinaire and spiteful than he doesn’t care if it does.

  6. Off topic: I am informed there is some sort of obscure sporting event this coming Sunday, so I thought I’d post some appropriate music. 😛

  7. Right now Bernie’s polls show him as one of the stronger candidates in the head-to-head vs. Trump. And his fans do have some facts in their favor, namely, that in the 2016 W. Va. primary Bernie got more votes than either Hillary or Trump; he also did well in Utah. Therefore Bernie fans argue that he showed red state crossover appeal last time around.

    Moreover he seems to be picking up African American support in SC just in time for its first in the south primary, at Biden’s expense.

    FWIW I’m not a fan, you can see earlier posts where I came out for Elizabeth. Just calling the facts as I see them, like them or not, and I can’t say that I do.

    • Part of my point is his “strength” in the polls. I don’t actually believe this. Where are these numbers coming from in IOWA??
      Aren’t polls generally answered by older people with landlines?
      It feels off to me. Sort of like when everyone said Hillary supporters were unenthusiastic and then she beat Trump by 3 million in the popular vote. (The electoral college vote is super hinky and I’ll never believe it)

      • I am thinking more about this. This “surge” is based on what? Why is suddenly Sanders rising in polls? He is not doing anything new, he did not wow anyone in the debates. The most logical, and probably the actual, reason, is that the Republicans are finding some way to game this, their brand-new version of cheating to win the election. I am not sure how these various primary polls work. Are they polling so-called independents, too? Probably; they are not just polling people who are registered Democrats. So many of these independents are Republicans, and they poll for Sanders. That is really the only logical explanation for rises in polls, everyone knew about Sanders last time, so if he were really popular, his poll numbers would have shown that three months ago, not this far into the campaign!

        Watch out for a massive crossover vote in the primaries which the incredibly obtuse Perez has allowed to stay “open,” and allow crossovers. Why doesn’t some enterprising member of the media actually look into this. Again, this is not some kind of conspiracy theory. Why did Sanders shoot up in polls during the last month? A bunch of people who did not like him earlier, warmed to his message of vague promises? Actually, he was more impressive, if one puts it that way at all, in the last campaign. Now he is just repeating tiresome slogans. I find this all very suspicious, and I at least hope that someone checks the exit polls, and tries to find out where the support is coming from, once we get out of caucus Iowa and Sanders bailiwick New Hampshire. I’m pretty convinced that were are seeing the newest Russian-Republican operation to guarantee Trump’s re-election.

    • The people that voted for him in the WV primary in 2016 said they would not vote for him in the general election. So whatever he does in the primary really doesn’t mean a whole lot if he’s not going to get them in the general election if he were the nominee.

      • But Iowa can make or break a candidate, as stupid as that is. I can see the Bernie Bros storming the caucuses. They used to not be sticklers about registering people. So they come in, they’re the noisiest, rowdiest, most pushy people around. They intimidate and create their own vortex. Are there chairs thrown? Who knows. All I’m saying is that this is the scenario we saw during 2008 when the Obots went to Iowa. They bully people.

        • Iowa can make or break a candidate like Bernie or Warren since it is supposed to be a state that is favorable for them. Yes, I hope everyone is prepared for the bullying invective that the Bernie bros are going to hurl at supporters of every candidate.

  8. In previous comment I was referring to the usual polls that measure voter attitudes toward the candidates rather than polls commissioned by the Sanders campaign. Just to forestall any confusion.

    • I actually think that some of these are being gamed by Republicans. His favorables otherwise make no political sense. Republicans polled are giving him favorable ratings., but not because they like his policies. Why does Warren, with many comparable policies, have much lower favorables? Because Sanders’ personality is so winning? No, because the Republicans are pushing Sanders. I think that if somehow he gets the nomination, there is going to be this sickening drop in his numbers once the convention is over, and the Republicans show their true colors. By then, it will be too late, and the most awful general election campaign in history will slouch toward its horrific conclusion.

  9. Last night at a Sanders rally in Iowa, Rashida Talib let the crowd in booing the mention of the name Hillary Clinton.

    What rational candidacy or supporters would do that? This is a campaign to burn down the Democratic Party, and dance over the ashes, exulting in a fantasy of new power which of course would be nonexistent except for what the fascist Republicans find useful o keep their people endlessly motivated. And this is what is leading to Bernie’s surge? Either the surge is propelled by Republicans, or if it is actual Democrats, then the party is well on the way to becoming permanently impotent, simply a foil for Republican propaganda and fundraising. The fact that Sanders’ only political supporters are the “Justice Dems” should worry everyone who cares about the Democratic Party. These are people who are still trying to get rid of Pelosi, and running primary challenges against moderate Democrats. They mean no good for anyone but themselves.

    • I think sanders may have had a Howard dean scream moment with Tlaib.

    • Bernie is not a Democrat. Speaking at a rally in NH last December, he called out three groups who oppose his Medicare for All plan. Which group drew loud boos and derisive laughter from those in attendance? “Establishment Democrats” did so ahead of Trump and Republicans and the health care industry. He’s using the Big tent to destroy the party from within.

  10. Bernie Sanders is the epitome of “white male rage” which was so deliciously skewered by Melissa Villaseñor in her SNL Weekend Update appearance in describing the Oscar contenders. Which white males are raging about on Twitter and any other forum which hosts the epic take down video. Bernie yells, he gesticulates, he’s always pissed off about something.
    FYI, for any Bernie fans out there: you may want to acquaint yourself with his “male fantasy” essay, his votes for, and active lobbying on behalf of, the NRA’s fondest gun love bills, his credentials (or lack thereof) prior to running for the US Congress and I hate to bring up his wife’s questionable financial issues yet they are there, his reluctance to sanction Russia, etc, etc. He has not been vetted by the media at all. It’s all waiting to come out, if he’s the nominee. The R’s have reams of oppo research ready to go. Brace yourselves, the Bern will burn us all if we are stuck with him as the nominee.

    • This is why it’s so important to not commit yourself to #bluenomatterwho too soon. i swear the Russians are behind it. Because if they can plant that idea in your head before a single primary, you’ve already been conditioned to see Bernie as the eventual nominee. I am blocking those tweets these days.

      • I have always had an issue with the “I’d vote for rancid mold before I’d vote for Trump” sentiment. I get that he’s awful. However it encourages people who are also awful to run, because they are marginally less awful. Gawd.
        Just being “not Trump” won’t get the votes that Bern’s fans think it will.

    • Thank you for your comment, right on the money.

      That’s all I have ever seen on the BERN and his BROS:
      “white male rage”.

      Thanks a bunch to Melissa Villaseñor for telling it as it is…

  11. And now for something completely off topic:

    Your Guide to Not Getting Murdered in a Quaint English Village, by Maureen Johnson. 😛


    • ROTF!! Every word is true. I particularly love the amateur astronomer one.

    • This so freakin’ funny! I am not a huge fan of the Midsommer Murder types of shows, but I sent this to my Anglophile mystery murder family members, all of whom LOVED it! Thank you, IBW and for the Weird Al sports anthem, as well!

      • And apparently there is a newsletter for which one can sign up. Which I just found out based on an email from one of my aforementioned family members.

      • Herstory Repeating, is your PBS station showing the Inspector Morse series each week, as mine is? That is my pick for best mystery show ever on TV. Second would be the Inspector Dalgleish mysteries by PD James. I’m sure you have seen Morse, but anyone who loves mysteries and has not seen them, must, as it they are superb in every way, including the incredibly great acting of John Thaw, who plays Morse.

        • I appreciate the suggestion and I will watch it. You have a discerning eye for quality!
          I, myself, am not a huge mystery fan, which is surprising considering that my late mother consumed every mystery novel she could and I have several family members whom one might describe as obsessed with the British murder mystery shows.
          Perhaps this will be the show that converts me, as well 🙂

  12. The Treason Party (fka GOP) is the party of our country’s authoritarian minority, who, being authoritarians, are easily organized to march in lockstep.

    This is why they succeed, despite being smaller in numbers and lower in average intellect than the rest of us.

    The Democratic Party is the party of most of the rest of us, who are a fractious bunch.

  13. Rashida Tlaib should join Bernie and resign today.

  14. You have probably heard about the story today that Fox had a Trump interview with Hannity taped before the very long Fox pregame show, which I think is obscene to do, but that is Fox, of course. Among his other ramblings, none of which I saw, he said that Bloomberg is going to be standing on a box in the next debate. This is not true, and Fox aired it anyway. Bloomberg’s campaign responded by saying that “Trump is a pathological liar, he lies about everything, his fake hair, obesity, and spray-on tan”

    Now, this is what I like to see. I know that many here are not big fans of Bloomberg, but he is much smarter than Trump, and is not one bit intimidated by him. I think that Bloomberg is the person that Trump is actually most afraid of, but figures he can’t get the nomination. I personally would much rather see Bloomberg going against Trump than Biden, he is quicker on his feet so to speak, he can probably demolish Trump in a debate. And Trump and the Republicans can never outspend him, which would be so very refreshing for me to see, just as many if not more ads for our candidate than for theirs. But if he cannot get the nomination, then we do not have many viable candidates left, and one of them is Sanders, who would destroy the party and hence the country if he were nominated. We’ll see what happens in Iowa, which of course has much more weight than it should. If Biden wins, then Sanders is damaged. If Sanders win, he will probably win NH and Nevada, and then Biden is in big trouble, and he and Sanders will grind out delegates for the next months, not a good situation.

    • Hmm, a Bloomberg/Clinton ticket has me fantasizing. At least she would be the first woman VP and who knows, maybe Bloomberg would step down his last two years to “spend more time with his family”….. I think you are right about a Bloomberg/trump debate, William. trump knows Bloomberg is the better man, richer, smarter, respected, accepted by his peers, more accomplished, not a reality show cartoon. Would like to see Hillary debate Pence, of course it would be painfully one sided….. I cannot vote for Biden or Sanders. I would have to fly the white flag, leave the top of the ticket blank, vote for every down ticket Dem and leave it to others more optimistic than I to remove trump from office.

      • Cats, I am trying to stay away from overly electioneering here, but the more I consider the candidates, the more I think that Bloomberg is actually the best chance to save the country, as obviously most of that predicates on winning the election. I am pretty sure that he would win, and that is a big deal.

        I can sympathize with your thoughts about Biden. We may be stuck with him. But he is not even the Biden of eight years ago, and I am very worried about our chances if he is the nominee. And what other options are there right now? I’m just afraid that so many Democrats have preconceptions about Bloomberg (“He’s just a corporatist,” “We need to get money out of politics,” etc),. that they wont’ vote in large enough numbers for him to surpass the only two whom he is really behind now. It’s not as if Bloomberg is some kind of great political figure but he is superb on the two most important issues, climate change and guns, and he is not bad on the other ones. He has said that Citizens United should be gotten rid of, and he doesn’t like what Facebook is doing. He is not a devoted enemy of corporations, of course, but he is okay on those things. And as difficult as it would be to overturn CItizens United in the Supreme Court, I would think that he would have a better idea of how to legislate or order against it, than the other candidates.

        Yes, a Bloomberg.Hillary ticket would be great, except that they are both from NY, so cannot run on the same ticket, another antiquated rule when there were 13 states. I was wondering whom Bloomberg might pick as a running mate, and it is hard to know, but he’d choose intelligently and carefully. Maybe Klobuchar, who brings gender balance, and help in the Midwest. Maybe someone not holding office. As bad as the things are which we see going on every day, my biggest concern, the thing which keeps me up at night, is who is going to beat Trump? And I keep thinking that Bloomberg is the one with the best chance to do so. I am so angry that Fox ran the Hannity interview in front of an immense TV audience, that i am considering not watching the Super Bowl, but I do want to see the $10 million ad which Bloomberg is running, to combat the $10 million ad which Trump’s forces are running. You need money to beat money, unfortunately or not.

        And I will not watch one second of the state of the union, nor the commentary afterwards, nor the next days’ commentary on television. I will read about it.

    • I’m with you.
      Though I’m voting Amy for the primaries, if a white male is going to get to the general election, I believe the Bloomberg is the best equipped with the ammunition to kill the “Evil Caligula and his Party”.

  15. Bloomberg/Clinton? My interest is piqued.

  16. Sanders is running a very divisive campaign. Can you imagine how less hostile this race would be without him in it? Bernie thinks those tough days of refusing to pay child support and getting 1% as a 3rd party candidate are going to pay off .I don’t want to go through another party unity my ass phase but I’ll do it again if he’s the nominee… Rashida Tlaib booing Hillary was the last nail in the coffin for his campaign

    • The campaign season might be interesting and somewhat pleasant if Sanders was not running. I simply do not want to become Cuba which is Bernie’s dream. What a sick choice we would have with Bernie Vs. Trump.

  17. Hi RD! 🙂 I had lunch with a young friend today. She was all-in for Bernie in 2016, and even voted for him in the general (gasp…). This time around, she’s voting for who can beat Trump, period. So are all of her friends. Even she knows Bernie cannot beat Trump, and that Trump would love him as an opponent. Despite policies no centrist would vote for and a lack of far left voters in this country, lack of ability to form a consensus in Congress, lack of appeal to Black voters–whom any Dem needs to win, or to pass meaningful legislation, to incite anger as chief emotion, or to vote for sanctions on Russia or Iran, etc.–he just had a heart attack! And most people noticed and know what that means.

  18. PS: I also fully expect Sanders to win Iowa, New Hampshire, and possibly Nevada, and that doesn’t worry me much. A whole lot of Bay Area Californians have moved to Nevada the past few years. He will never win SC or most of the Super Tuesday states, or any state that is truly diverse. California may be close. (I have been insulted on my front doorstep when saying I hadn’t yet decided whom to vote for in the primary… this is not a good strategy for Bernie, IMO.)

    • Lady V, it is nice to see you here again, and know that you are still fighting for the good!

  19. Trump won’t have to blackmail foreign countries for dirt on Bernie. The oppo research on Sanders is horrific. The Media won’t mention it (“but her emails”) because they’re in on the fix and Trump is good for ratings. He may be terrible for America and all the people of the world, but he’s good for ratings.

    • Plus, the owners and higher-ranking employees of the media–“mainstream” as well as wingnut–are rich, and they like those low tax rates the Treason Party (fka GOP) gives to the rich, too.

  20. If you really want to suppress democracy by depriving voters of the ability to choose their preferred candidate(s) before the first vote has been cast, it would probably be more reasonable to suggest that everyone who it polling below the delegate threshold (15%) drop out. That would be everyone except Biden and Sanders (and, depending on which way he Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle is acting today, Warren).

    I’m not going to suggest that, because I am both a small-d and a large-D democrat. I actually think we should let the people decide.

    I’d also note that only one Democratic candidate consistently polls ahead of Trump in a one-on-one matchup – and he’s the one you want to quit.

    • How can you say you want the people to decide when your candidate’s supporters threaten delegates, engage in doxxing and level death threats at their opponents and opponents supporters?

    • Bernie may be a “Democratic candidate” but he is NOT a Democrat and I don’t believe he ever plans to be. As far as I am concerned, the polls are as reliable as our voting systems. If Bernie wins the nomination and manages to take the presidency, it won’t be because he did it on his own. Personally, between the Russians and the GOP, I don’t think we will ever see a free and open election again, if we ever did. It would be interesting, however, to see what would happen if the Russians and the GOP ever fought it out for total control of our government. Right now, it appears their goals are aligned and mutually beneficial, but boys will be boys…..

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