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Tracking Coronavirus

Johns Hopkins University has created a tracker for the Coronavirus illness. I checked it yesterday when the number of worldwide cases was about 1400. This morning, we are up to almost 2000. That’s pretty scary.

The mortality rate appears to be around 5%, which doesn’t seem like a lot but is actually pretty high. (Epidemiologists, please feel free to correct me.) Imagine if 1 out of every 20 people you knew dropped dead. There is a possibility that a cytokine storm is triggered. That’s an overreaction of a healthy immune system. It tends to affect young adults more seriously.

There is no vaccine or known treatment other than managing symptoms. I did a search in PubMed and found several papers from a few years ago that indicate that inhibitors of the abelson kinase May be effective. These inhibitors are currently used for oncology. I’ve taken a look at the crystal structures and see some areas to target but I’d need to see a few more papers and at $8 a pop just to rent the papers for 48 hours, the cost could rapidly escalate.

Like the disease.

Here’s the tracker. (Still trying to figure out how to embed it)

Still waiting to hear what the plans are from the White House. I mean, other than throwing every Asian coming to America into a cage. Yeah, other than that.

5 Responses

  1. What a mess. If we have a pandemic we have people leading it who don’t even believe in science.

    • Cases in the US were 2 this morning. We are now up to 5.
      There are cases in Ontario where I was just last week and where #1 child lives.

  2. I was going to say that Putin would laugh his ass off, but then I remembered that China shares a long border with Russia, which is probably too long to be sealed off easily, if at all.

  3. Still waiting to hear what the plans are from the White House.

    I hear tRump is setting up a special briefing for House Democrats chaired by Adam Schiff, he has several Chinese who are first hand experts on the disease who will be attending

    • Nah, Benedict Donald isn’t smart enough to try that. He probably thinks diseases are caused by evil spirits. His spiritual advisor and fellow grifter Paula White probably told him that.

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