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Correcting the President’s Lawyers

Ok, I’ll go first:

The problem with the assertion that there was a “burden sharing” conversation during the July 25 meeting is this:

Congress had already approved the funds to Ukraine prior to the phone call without the condition of burden sharing.

Come to think of it, considering that the money was already allocated and was ready to be spent by the department of Defense, assuming the Ukrainians could actually get the funds from the Germans and the French, what was going to happen to the already allocated American money at the defense department? Where was it supposed to go? Under the mattress? Whose mattress?

I only ask.

Your turn.

19 Responses

  1. Sekulow noted that several House impeachment inquiry witnesses acknowledged that foreign aid is held up all the time for a variety of reasons.

    No kidding… but how often is it held up waiting for the recipient to start an investigation into a political rival?

    I’m gonna have to go with NONE as the answer

  2. Among other things, this “trial” is going to show us how much nonsense and lies the American people are willing to swallow. Trump is literally running this presidency as if he is dictator, and he doesn’t have to deal with Congress at all. He stole allocations to pay for his wall. He stopped he aid to Ukraine which Congress had approved, and if Zelensky had not accepted the extorted deal he demanded, Ukraine would never have gotten it. Where would it have gone? They would have found some place to put it, some kind of fund to hold onto. Like they hid all the documents by pretending they were highly classified. But they knew that Zelensky was going to give them what they wanted, or otherwise Russia would have invaded Ukraine and reannexed it. And then Trump’s people would have tried to blame it on Yovanovitch or Biden or Obama. And since Republicans will do whatever he demands of them, they would have stonewalled it all. Lawlessness is the right term to use with Trump and his team.

    This whole thing is so obvious, Trump broke the law, he also violated Constitutional separation of powers. He is now trying to come up with idiotic after the fact rationalizations, like he always does . Assuming Trump gets acquitted, the only thing stopping the complete neutering of Congress would be the fact that Democrats do not behave like this, and that is what Republicans always count on. But how much did they yell and scream when Clinton lied about an affair, and they tried to nullify the election, to use their words, plus of course damage Gore for the upcoming one. To say that they are completely partisan would be giving them the best face on it. What they are, are people with no allegiance to anything but their own self protection and power. They carry copies of the Constitution in their pockets like criminals might hold up religious symbols.

  3. I will change the subject to note that in checking polls today, I see Sanders leading outside the MOE in Iowa and NH. He may be leading in NV, too. And apparently Sanders people are encouraging Republican voters in SC to vote for him, because there is no Republican primary. They my even be helping register Republican voters there. That is how Sanders operates.

    Now, I and many here think that past the fact of the political and personal failings of Bernie Sanders, and the almost cult-like following he has carried with him, and the fact that Russia wants him to get the nomination, he is political destruction for the Democrats in the general election. He cannot win.. He’s already behind Trump in virtually every swing state, and it will get much worse. The Republicans will not only defeat him soundly, they will be able to focus their money on Senate and House races, and keep the Senate, and either win back the House, or cut the D’s margin to virtually nothing. Yes, it can and would happen.

    The problem we’ve got is that Biden, certainly as Trump and the R’s intended with this focus on Ukraine,is either static or falling in the polls. Some of it is due to his own limitations, but it still leaves us with the problem, who could beat Sanders for the nomination? Some very decent people have been forced to drop out, mostly because there were so many of them that they could not get traction. With ll the hue and cry, none of these moderates has been able to make any kind of dent in margins of the initial frontrunners, BIden, Warren and Sanders. Even worse, Warren not only cannot get more primary votes than Sanders, she is likely to try to move her delegates to him at some point, thus giving him maybe 40% of them.

    If Biden cannot beat Sanders, and it is beginning to look that he cannot, even if he ekes out more delegates in primaries (do not minimize caucuses, where the Sanders millennials always have the edge), Sanders will get most of the Warren delegates. Biden could get Kloubhchar’s, but this awful process set up by Tom Perez has given delegates only to those candidates who get more than 15% in any state. So do the math, and there is no one to stop Sanders except Biden, or the one other possibility, Bloomberg, who might emerge if Biden stumbles more. But there are internal factors making it very difficult for Bloomberg to ever get a majority of delegates.

    This nightmare scenario is unfolding, and I am upset at myself for not sensing it earlier. I thought more would stay in the race. Now we’ve almost got it down to Sanders and BIden before the first caucus. Tom Perez has done a horrible job. If Sanders gets the nomination, we’ve got Trump and everyone else back, running roughshod over all norms and laws. What am I going to do? I will try to decide whether Biden, Klobuchar or Bloomberg has the best and only remaining chance to stop Sanders, and vote for and support that person, because anyone else if futile, I think. I would certainly not tell anyone else how to vote, or minimize their opinions on these candidates, but I will suggest that most of the delegates which Warren might get will ultimately go to Sanders.. It reminds me of the movie “And Then There Were None,” where one of the people stranded on the island pretends to make a pact with another one, for their mutual support and protection, and then kills him to suit his plan from the outset. “A red herring swallowed one, and then there were three.” Warren seems to fit the fourth one in the the story.

    • Sanders is unlikely to be the nominee simply because there are too many who are against him. People that voted for Bernie in the primary in 2016 flat out said they would not vote for him in the general. So it should not be news that the GOP would be messing again using Bernie. You’re also forgetting that Bloomberg and Steyer are not competing in IA and NH waiting until Super Tuesday to make their moves. Hopefully Bernie’s voters won’t show up like normal.

    • This is the scenario that absolutely terrifies me. I’ve been supporting Klobuchar since before she even announced, and I was asked recently if I want to be a delegate for her. I will find out this week if I’ve been chosen. I will stick with her as long as she’s in the race, but I am a realist and I know that an awful lot of things would have to fall into place for her to get the nomination. I do think she could beat Trump if she got it, though.

      I hate to say it, but I’m starting to believe that Bloomberg is the only other one who might beat him.

      • I tend to agree with you about Bloomberg, but it is going to be very difficult for him to get the nomination, even though I think there is a good chance he would beat Trump if he were the candidate.. There is just too much resistance to him among Democrats.

        Stick with Klobuchar, and I hope you get to be a delegate if you want to. I would be happy with her as the nominee, though I don’t see how she can get past the other leaders. And then if Amy cannot get the nomination,, your vote will at least not go to Sanders. The problem, as I see it, is that Sanders does not need to get anything like 40% in the primaries, just his usual 25% or so, maybe a little more as others drop out. If Biden starts to tail off, Sanders will have the most delegates of any candidate, and then Warren is likely to endorse him, giving him the edge.

        I do not know what would happen if the convention started and Sanders had 40% or so of the delegates. Who would stop him then? There are no party bosses like in the early part of the last century. Sanders’ people got Perez to get rid of superdelegates at least on the first ballot, and to keep more primaries open, all geared to help Sanders. And we can be sure that Republicans are going to figure this out and vote for him in large numbers, since their party is making it impossible for anyone to get on the ballot against Trump. Hugh Hewitt already admitted this, by saying that he is going to cross over and vote for Sanders in Virginia. Others will follow. My parents remembered in California how the Republicans used to cross over and actually get the Republican to win even before the general election. Republicans are horrible at governing and everything else, except gaming the system, and finding the flaws in it.

        I think that Obama is going to have to come out against Sanders, or some candidate is going to have to run opposition ads against him. Warren has become his wing woman, so no help from her. But the idiocy of this process is that somehow most of our candidates have been forced to drop out even before the first caucus, and Bloomberg cannot get in the debates because Perez made a rule up that you need a bunch of donors to get in, so even though Bloomberg is at 10% or so now and is self-funded., he is ineligible So in a line from Henry Fonda’s character in the great Western movie “Warlock,’ “But who is to do it?”

    • And why, exactly, is this Perez’s “fault” (in quotes because I’m perfectly okay with Bernie getting the nomination). From where I sit, the DNC has made an enormous effort to scuttle the Sanders campaign – in spite of the fact that that’s a violation of the DNC charter (just as it was in ’08, when they put their thumb on the scale for Obama). If anything, I think DNC (and MSM) favoritism has been much more blatant this time around than in any prior campaign.

      So, by all means strategize all you want about the nomination. I’m curious about the general. You’ve acknowledged that Trump is the worst President in US history – if it comes down to Bernie v. Donald, which way are you going to jump? I suppose it doesn’t really matter too much because you’re in a solid Blue state, but what *are* you going to do?

      Personally, if the Democrats fielded an orangutan I’d still vote D. Anyone but Trump.

      • i don’t see what you see in Bernie. He is destroying the Dem party and he is not a Dem. To my mind, if it is Bernie vs trump, we are dead either way. They are both egotistical, hypocritical and self serving. Trump has him beat in the corruption category. I would probably stay home if i couldn’t vote third party or write in Hillary. With the EC, my vote doesn’t count any way, even if the election were fair, which it won’t. What are our chances of keeping the House and taking the Senate with Bernie? What do you think he can accomplish for this country? I suspect he will have a massive heart attack before his term is up, who will he choose for a VP?

      • If it comes down to Sanders vs. Trump, I will vote for Sanders–but I will prepare myself for four more years of Benedict Donald.

        The Treason Party (fka GOP) should have loads of juicy oppo research on St. Bernard; they just haven’t needed to deploy it yet.

        It’s still too soon for socialism; not enough old folks, who still remember when capitalism still worked for the majority of (white) Americans, have died off yet.

      • I would vote for any Democrat, including Sanders, who really is not one, and whom I have many objections to. . But he will lose. He is easily painted as a socialist, since he identifies as one. It is going to be hard enough to beat Trump with anyone, but Sanders is the one surest to lose to him.

        If Sanders is nominated, I will vote for him, and I will try to bet as much money as I can on Trump to win, so that this will help me a little if I decide to leave the country when Trump wins and starts calling for the assassination of Adam Schiff, which he virtually now has done. If somehow Sanders wins, the loss of the money would be worth it, but he won’t. Not only that, but the Republicans can run against Sanders forever, as the face of “Democratic Socialism.” I honestly do not know what Sanders’ goals are, but they are not to help the Democratic Party. Not one person that he has endorsed in downticket races has won, and he has probably cost Democrats several key seats including the Florida governorship. There will be more of that. We are in real danger of a one-party system forever, and Sanders is Russia’s and the Republicans’ ticket to that. Outside of Ralph Nader (who supports Sanders, and went off on a tirade against Hillary the other day), I have never seen a
        more destructive political figure on the non-Rerpublican side than Sanders. The Millennials, who are by far his biggest cohort of supporters, do not seem to know anything about political history or governance, and they will drag us all down, as they already have.

  4. Off topic: Sakurako (left) and Himawari of YuruYuri wish you a Happy Year of the Rat! :mrgreen:

    • I gotta tell you, IWB, living in Japan back in the ’90s gave me:

      1) A hearty dislike for manga in general, and
      2) A real loathing for the thoroughly creepy schoolgirl fetish that a lot of Japanese men seem to have

      But whatever floats your boat, brother.

      • 🙄 I think they’re literally cute, not erotically attractive.

        I do wish the artists would draw the skirts at a realistic length, though. Real Japanese schoolgirls don’t wear mini-skirts to school. I just acknowledge the unrealistic element and move on, like I do with the silly mini-dress uniforms on the original Star Trek.

  5. what was going to happen to the already allocated American money at the defense department? Where was it supposed to go?

    Well, assuming it couldn’t be diverted to bivouac military personnel at a Trump property somewhere, it would go to The Wall, silly.

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