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A couple of things

1.) Yes, Adam Schiff is brilliant. This really isn’t in dispute. I predict he will take Diane Feinstein’s senate seat soon when she retires.

2.) This. This is surreal. I missed it while I was at work yesterday but apparently Trump actually bragged that he was holding all the material (documents and witnesses) and the Impeachment managers were going to get none of it.

Article II: Obstruction of Congress.


3.) There has been some commentary that some of the senators are hearing this information for the first time. The FIRST TIME!! Reality is finally breaking through the Fox Newe filter. It is changing their perspective.

This is bullshit.

Doug Collins and Devin Nunes and Jim Jordan were present during the testimony of the witnesses and that didn’t stop them from being the biggest, loudest, most obnoxious defenders of Trump’s honor.

Sure, a couple of them might have pangs of conscience but they don’t really care about this trial as long as public support in their own states doesn’t waver. Winning is the only thing that matters to them.

As soon as public sentiment in their own states starts turning against Trump, we *might* see a falling away of a few of them. It won’t be enough to affect the outcome.

The tolerance for corruption in the Republican Party is so vast and so deep that they will excuse Trump for any reason.

The rest of us, those of us not in their states can go fuck ourselves. That is the contempt they show for the American people, the majority that got shut out of the governance of their own country. They simply do not care.

We’ll have to see if there are enough fence sitters out there who are shocked and disgusted by Trump’s gleeful crowing about holding all of the evidence to make a difference.

One other thing: it should be easy for senators like Pat Toomey to turn on Trump. He doesn’t face re-election in PA for two more years. Same with Mitt Romney who doesn’t have to face voters until 2024. Those senators should be easy to flip. The fact that they have dug in their heels suggests some darker motive.

(I think we may have an answer:

They need Trump in office to tell his base that they were suckers for not saving more all their lives. )

In fact, I wouldn’t try persuading Collins, Gardner, Murkowski. That’s a waste of time. It’s the ones who are NOT facing re-election that need to be worked on.

4.) Bernie Sanders is the Jeremy Corbin of the left. No one we know actually likes him but he’s getting crammed down our throats. He’s definitely going to lose in 2020 and will demotivate millions of voters.

This is Vladimir Putin’s wet dream and we are careening right towards it.

I want no more questions about whether I will support Bernie/Gabbard if they are the nominees. To ask that question is to normalize it. I reject that.

All I can say is he’d better not be the nominee. That’s the only response I want to see on Twitter.

7 Responses

  1. I agree with all of your points.

    I think that Democrats need to pound away at Trump’s statement about how he is holding the evidence (against him). And the impending cuts to Social Security and Medicare have to be the focus of the campaign. Do the Trump supporters hate liberals so much that they will cheer when they lose money and coverage? One of the problems is that the M4A argument is obscuring this. And then Sanders has the spitefulness to try to run against Biden on Social Security, thus obscuring this further. I was never a Biden fan, but I have no concern that he will cut entitlements, and I know that Trump will try to.

    Sanders may have already lost the election for the Democrats, just as he did in 2016, by attacking Biden so viciously that his numbers have declined. Sanders’ approach, deliberate or foolishly incidental, is to destroy the reputations of all of his opponents, so that any of them is damaged in a general election. Sanders tries to make it look as if it is not he who is doing it, just some of his fervent followers. And he’s done it to Warren as well, and he will do it to the others if he sees them as a threat. Sanders cannot win a majority of delegates in primaries and caucuses, but he can damage Biden enough so that he becomes the default frontrunner in this field. And I’m pretty sure that he and Warren had, and may still have, a deal to try to combine delegates, going to the person who is leading by the convention, which of course will be Sanders. It is not 1952, you can’t throw your pledged delegates to someone else, but Warren could convince many of hers to do so.

    If Sanders gets the nomination, we are totally ruined. He will lose substantially, he will lose all sorts of seats downticket and the Republicans will surely keep the Senate and very possibly win the House.. He is anathema, and not enough brave people outside of Hillary are willing to say it. If someone told me that Sanders’ major goal was to destroy the Democratic Party, I could not find any facts which would contradict that. He honeymooned in Russia, what American does that? He voted against Russian sanctions, one of only two senators to do so. The more “innocuous” reading is that he is just a type of quasi- Marxist who doesn’t like the Democratic Party, and does not care what happens to it. What motivated him to suddenly jump up and run against Hillary in 2016, after 30 years of being a cantankerous senator whom almost no one had heard of, and had effectively worked on virtually no legislation?

  2. I remember Toomey running against a nice, bright, and competent opponent, but one who was not as smooth during debates, in 2016. People referred to Toomey as a moderate ,which of course was wrong, as it always is. I have said for a couple of decades that voting for any Republican is like voting for them all. There are no moderates, not by any reasonable policy definition of that term. There are Far Right Wing Republicans, and then a few who are a bit less than that, but they almost always vote exactly the same. I am not from PA, but from what I’ve seen of Toomey, I think there is no more chance of convincing him to vote against Trump than Cruz or Cornyn. Thom Tillis, who gets touted as a moderate, today said that he thought the impeachment process here was a sham. A sham of what? Because of no witnesses in the Senate? No, he means that he thinks that Trump did nothing wrong, or it is not close to rising to impeachable. Anyone who thinks that is not a moderate anything.

    Some speculate on what it is that these Republicans fear. I think that gives them too much credit. They like how things are going. Their goal for the next Congress is to cut the entitlements, on the path to removing them altogether; give more tax breaks to the rich and to corporations, and to make sure that there are no more moderate judges left anywhere in the court system. Removing Trump would jeopardize that for them. That’s it. If people foolishly keep voting for them, they will lose everything that was given to them during Democratic presidencies,and they won’t get it back, because the Democrats will never get a filibuster-proof majority in the Senate. Somehow this has to be put as starkly and as emphatically as possible to them during this crucial election.

    I wonder, what is the best case reasonable scenario for us in this trial? We’re not going to get Trump removed by the Senate. Do we want witnesses? I guess so, as it would draw the trial out. But I think the chances of getting any Republicans to vote for removal is very small. So is it better to let them have the formal “out” of saying that they allowed a couple of witnesses, or to have them vote against it, and anger the populace further? I really don’t know. They’ve rigged the system, the Supreme Court hearings, and everything else, so that the votes are assured in their favor. Then they just play it out, like a chess game in which it is inevitable at a certain stage that one player cannot win as long as his opponent just doesn’t make a major mistake.

  3. One thing that bothers me is if the elections are so easily rigged in
    their favor, how did we get Obama for two terms? Was it simply to prevent 4 to 8 years of Hillary? McCain couldn’t (?) beat Obama and neither could Romney. Was Obama the safe, malleable choice if they had to lose? I had heard Gingrich say a few years back (pre-trump) that the goal was one party rule and the end to “entitlement” programs by 2020. They clearly had a plan and they are on track to achieve it, unless they didn’t figure on trump, with his fragile ego, lack of impulse control, his love of all things authoritarian and a pliant, aggrieved white working class that jumped into his thrall. I still think trump can be a catastrophic wild card that even the GOP can’t stop if he goes too far to the dark side before his body fails him. The thought of a President Ivanka or Donnie Jr makes me poop my pants.

    I never saw “A Face in the Crowd,” Propertius. How did that cautionary tale end?

    • The Andy Griffith character is captured on a live mike expressing his contempt for his “idiot” followers and loses his audience, his enablers, and his influence. I’m sure if we could bug the oval office something similar would happen to DJT.

      • Hmmmm……any way we can get Putin to give us those particular tapes? I am sure he has them, and so much more. Where’s a good red sparrow when you need one?

  4. D’s: We will show you how Trump used his presidential power to extort the leader of another country to announce an investigation into his political rival, by withholding $391 million in military aid authorized by Congress.

    R’s: You are just trying to remove Trump because you don’t like him. He didn’t do anything wrong.

    D’s: Here are videos of presidential aides and appointees stating that he did exactly what we are saying he did. And none of you has refuted any of it.

    R’s : You haven’t presented any witnesses here. And we’re not listening to the rest of it.

    D’s : You haven’t agreed to any witnesses.

    R’s. That’s your problem.

    D’s: We’ll use the evidence obtained in the House to show you what you don’t appear to know so far.

    Marsha Blackburn: I am not even listening to you. I am reading Kim Strassel’s book about how the Democrats are destroying the country by hating Trump, and I am underlining passages I like. My press secretary is announcing this to show how much I hate Democrats and how much contempt I have for this Trial. That’s what the people of Tennessee elected me to do.

    D’s: You signed an oath to follow the testimony.

    RIchard Burr: I didn’t bring a book, but I am playing with a fidget spinner.

    Rand Paul: I am drawing a sketch of the capitol. Maybe I can sell it.

    D’s: If a juror did this, they would be severely reprimanded by the judge, and might be held in contempt of court.

    R’s: We don’t give an eff. No one is going to touch us. We are supreme. We own the courts and the Executive Branch, and the Senate. And our voters don’t care about any of this, they want to get back to their shows.

    D’s: Don’t you have an open mind here?

    R’s: Not a bit. Deal with it.

    D’s:: Don’t you care about the Constitution?

    R’s: Just the Second Amendment.

  5. He’s definitely going to lose in 2020

    According to today’s nationwide Emerson College poll, Sanders is the only Democrat who clearly beats Trump in a one-on-one matchup. It’s only January, of course.

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