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How do we hide as much information as possible from the American people?

That was Neal Katyal’s description of the McConnell Rules for the impeachment trial of Donald J Trump, who will be impeached forever no matter what.

The rules are not an offense against Democrats. They knew going into the Senate that the trial would be difficult, not because of the mountain of evidence but because McConnell’s in the tank for Trump.

No, the offense is against US. They are particularly designed to make moving public opinion all but impossible. If people actually saw all the evidence and witnesses and documentation at a reasonable hour, Trump would be run out of town on a rail.

Therefore, we must not see it.

That is what these rules are screaming: “We are afraid that if this information got out in its entirety, Trump would be toast.”

The thing is, it’s going to get out. It will come out in drips or explosive revelations. But it will make itself known. We haven’t even heard the part that Parnas played in funneling Russian mob money to the Republican Party yet. That’s coming. And knowing Parnas, he’s probably got the documents to prove it.

So, at best, the tied down trial will merely delay, not prevent, Trump’s conviction in the court of public opinion. What it will also do is reveal the roaches that scurry around when the light is turned on them.


The BBC is reporting that researchers in Cardiff have managed to engineer a T-cell in vitro that targets a particular protein receptor on cancer cells. The MR1 protein is associated with the major histocompatability complex (MHC). The MHC is on every cell of our bodies. One of the problems with ridding the body of cancer is that the aberrant cells are our own. They’re not alien like bacteria and viruses. So killer T-cells tend to pass them by.

By there is something about the MR1 protein that is different on cancer cells and T-cells can be reprogrammed to recognize that.

Is it a cure? Depends. It hasn’t been tested in humans yet. But the authors got a paper in Nature so they are not kidding. It has the potential to be a major breakthrough.

Yes, better than Dr. Day’s stupid alkaline blood treatment and a lot more potent than any essential oil on the market.

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  1. One thing about Republicans, they never surprise. They are like machines programmed to only do what can help them win whatever battle or issue is at stake. Any words they utter about fairness or decency or American Values is simply part of the programming, like a carnival barker’s spiel which has only one intention, to get you to give them your money. The Republicans never do the right thing, no matter what the circumstances. They were pretty much always like this, but in the last 40 years or so, they have made an art of it. Their senators won’t even answer questions from the media, and resort to calling them “liberal hacks,” and then fundraising off it. This decades-long wait for Republicans do do something noble or even reasonably fair, has been utterly fruitless.

    So as upset as this sham trial makes me, it is not that I expected anything else, like someone at a game of three -card monte, thinking he is somehow going to find the red queen which wins him the money. The only question is whether the Democrats can somehow make the case to the American people that this is a mockery of a trial, a deliberate hiding and blocking of evidence, the kind of thing you see in a totalitarian country inimical to what the Constitution was written to prevent. Even with the constricted 12-hour days, the lack of media access at the hearings, the refusal to even consider evidence or listen to any witnesses, they have to get the message through. What is happening now was always predictable,. Once the House gave the Articles of Impeachment to the Senate, something that the media and too many Democrats were urging them to do, this was as inevitable as the result of putting your bets down against a rigged casino wheel. We just must see whether there is some value which we can still get out of this.

  2. In the unlikely event that I am ever charged with a crime (aside from thoughtcrime, of course), I’m going to insist on the right to shut down the prosecution if they say anything I don’t like. I think the precedent has been set.

    • Megadittos

    • Truthfully why are we putting people in jail? I mean the GOP just said you can commit any crime you want.

      • Honestly, it reminds me of when I was playing a board game with an ex-girlfriend of mine and her four year-old son. I asked what the rules were and he replied, “The rules are you can’t do anything to make me lose.”

        He was quite precocious – I think he’ll be President someday.

      • Well, Ga6, the people we’re incarcerating are overwhelmingly black and brown so they have different rules. I should think that would be obvious at this point. Pay no attention to that silly 14th Amendment (or the rest of the Constitution, for that matter).

  3. I confess I haven’t listened to the proceedings yet. I’ve recorded them, but I’ve been on conference calls all day so I haven’t been able to listen in yet.

  4. Adam Schiff is absolutely the best. Hakeem Jeffries was quite good, I did not hear the other ones except for Zoe Lofgren on the radio. But Schiff is masterful, both intelligent and eloquent. In my opinion, Hillary, Pelosi, and Schiff are the political heroes in this country. I’d vote for Schiff in a second if he ran for President, but I don’t think that is his goal, though I could see him running for Feinstein’s seat when it comes up. He is better than just being one of a hundred senators, though.

  5. Adam Schiff is magnificent.

  6. As Schiff pointed out, they can’t suppress this forever. It’s going to come out, one way or another. The documents will leak. People will write kiss-and-tell books (I’m sure Bolton is scribbling away as I write this). This is their chance to deal with it in a dignified legal proceeding (and possibly get themselves an untainted Presidential candidate in time for November). If they don’t take advantage of that, then they’ll have to deal with it later in a less controllable forum (possibly during the 2020 general election campaign). They won’t be able to cross-examine when Bolton does his book tour and appears on Bill Maher.

  7. I can’t believe that they want to die on this hill.

    • Rick Wilson said that Mitch is herding the cows to slaughter. They are just mooing along. You know there is more that is going to come out. Already there has been a ton of stuff after the impeachment articles were issued.

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