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Happy MLK Day from Canada

Yep, they actually let me in! I’m visiting #1 child in Kingston, Ontario. Except for the weather, I’ve been impressed. People are nice here. Maybe it’s because they have less stress in their lives. Or it’s the Tim Hortons.

I’ve spent most of my time here doing calculations in my head. Multiply distance signs by .6 for km to miles, °C by 1.8 and add 32° for Fahrenheit. (It’s -19°C right now ) I got sticker shock at the gas pump until it dawned on me that they sell it by the liter and charge at the Canadian exchange rate.

I’m driving home today. It’s a long drive. The miles between Toronto and Kingston feel like driving some vast uninhabited place on earth. But I’ll be ok. I have my maple syrup and warm memories of binge watching interior design shows while waiting out a winter storm. Ahhhhh…

Thank you, Canada, for sanity, less noisy confusion and a break from MAGA heads.


Speaking of belligerence and selfishness, I have a sneaking suspicion that the following is true:

Bernie becomes his own self-fulfilling prophecy. With his contingent, a woman can’t win even if she isn’t Trump.


Somehow, this important milestone flew under the radar last week:

“Virginia became the pivotal 38th state to ratify the Equal Rights Amendment after its Senate and House of Delegates voted Wednesday to approve the change to the U.S. Constitution.

The ERA’s provisions include a guaranteethat “equality of rights under the law shall not be denied or abridged by the United States or by any state on account of sex.”

“The Virginia Senate voted 28-12 and the House of Delegates 59-41 to approve the ERA,” NPR’s Sarah McCammon reports.

Under the U.S. Constitution, amendments become law when they’re ratified by at least three-fourths of U.S. state legislatures — or 38 out of 50. However, the ERA’s original deadline for ratification expired in the 1980s, putting its future on uncertain legal ground. That didn’t stop backers in Virginia from welcoming a long-awaited day.”

I think MLK would be happy with this.


WordPress’s new editor absolutely SUCKS for block quoting. 90% of the time, it doesn’t work. 🤨


This pic from the White House reception of the LSU football national champions is awkward.

Ok, one awkward photo, someone cocks his head, everyone else looks like they want to be somewhere else, it happens. Heaven knows, we’ve seen plenty of Hillary and Nancy photos that have been made to look like they’re witchy crazy ladies. Timing is everything and Photoshop can make anyone look nuts.

But I can’t find a still photo from this event that doesn’t make it look like a hostage situation for everyone but the quarterback. The speech by Burrow, where he praised Trump for his “love”, was equally cringeworthy. The rest of his team, who ALSO contributed to winning the championship, do not look like they are feeling the love.

No mention of the food this time. Let’s hope they upgraded from Mickey D’s.

12 Responses

  1. Oy… 7.5 hours is a LONG drive… hope the traffic cooperates. It’s a bit warmer here (at least in Eastern PA), but it’s still darn cold.

    Drive Safe

    • Yes! yes it *is* a long drive. I’m already exhausted. But I have audible. So that should be fun.

      • Is the weather as bad as it was in Newfoundland? They had a blizzard with sustained 150kph (93mph) winds. My in-laws got completely snowed in.

        Drive safe – Toronto traffic is awful in my experience.

  2. You actually appear to have an option to live in Canada, which I envy. It is very difficult for someone who does not have relatives in Canada or millions of dollars or a very valuable career to offer to the country, to be able to stay there. While I would feel melancholy to leave the United States, getting out of here does seem like a worthwhile option, but it is very hard to do, at least to live in a country which is like ours. I can barely want to try to imagine what a second Trump term would look and feel like, but the possibility is upon us, as Sanders continues to attack the other Democrats and the entire Party, just like last time.

    • I have the option to visit Canada, just like every other American. I don’t have the option to stay there for any prolonged period of time. My kid is there on a 16 month work visa, which has its own set of restrictions. If Canada was smart, they’d make it easy for her to stay. Who knows, the company she works for may want her there indefinitely. She’s got a STEM degree. But her boyfriend would have a harder time finding a good job. He’s already taken a hit in the wallet to go with her.
      Still if things get hairy, a vacation to Canada is an option.

      • I once had a colleague who needed to visit the Canadian Meteorological Centre in Dorval (Montreal suburb) on business. When the immigration officer at the airport asked him the purpose of his visit, he foolishly replied “work”. They detained him for over 8 hours.

        • Her company is having trouble getting bodies at that site. So I wouldn’t be surprised if they offered her an extension. I just feel sorry for her boyfriend who’s just spinning his wheels up there.

    • Sanders isn’t “attacking other Democrats” any more than any of the other candidates. If you can’t defend your policy proposals (or some of your past legislation, like that execrable bankruptcy bill), perhaps politics is not for you.

      • The problem is that as Bernie’s campaign is flailing they start character assassinating people. It’s not the criticism of the bankruptcy bill that is the problem. It’s the Trumpian calling Biden “corrupt” that is the problem.

        • Really? How? By pointing out that Biden voted for the AUMF? Half the Democratic field has pointed that out. By pointing out that Biden has advocated cutting Social Security since 1994 (see: https://theintercept.com/2020/01/13/biden-cuts-social-security/)? Don’t you think that’s an important thing to know? Personally, I think he’s being generous in not blaming the entire student loan crisis on Biden’s bankruptcy bill, which made student loan debt non-dischargeable.

          Or does denying an unsubstantiated (and unsubstantiatable, if that’s a word) accusation from Warren constitute “character assassination” in your view?

          • Like I said it’s not the issues it’s the character assassination. Just because someone wants to cut social security doesn’t make them “corrupt”. It makes them wrong.

  3. Another form of Trump propaganda, showing up at sporting events, and then eagerly inviting the winners to the White House. It is always about him in any circumstances. I wonder if SF would show up if they won the Super Bowl. Probably, it’s the NFL after all. And wait until the Olympics, which Trump will try to wrap himself in.

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