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Not a good look.

Take a look at this image:

Here’s what I see. He’s reading a prepared statement that someone else wrote for him. We are backing down, trying to defuse tensions. And there’s a phalanx of military men behind him.

Not exactly a hostage situation but the message is clear. They’re putting a harness on him.


And now a word from the spokeswoman for the Hillary Clinton voters who are currently to be found at a bar instead of a diner (in case any “journalists” care to hear what we think):

28 Responses

  1. The emperor has no clothes! We all know it!

  2. Love the podcast rant from the Hillary supporter! We all told you so! But too many idiots dug their heels in because only Bernie alone can fix the country in their eyes.

    Bernie bros actually think we are going to get M4A simply by backing Bernie. This kind of delusional thinking is what got us into this mess and needs to be called out.

  3. I think the dam literally has broken and liberals like use have just had it up to our eyeballs.

  4. It`s really a d**khead surrounded by other d**kheads .

  5. Ga6th, we are way beyond eyeball level and we still face foreign interference, media bias, self-defeating Sanders supporters, misogyny, racism, voter suppression, CDS, national security threats, a decimated State Dept, the EC plus a complicit and enabling DoJ, an unprecedentedly (new word?) corrupt admin and an uber conservative, pro-trump SC. And the soul crushing topper? Trump was NOT freely and fairly elected and is therefore f-ing illegitimate! Good times.

    With the latest Iran fiasco and the deaths of 176 innocents from multiple nations (except ours?), it’s time for those who didn’t vote for Hillary to recognize and accept responsibility for the damage these miscreants have done in their name and that of the American people.
    May their shame and guilt be eternal.

    RD, the WokeAF excerpt was atomic and so cleansing, thanks for sharing it. I need a cigarette…

    P.S.: Hope you are doing well RD and that 2020 brings you wondrous things!

    • Lol!!
      Thanks for the good wishes.
      The year hasn’t started off all good. There have been some minor issues and a little bit of tension with another person at work. All I can say is my attendance record for last year was excellent considering.
      The good news is I have been proclaimed “No Evidence of Disease” as of this morning. There is still a weird little nodule in my lung that I need to deal with but it is unrelated to the original problem. I have to postpone it until the second half of the year.
      Funny thing: my nurse today said, “you’re hair looks great. You look good with curly hair.”
      “Thanks”, I said, “I straightened it this morning.”

      • RD, I am glad that things are mostly positive with regard to your health. Hopefully, the work issues will smooth over. Curly hair can be a refreshingly appealing look in this age of pervasive Brazilian Blowouts which sometimes do not fit the faces of those who get them. Just my opinion, of course.

        • Yep, normally, I love my curly hair (tho it came back a LOT curlier). The problem is styling it so I don’t look like little orphan Annie. I have very short bangs. It’s just a pain to deal with at this stage. I’ve been wearing a black silk ribbon in it, trying to pull off some short regency period hair style. Sometimes this works, sometimes not.
          But if I straighten it, it’s still curly in places and springs right back with the tiniest amount of humidity in the air.
          Drives me crazy.

      • I am so glad to hear your No Evidence of Disease, Riverdaughter. You are always in my thoughts and I miss you.

  6. Trump wants to be a dictator. I don’t think anyone in power in his party wants to stop him. Woe betide us if he is re-elected. No one constrained him with regard to the assassination of Suleimani. All the possible sane voices, like Mattis, are gone. Iraq is trying to kick our troops out, and we are refusing.

    I am becoming concerned that this current tension is helping Sanders. I am convinced that if Sanders is nominated, Democrats will lose up and down the ballot. Wait until voters hear about his support of Fidel Castro in the early ’60’s, plus his essays about sexuality. The hope is that there are enough Hillary supporters, who are not being interviewed anywhere, who simply will never vote for Sanders in any primary. Sanders’ plan is to create a brokered convention, get the Warren delegates, and cause chaos if he needs to, including having his supporters vow to walk away from the election if he is not nominated, al la Strom Thurmond and the Dixiecrats in 1948. He is a bad person who will do anything to win, just like he did in Vermont when he first started. He must be stopped, for a variety of reasons. I saw on TV some of his “rallies supporting Hillary” in the Fall of 2016. The clear subliminal message of them, to me, was do not elect Hillary, and then I can run for President again in 2020.”

    Well, I just heard that it looks that the House is going to send over the Articles of Impeachment to the Senate. next week.I wish that Pelosi had held onto them, because nothing good is going to happen under McConnell.I guess that the best we can hope for in the Senate is some forceful complaining from the Democrats in the Senate about the dictatorial star nature of the sham trial. Klobuchar today suggested that there might be three Senators who would vote for witnesses, but they do not have a fourth yet. I could see Romney, Murkkowski, I do not know who the other would be, much less the crucial fourth one. SOT U will be absolute must-not-watch TV.

  7. Did you hear Rachel this evening take The NY Times to task for their unbalanced coverage of all things Hillary especially her emails?! The story about her final clearance was hidden in the back pages somewhere while other papers had it on their front page which is where it should be. At long last. Finally a TV pundit has more or less said FOR SHAME on them, The NY Times. At long last.

  8. Lucy, i agree that Rachel has done what no other commentator has done in spotlighting both the NYT bias and the trump/GOP baseless never ending, vendetta against Hillary. Having said that, I don’t think she has yet acknowledged her bias against Hillary with respect to Obama and Sanders. She could have been more vocal in both 2008 and 2016 in pointing out the uneven, unfair coverage.

    I want justice for Hillary and those who voted for her. I still want retribution for an election that was neither free nor fair and probably the most interfered with, by multiple forces, than any other in our history. And we all know why.

  9. For Lucy, Charles Pierce on the Huber investigation with an FU to the NYT. I love that he always has an asterisk after “president” when he refers to trump. I wish more pundits had his fire. Methinks he channels his inner woman!


  10. The same guy who wrote “Clinton Cash,” is about to publish another one like it. As much as anything else, this all is a cottage industry, something Hillary said once. But the NYT gloating over it, as Haberman and Chozik did in 2016, is obscene. Any time I see Andrea Mitchell, or Chris Matthews, or others like that; any time I see anything from the NYT lamenting the move to a totalitarian state in America, I almost marvel at how none of them seems to realize or care about their part in it. It’s like mafia people saying, “Just business,” when they kill people.

    Almost 30 years of demonizing every aspect of Hillary’s life, and they haven’t found a bad thing yet. Trump’s crowds still chant “lock her up,” though. It’s all they have in their lives. Create an enemy to hate, that is the necessity for all dictators. Back to the media, all the goodwill which they never had for Hillary, they lavish on Sanders, who never gets an iota of criticism from any of them. It is like we are all back to first grade popularity contests, except that these are adults who are so proud of their journalistic careers. With all the Russian operations, and the vote suppression, I think that the media, both regular journalism and the social media, are the most responsible for Trump being in office. They failed in their most important task, and they barely even see it to this day.

  11. Cats – I never watched MSNBC before and during the election. I could not stand their promoting of the phony Sanders. So I was never sure where Rachel stood in all that. But I did appreciate her single minded focus on the meddlesome Russians after the election which is when I started to tune in. At least she has some personal honesty, integrity to admit to NY Times bad behavior. It was a pretty damning account.
    And thanks for the Charles Pierce referral. But it still seems like a lonely voice in the wilderness of the most serious misjustice of our time. And I do not exaggerate.

  12. There were two recent articles in the Washington Post by Jennifer Rubin decrying the lack of vetting of Bernie. Maybe someone can link for us. But again this is not a loud enough voice. I doubt it will go anywhere.

    • Lucyk, if you want to be amused and even heartened, you might check Sally Albright’s Twitter page. She is from the South, is obviously very bright, has organized in campaigns. And she absolutely despises Sanders, and AOC, and so it is filled with criticisms and witty remarks about Sanders and his Bros. She doesn’t like Warren much either, so that is warning to anyone who does. I don’t use Twitter or any social media, but it is sometimes fun to read the page of someone whom I mostly agree with. Sally is waging a one-person crusade against Sanders! And she always defends Hillary, though that doesn’t come up much over there.

  13. I am sure that Bernie, the Socialist, is the candidate of choice among the Repugs to go up against Trump. He would be the easiest to beat.

    • Lucy, I am sure Sanders is Putin’s Dem candidate of choice as well, a win either way for Russia, although Sanders would lose at least some degree of Congressional Rethug support for appearances. I am sure Sanders would be an Indie, not a Dem, ASAP.

      I hate to say this but i am getting to the point where I will not vote at all if the nominee is Biden or Sanders. Biden, maybe, if he picks Klobuchar or Harris as VP and promises to resign shortly after he is inaugurated.

      • Cats. I think that Klobuchar would be the best VP choice. But I do not think that Biden would promise to resign! Bad optics, as they say.

        Adrienne Elrod, who did work for Hillary’s campaign, and seems a decent person, said that she thought that it would come down to Biden vs. Sanders, and that may well be the situation. I do not like Biden much, never did, but he is immensely better than Sanders, who in the words of Sal Bando about his Oakland A’s manager Alvin Dark, “couldn’t manage a meat market.” And Dark was more capable than Sanders, who cannot work with anyone, who has maybe gotten seven innocuous bills through in 30 years, who was absolutely unknown, and not particularly appreciated by most Democratic officeholders, until he captured the votes of the Hillary-hating Left of the Democratic Party,, and the millennials who ridiculously believed that he would get rid of all their student loan debt, pass wealth taxes, and other fanciful things.

        Sanders’ people regularly disparage every other candidate, and have a good chance to destroyi the Democratic Party and the country this time. I would support anyone in the field, including Marianne Williamson who just left it, over Sanders. Except for Gabbard, of course. The immense defeat which he would suffer would perhaps send him and AOC and their supporters away for a decade, but it would be far too late.

        • William, i was being facetious about the resignation, at least a public one! What do you think would happen to Biden’s chances if McConnell wanted both Bidens to appear as witnesses in the Senate trial? Honestly, if either Biden or Sanders is the nominee, stick a fork in the US of A. The best we could hope for would be to keep the House and take the Senate but with a lawless rethug exec branch, an enabling DOJ, and a pro trump/rethug SC, what would be left of checks and balances and the Constitution?

          • I don’t think they could call the Bidens, they would not be relevant witnesses to the impeachment trial of the president. Of course, norms are broken all the time in this lawless regime, but even so, I do not think that they can just call anyone they want.

            You may be right that Biden would certainly lose, but if we would, then everybody would, except for Hillary, who is not running, and maybe Bloomberg, who will not get the nomination. Or possibly Klobuchar, who will not, either. Certainly Warren is not going to do better in a national race than Biden. Buttigieg? I don’t think he can get the nomination, because he will not win enough African-American votes. The problem is that we do not have a strong enough field, which is mostly the fault of the Democratic Party, which has unelectable candidates on the Left, and bland ones in the Center. And none of them has the necessary cachet, not like Hillary. The people who were so anxious for her to go away, did not comprehend that now there is a gaping hole which no one left can fill. And guess what, Democratic Left? Hillary voted the same as Sanders in the Senate 96% of the time, and most of the 4% were the gun control measures he kept voting against. She was and is a liberal, but Sanders misled his followers about her record, and there were scarcely any media people who had any interest in defending her.

  14. William – Thank you for the Sally Albright heads up. Yes, it is heartening. Good therapy for me. Oy

  15. No evidence of disease is the best news I’ve had all year!

  16. And now for something completely off-topic: 😆

    • There is a GOOP store or whatever it is, in Brentwood, right next to a good ice cream place in an upscale mall.I have never gone in, I wonder what they sell there., but I am not that much that I would go in.

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