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      Right, with the ban on Huawei using chips made with American manufacturing equipment (one of America’s last few places of absolute advantage); the bans of TikTok, Tencent and WeChat; the attempt to convince other countries to not use Huawei 5G; the arrest of the Huawei founder’s daughter for doing business with Iran along with the […]
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Every time I hear Collins…

… this is what I see in my head:

I understand that yelling, spouting confusing deceptive word salads and making Trump look like a pitiful human being is strategy to make viewers turn off the hearings.

But I can’t imagine that it’s winning anyone to their side. Plus metaphorically cutting his head off would be such a satisfying way to get him to STFU.

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  1. He reminds me of a loud Mr. Limpet (Don Knotts, RIP)

  2. I never caught on to the secret code that was Southern manners during my enforced sojourns there, but daayum, has Congressman Hank Johnson ever got a lock on them:


    How many people across America are now entering the terms “Gaetz” and “Dui” into their preferred engines? It’s so very welcome to see at least one of these frothing hypocrites taken down in such a classy and unanswerable manner.

  3. So we have the House Republicans yelling and screaming about how unfair the Democrats were, even that they delayed the Judiciary vote until this morning. They called it “Stalinesque.” Then McConnell proudly announced that everything the Republicans would do in the Senate trial would be completely aligned with Trump’s interests, which is as rigged a trial as one would ever see. But that is Republicans, of course, who reach new levels of corruption and hypocrisy every day.

    So what do Democrats do now? Send the Articles to the Senate, and let the Republicans take a few days to excoriate the entire process, and the Democrats, and then vote strict party line vote, and then watch Trump bellow that he was completely exonerated? What can they do to emphasize the facts of Trump’s impeachable actions? They don’t have the platform the Republicans are given. I think that they must decry the fix that McConnell has put in, how he is denying the American people the fair trial they are supposed to get. Go after the vulnerable senators, run ads against them now. Basically, do everything they can to frame this in a way which damages Republicans’ standing. And make McConnell the face of this denial of fair trial.

    That’s about all we have, since there is no possible way that we will get Trump convicted out of all of this. The Republicans know that what they are doing is a sham of justice, and that is one of the two reasons why they kept yelling about injustice during the House proceedings, so as to obscure this. The other reason is that they are just power-mad and contemptible people who love to talk about how much they love America and the constitution, but actually want this to be a dictatorship in which they make all the rules and get all the benefits.

  4. Th e election results in Britain do have some instructive lessons. Most Brits hate the Labour Party at this point. The LIberal Democrat Party went up 27% as compared to past elections, Conservatives went up 19%, Labout went down 7%. This wasn’t he only reason, but there were many British people who were appalled by what was seen as the anti-semitism of Corbyn and other Labour Party officials.

    I see that Bernie Sanders endorsed Cenk Uygar for Katie Hill’s Congressional seat. Uygar is a radical who hate the Democratic Party, hated Hillary Clinton, and who has bee accused of anti-semitism, though I haven’t researched his history there. If Sanders gets to control the Democratic Party, we will lose this election, and all the following ones, just like Labour is doing. I don’t know if Corbyn is paid by the Russians, or whether he is just a terrible leader, but how can Labour continue to accept being destroyed under his leadership? Sanders as the face of the Democratic Party would have a similar fate. AOC would as well. Meanwhile, Boris Johnson apparently consults with Steven Miller, and probably with Bannon. His victory was a victory for Farage and the oligarchs and the Mosley-like nationalists in England, and it is unnerving. But when the opposition party is unelectable, this is what happens.

    • Corbyn’s flip-flopping on Brexit didn’t earn him a lot of support, particularly in the Red Wall constituencies that have always been Labour’s strongholds. See: https://www.reuters.com/investigates/special-report/britain-eu-corbyn/

      Corbyn was opposed to tight EU integration for decades – once he assumed leadership he softened that stance quite a bit, to the point that nobody could really tell what his position in this election was. A lot of Labour’s strongest constituencies were overwhelmingly pro-Brexit in the referendum. Losing Scotland didn’t help, either. They’ve just had enough.

      Given the drubbing of the DUP and the rise of nationalist parties in both Northern Ireland and Scotland, I wouldn’t be surprised to see the UK dissolve. Certainly Boris seems to prefer not to deal with anything but England and Wales, and getting rid of NI would render the whole Irish border question moot.

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    • Butt comment.

      • If you hadn’t said that, I would be trying to figure it out. You are very bright; you could have been writing about the FCC, sex and De Sade, using some French, perhaps a bit of surrealism. But a more mundane explanation, ah, well.

  6. Did somebody mention Da Boo-Tay? 😛

    Ah, MILFs. :mrgreen:

  7. Does anyone think it’s possible that all of this concerted effort by trump and the republicans to publicly go after the joe biden is not because they think biden can win but that trump can defeat him? Isn’t it possible that the republicans are using reverse psychology to convince the dems and the media to push biden to be the nominee because he is a weak opponent? Why would trump and the republicans want to let the dems know who he fears the most as his opponent?

    Let’s turn this around and ask, if trump is so certain that he can defeat the women, Elizabeth Warren or Amy Klobuchar, why not give the illusion that he fears them instead?

    I just don’t see Biden holding his own for the entire general election nor against trump in the debates based on his past performances. He has shown that he cannot handle the attacks that we know will come from trump the bully against his son. biden doesn’t handle those situations well at all and comes across as bumbling, lost and even “old”.

  8. Kathleen, I have seen all sorts of theories about Trump and his motives. And you could be right. But my best guess is that he originally feared Biden, so thought he would wreck his candidacy. At this point, he might want to wreck other candidates. He thinks he gets all sorts of opportunities. He got his friends in the FBI and the media to make up all sorts of things about Hillary, so he figures he’ll just do it again. He’s got plenty of spurious attacks to level against anyone else who might look like he/she will get the nomination.

    As to Biden, I agree that he is not looking impressive. On the other hand, I don’t see too many of our potential candidates looking too good, either, though Klobuchar does well every time I see her. I don’t know who would beat Trump, but someone needs to. Anyone besides Gabbard or Sanders whom I would be convinced have a great chance to beat Trump, I would be happy to support in the primary campaign.

  9. William, the primary problem Klobuchar has had to contend with is that the media does not cover her. They spend all of their time talking about joe, pete and bernie and fluffing their pillows much like they did when obama ran against Hillary.

    I don’t see how you really think sanders could beat trump. Really? I feel certain that with the media’s reporting that Warren is losing ground because of “her” Medicare for All plan, but “his” Medicare for All plan has not hurt him, prove that it’s all bullshit. Warren is losing ground because she’s a woman who is threatening the white male patriarchy. The same white male patriarchy who runs the media. Coincidence? No way. They are using the same playbook they used on Hillary again in this election.

    More importantly, more evidence that the men are not judged any where near as harshly as the women is that the media NEVER talks about sanders recent heart attack and the danger it poses to occuring again, especially for a man of his age. Would he even last through a first term? Why is he worth the risk? Hillary merely faints and the media has her dying of some rare disease. Like I’ve said, this is deja vu all over again. Therein lies the problem the women in the race are having to deal with. The media is still using the same playbook used against Hillary where the men are still being given passes while the women are either ignored or attacked for far less.

    I believe people should support the candidate they believe has shown (not just talked about) that they are willing to do the homework, offers plans that truly favor the middle class and who also has a record of supporting the middle class, has the requisite experience, and one who has shown they will fight for us and not fold and flip flop when the going gets tough, as the men have done when faced with adversity. Let’s face it, obama would never have passed obama care without the expertise and finesse of Nancy Pelos in getting the necessary votes!

    I think it’s time for “real” change and not the “illusion” of change. I am looking for the right candidate at the right time to bring about real change and it ain’t coming from joe biden, pete buttigieg or bernie sanders.

    Despite the Russian advantage trump has, I still believe the American people can rise up on election day and vote the largest numbers ever in support of Warren or Klobuchar, override Russia, and defeat the traitor. It really comes down to how much we, the people, are willing to fight to keep our republic. I just don’t see any evidence offered that biden, buttigieg, or sanders are our champions in that fight but merely an extension of the white male patriarchy who intend to keep women (and people of color) as far away from the Oval Office as possible.

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