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Howard and Hillary

Catcatscats wrote this today:

Shadow posted this on Uppity. If you haven’t listened, I highly recommend it. Howard Stern is a fan boy (who knew) and he was able to elicit a side of Hillary rarely seen. She has led an exceptional life and her anecdotes are funny, poignant, insightful and revelatory. She knows Keith Richards! Hear her advice to the current candidates and the top three results of a survey done of voters who went for Obama in 2008 and 2012 but trump in 2016. Number #1: Hillary had Parkinson’s and would never survive her first term! Can’t remember #2 or #3 but they were just as baseless and utterly absurd.

It’s over two hours but I couldn’t stop listening.


For those of you who don’t have Sirius radio, here is the first part of 5 of the interview on Youtube:

So put on your earbuds, get the vacuum cleaner out of the closet and string your lights to this podcast.

We have Christmas!

18 Responses

  1. The video of the entire show is also up on YouTube. I’m glad Howard has evolved & is a fanboy of Hillary – I think that’s awesome and maybe he can sway some of his audience into seeing her in a different light.

  2. Thanks, RD for the hat tip. I was surprised she was so candid and she reduced Howard to a puddle of golly gee Madame Secretary! I thought I heard (I don’t trust my brain or any of my senses any more) Joy say this morning that trump cheated to win in 2016 and he is cheating to win in 2020. The universe has to fix this. Stat!

  3. I have listened to about forty minutes of the interview so far, and it is wonderful to hear. Howard Stern is very supportive and respectful of Hillary, and Hillary is charming, bright, and simply blows any other figure on the political scene out of the water. There is just no comparison.

    There is no sign that she is going to run, and the deadlines to get on the ballot in various states are rapidly approaching. The way things are set up now, I don’t see how someone can get nominated if they do not pile up a lot of delegates; there are few or no superdelegates, and there are no power brokers as there were 100 years ago. The virtually tragic thing is that the one candidate whom I am almost certain would defeat Trump is Hillary, and yet, for some understandable reasons, she will likely not run.

    The more I hear from our current field, the less impressed I am with any of them. I know that if she entered the race, she would be blasted by the usual people, most predictably the New York Times staff. But I know that she cares very much about the fate of the country and the planet; and the stark fact is that it may well be that the only person standing between us and four more years of an unleashed Trump, is Hillary. I think she would win the nomination if she ran, though of course there would be supporters of the other candidates who would attack her for being selfish, and costing us the election. That is already the narrative from the Right, but it is not true. She actually may well be the only person who could win this election for America. The bitter irony might be that a few months from now, it could be very apparent that none of our candidates will win, but it will be too late for Hillary to run at that point.

    • He could end up being impeached and further damaged during the senate hearings and she could step into the race as a result…. Or, others may also drop out and she steps in because the only people left on the debate stage are billionaires and Biden… so she comes in as the only adult in the room. Or there is a brokered convention and they nominate her. Or he and Pence are impeached and Nancy becomes president and appoints the real winner (Hillary) as president.

  4. Off topic: The anti-vaxxers are approaching violence. 😡

    From Zandar Vs. The Stupid:


  5. I see that the Sanders people are outraged that Hillary criticized him for a brief few seconds in the interview. For three years they have been claiming that Sanders did all these campaign appearances for Hillary! But I saw a few of these, and every single one was for Sanders. He would say virtually nothing about Hillary, just say a few things about how Trump must be defeated. Then for the other hour and a half, he would give his standard stump speech. I doubt if any of his appearances got Hillary fifty votes in all, because it was, “Hillary has many flaws (he would often say things like that, too), but we must defeat Trump, and also, I have great ideas (which are far better than Hillary’s).” And I am sure that many of his following decided that they could afford to lose the election, just so Bernie would be able to run next time.

    • Nobody cares what they have to say. All they are doing at this point is making sure that Bernie will never be the nominee. The stupid fools don’t realize that they have to have Hillary voters to win the primary.

  6. Bellecat’s post wasn’t all that much off topic, since it’s still about politics and the people in politics.

    THIS is off topic. :mrgreen:

  7. Just listened to the Hillary-Stern interview in its entirety and utterly blown away. She is so totally head and shoulders in every way over anyone out there.

    Meanwhile, what continues to irritate me, while the press is tearing all the new democratic candidates apart, once again there is no serious vetting of Bernie. They could start by asking him why he voted against Russian sanctions and the Magnitsky Act. I even emailed Rachel to ask him those questions during the last debate, to no avail. I can easily see him during the impeachment trial and vote in the Senate missing because he is too busy campaigning in Iowa. His continued unquestioned presence in the campaign gives me nightmares. And, by the way, where is all his money really coming from? I know there were 600 pages of FEC violations in 2016. Where they ever resolved?

    • Lucyk, for two election races now, Sanders has gotten less vetting than anyone. It is astounding. Last time, I figured that it was because the media wanted Hillary to have a battle. This time, I have no idea. It may be that because Russia favors Sanders and Gabbard in the Democratic race, the millions of bots and Russia-backed “pundits” leave him alone, and attack the other candidates, which increases the gap.

      Not only has Sanders avoided votes against Russia, and made other votes which favored them, he also has a very checkered history, which somehow is left alone. If Hillary had a tenth of his career of freeloading and grifting, the outrage would never end. The fact that there is this portion of the Left which adores Sanders is pathetic. No one had even heard of him until he became the Left’s Great Anti-Hillary Hope. I guess that people are not even as informed as they used to be, which wasn’t all that much, because they would realize that all he does is make the same speeches inveighing against economic inequities, floats wild promises like debt-free college, has no coherent plan to pay for them, and doesn’t care. He is like one of those Marxist students one used to run into at college, sort of fun to argue with, zealous in his unyielding positions–except that Sanders has somehow made a political career of it, and he and his followers were one of the most important factors in getting Trump elected, which they may well be again.

  8. Ladies and gentlemen, the King of Rock & Roll.

    Thank ya, thank ya very much. 😀

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