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      Right, with the ban on Huawei using chips made with American manufacturing equipment (one of America’s last few places of absolute advantage); the bans of TikTok, Tencent and WeChat; the attempt to convince other countries to not use Huawei 5G; the arrest of the Huawei founder’s daughter for doing business with Iran along with the […]
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Impeachment Inquiry: Judiciary Committee Day 1

Watch it here on C-Span.

Holy Schnikes! C-Span has some seriously deluded Republican viewers. I have heard EVERY stupid disinformation talking point this morning. It’s almost like bots are calling in.

Today’s hearing will focus exclusively on the reasons for and intention of the impeachment process from the Constitution‘s POV. Like the New Testament and other scriptures, the Constitution lacks the attention to detail that would clarify what the founders were exactly thinking. But we can go back to English law to find out what the precedents were and what concerned the founders most.

If this isn’t the time and circumstance to impeach, I don’t know what is.

Leave your comments below. I’ll check back at lunch.

21 Responses

  1. So far, I’ve heard some great comments from Professor Carlan. I have heard no comments from Professor Turley, because I have muted him. I well remember Turley pontificating on radio and television shows throughout the Clinton Presidency and beyond. He was just so concerned about Clinton’s conduct. He always felt that “Democrats are going too far” with anything they brought up in the Bush administration. He always tried to sound like the voice of reason, just so, so concerned about the republic. Now he comes in to tell us that the impeachment is not being done the wrong way, “so much more rage than reason surrounding the issue of impeachment.” Oh, poor Turley, who criticized Clinton every single day for the “crime” of lying about a consensual affair. Is this what is called “concern trolling,” this lugubrious lament about, “yes, these are serious issues, but the Democrats are simply not going about it in the ‘right’ way; and they just can’t prove corrupt intent” (when there is overwhelming evidence of corrupt intent)? The best comment I have seen about Turley, is someone saying that he is paid a lot of money by the Right Wing to say what he says. But look at that face of concern! He just wants what is best for the country, even if it means that Trump will turn it into a dictatorship! Clinton, now that was another matter, such a serious violation of the country’s laws, to have willfully lied about his affair! Eff Jonathan Turley, as devoid of legalese as that may sound. His well-heeled face of false concern forces me to turn to another channel, any other channel.

    But there is one thing to realize: this is just a tip of what we will see when the Senate gets their turn at this. By the time they finish, they might be able to convince a majority of the country that Trump is a national hero, fighting the evil hordes of Democrats who are only trying to reverse the results of an election where they won the popular vote by 2.8 million despite 113 million fake ads and stories put on social media by Republicans. Rest assured that the Senate trial will not only be set up to whitewash Trump, it will be an all-out attack on Bidens, thus attempting to accomplish what Trump could not quite effectuate with his evil extortion scheme in Ukraine. I would wish that the Senate Trial didn’t get to take place until late October.

  2. As always, we have: 1) The Facts. 2) How they are presented by our side and the other side. 3) What the Media says about it. 4) What the electorate does with it. They should not be not discrete, but given that we know that the Senate will not convict, they almost are. These hearings will not be determinative in getting Trump out of office. One can only hope that they might convince a few more people to vote against him, which will unfortunately be the only way to do it. A week or two ago, I was excited to think that maybe the evidence would be so overwhelming that Trump would be forced out, but we once again see complete stonewalling by the Republicans, for whom nothing will be enough to turn away from him. It is a sickening spectacle, something that one might have believed would never happen here.

    These hearings today are instructive for what the three legal experts called by the Democrats have said. Also for what Turley has thrown up on behalf of the people who fund him. And for the fact that we are further shown what the Republicans are going to do for the next eleven months. It is like arguing with religious fanatics, which not coincidentally, most of them are. No facts, no history, no evidence, mean anything to them. What was the play in which some zealot would dismiss anyone arguing against him by saying, “The Devil can quote Scripture to his purpose.”? Perhaps “The Crucible,” though it could have been “Saint Joan,” or any work of literature which chillingly depicted the way in which zealots would relentlessly reject everything which went against their positions, by demonizing those who dared to contradict them. How can we view what is going on here, as any different than what the Church did to Galileo, or the Inquisitors did in Spain? No argument or plea or facts mean anything to any of them. The Republican Party is overwhelmingly populated with fanatics.

    • With OLD fanatics, William; and many of the non-old ones lead very unhealthy lifestyles.

      Quoth Sir Michael Jagger and friends, “Time is on [our] side.”

  3. Help! Can someone explain to me how Karlan insulted Barron with her statement that just because trump named his son “Barron” doesn’t mean he can make him a baron? Wasn’t she flippantly making a comment about the father, not the son? What did Melania get for her tweet in “defense” of her son? I can’t imagine Barron caring at all about the hearing or the statement.

    • It has been suggested that Trump gave him the name Barront to aggrandize DJT himself. Whether that is true or not, it obviously is not some kind of insult, as the Republicans are trying to make it. This is something that Republicans always try to do, remember Mary Cheney? Trump has viciously insulted many people, and they pass it off as a joke, or “he shouldn’t do that, but let’s move on.” It’s appalling, the totality of it all. “Barron” is apparently trending on Twitter, that is another Republican tactic. For them, the only people who can judge Trump are Trump supporters.

    • John McCain “joked” that Chelsea Clinton was the child of Hillary Clinton and Janet Reno. He eventually apologized for saying that.

  4. Off topic: I was drugged and anally penetrated Tuesday.

    (I underwent a colonoscopy.) 😉

    It found nothing bad, and my gastroenterologist thinks I can wait ten years for my next one.

  5. Well done, IBW. I have to go every five, at least the drugs were good… can’t say the same about the prep!

    • Actually, the drugs just put me out and that was it, plus I recovered quickly from them. I’ve read that the same drug can affect different people in different ways, and to different degrees.

      • IBW, when i was in recovery i felt like Mary Poppins and Mister Rogers combined. The world was a beautiful place and everyone in it was good and pleasant to be around, I could really use those feelings right now… maybe i had that reaction because undrugged, i am a curmudgeon.

        William i incorrectly nested under swordie’s comment instead of yours, but of course you figured that out!

  6. :mrgreen:

  7. Holy Schnikes! C-Span has some seriously deluded Republican viewers. I have heard EVERY stupid disinformation talking point this morning. It’s almost like bots are calling in.

    It’s *exactly* like the bots are calling it in, because they are. You don’t really think those are individual viewers, do you? They’re the RNC wu mao earning their pay.

  8. Off-topic, Tucker Carlson (of all people) hits the nail on the head (and even calls out the Republicans in the process):

    • Was that the Mirror Universe’s Tucker Carlson? 😉

      Damn, Singer, when you’ve lost Fox News

  9. And WordPress swallowed another comment. Monopolies suck.

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