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    • The Well Meaning American Oligarchy Are SO Misunderstood
      Just saw a case of the argument that “the people who have been enriching themselves by fucking everyone else for four decades are misunderstood, they’re just following the incentives, and suggesting that the people killing and impoverishing you are bad is polarizing.” Lovely. Everyone is well-meaning, and it’s all just a misunderstanding. They don’t mean […] […]
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It’s a beautiful day in the neighborhood and my birthday!

Cake for breakfast for everyone!!

Tonight is Light Up Night in Pittsburgh. How much do you want to bet that Mr. McFeely leads us singing A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood like he did a few years ago? After all, Pittsburgh’s WQED is the place where the Land of Make Believe lived.

Today is the day the movie opens too. I can’t wait to see it.

We could all use a little Mr. Rogers these days.

And now, up to take a shower. Happy Birthday to me. I made it!

Everybody sing along:

17 Responses

  1. Happy Birtday… and MANY MORE

  2. Happy Birthday, Riverdaughter!

    (Sorry about your cake) 😛

  3. Off topic, but worthwhile:


    To add my own comment, many of us tend to forget that the majority of Boomers were never hippies or protesters. The hippies and protesters got so much media attention precisely because they were unusual, and colorful. If the majority of Boomers had really sympathized with their hippie and protester peers, then Reagan, the Bushes, and Trump could never have been elected (or “elected”), and the GOP might well have gone the way of the Whig Party.

    I was born in 1963. We Early ’60s babies inhabit a transitional zone between Boomer and Gen X. I identify largely as X.

    • Yep, I’m a tail ender too. The Reagan era tax changes and higher education stinginess affected me personally. I’m now too young to retire and too old to get a high paying job anymore. (This after Obama passively let our careers get demolished while Germany protected its STEM workers during the Great Recession)
      So, you know, doubly screwed. We worked harder, most of us were working moms in the unforgiving corporate environment, we paid higher taxes and we got fucked by the Fox News generation.

  4. Happy Birthday, RD! What a gorgeous cake, as delicious as it looks, no doubt. Have a beautiful day and many,many, many more to come.

  5. Happy Birthday, RD! Thank you for maintaining this website through all the ups and downs (yours and our country’s) over the last 11 years. It may have been in existence longer, but I discovered this site during the 2008 DNCRBC meeting debacle and have never left.
    You are a gifted writer whose humanity shines through every essay.

  6. Happy Birthday, RD!

    This is the only blog I ever contribute to, because it is welcoming, and I value the comments here. You have done a wonderful job in keeping this blog going, and your essays are always full of intelligence and good humor, even when you have been going through difficult things.

    It almost seems like just yesterday that it was 2008, and Hillary was being rooked out of a nomination where she had won almost all the major primaries, contrary to current revisionist nonsense. I appreciated your blog then, and I am very impressed that you have never lost heart during all the frustrating times, which still continue. The only small negative I can see is that you like chocolate, which I never have! Most do, of course. 🙂 I hope that today is a special day for you.

  7. Happy birthday! I am also a tail end boomer, born in 1963, and by the time I was an adult it was the 1980’s where greed and corporate shenanigans eroded life’s safety nets. Enjoy your cake!

  8. Happy Birthday to you…
    Happy Birthday to me…

  9. Minas Tirith cake.

  10. Happy Birthday RD.

  11. Happy Birthday to RD and Belle.

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