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      Just saw a case of the argument that “the people who have been enriching themselves by fucking everyone else for four decades are misunderstood, they’re just following the incentives, and suggesting that the people killing and impoverishing you are bad is polarizing.” Lovely. Everyone is well-meaning, and it’s all just a misunderstanding. They don’t mean […] […]
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More Intensity

That was a lot to take in yesterday at the impeachment hearings and at the debate. I think I had too much cortisol.

Thoughts, observations, complaints, put them in the comment section below.

22 Responses

  1. Going out so wont see this… I did get to read her opening statement which was short and sweet 🙂

  2. What I’ve seen so far, sans the opening statements, is devastating. Both excellent witnesses, most, particularly Dr. Hill, whom we should be so proud to have in her position. She went to the same school in Scotland as Prince William and Kate Middleton, and she would probably make a good Prime Minister of England.

    Trump is trying to get rid of all of these admirable people in our foreign service, and replace them with hacks and mob assets. It is really the bigger story than any of this, and should horrify everyone, even Republicans. But it doesn’t, as Republicans actually do not care about any of this, they are the equivalent of two-year kids putting their fingers in their ears and shouting loudly. They do’n’t want to know. They just want their power and their tax cuts and their Far Right judges. Nothing else matters. They might ultimately give up Trump to get Pence,, because he’ll do the same thing for them. They are not patriotic, they do not care about values. They are fine with Trump making aid to Ukraine contingent upon them doing an investigation into facts which do not exist. Because it does not matter to them. This should never be ignored or glossed over. The facts here are overwhelming. If they do not change many opinions, then we are in eve worse trouble than imagined.

  3. Now here is Andrea Mitchell guesting on the Nicolle Wallace “halftime panel.” I cannot listen to her, she did more damage to Hillary’s campaign than any other TV newsperson. Day after day, “Hillary Clinton has a trust issue.” “Hillary Clinton still being seriously damaged by the email issue.” On and on. I really have no idea why she gets the accolades she does. I am convinced that if Mitchell were not on the air giving “establishment” credence to the attacks on Hillary, she would have won, even with all the other things going on. But maybe I give her more power than she has. I still mute her, though. Michael McFaul, on the same panel, talked about how the media, particularly the right-wing media, amplifies all the lies put out by Russia, including this nonsense theory about Ukraine hacking the mails, which is propagated by Trump. They count on it.

  4. Upon hearing Fiona Hill’s testimony, I believe this will be a pivotal moment for the republicans. How will they be able to question her in a reasonable and logical way that will undermine her testimony? This will be a joy to watch because she cannot be intimidated by their bullying tactics!

    Also, something really struck me when Dr. Hill reminded us that, without question, the Russians were going to interfere in the 2020 election. She gave a dire warning that we have not done anything to prevent this from happening. A light bulb went off and it occurred to me that this could be the reason the republicans have steadfastly continued to defend the indefensible regarding trump, despite all of the damning evidence against him. THEY ARE CONVINCED THAT TRUMP WILL BE REELECTED WITH THE HELP OF THE RUSSIANS AGAIN.

    We all know the republicans in the Senate will not convict trump and will continue to ignore the evidence, which is why Lindsay refuses to review the mounting evidence being presented by the dems. They are preparing for the Russians to steal the election for trump.

    I cannot find any other logical reason why the republicans have continued to refuse to defend the Constitution and honor their oath of office.

    • Kathleen,

      The simple truth of the matter is stunning – that Republicans simply don’t care about democracy or our country. They don’t care about women. It is mass sociopathy and narcissism. It’s largely old white men who want to drag the rest of us into the grave with them. Hillary knew how they operated. I remember in 2008 her saying “I know how they operate and I know how to take them on” when you are in DC, the corruption, the misogyny is very palpable. It proves to me how absolutely fearless and brave Hillary is and how desperately she is needed today.

      • Seagrl,

        I agree with you again wholeheartedly! Sadly, our media and the public still believe that only an “old white guy” can beat the old white guy in the WH. Why this constant mantra despite all of the evidence which shows that we got into this horrible mess because of old white guys.

        What is truly sad is that women have had to prove themselves thousands of times over, but still the media will take Buttigieg more seriously than they have Amy Klobuchar.

        Also, let us never stop reminding ourselves that Hillary did win. SHE DID NOT LOSE. Trump cheated with a lot of help from putin. I believe she would have won the electoral vote had the Russians not only interfered through social media, but I am convinced through the voting systems themselves. That’s the elephant in the room that no one wants to even consider. Too scary! I know for a fact and have witnessed how votes put in voting systems can be manipulated without detection and believe that’s how trump managed that sliver of an electoral victory. It will happen again in 2020 too. They won’t be able to fix the machines in time. I doubt they can be made hack proof. The only solution is for Americans to vote in the largest numbers possible in every state, in every district. If we do that, we may still be able to save our republic from another 4 years of trump. Otherwise, we may as well go ahead and place putin in the WH, if that traitor manages to steal it a second time.

  5. Dr. Hill did say that she thought that Fusion was utilizing Steele,, and that DNC paid for this work. But it was not originally the DNC, it was either the Jeb Bush campaign or Ted Cruz,’s I am not certain. Hill’ is in error here, and this has to be fixed before the hearings are over. Nunes will never stop with his conspiracy theories trying to make Hillary the villain in all this.

    • William, my head spins when I hear the tirades about the Steele dossier. I don’t know how this works in real life but I assume that in this case the DNC or the Clinton Campaign paid Perkins and Coie to do opp research, which I thought all campaigns do. P&C contracted with Fusion who contracted with Steele, and to my knowledge Steele didn’t represent the info as anything other than raw data from his vetted sources. Are there legal limits on the type of info sought or the sources? If an opponent did something unsavory in a foreign country, does that make the deed irrelevant? I assume oppo is a generic request to find what you can that may be of use in a campaign, the contractor runs down what they believe are vulnerabilities of an opponent, prepare a report and submit it. Is this illegal? An FEC violation? If the info is never used for whatever reason is the initial request illegal, immoral, unethical? (I wasn’t aware that Hillary or her campaign used the Steele Dossier to malign trump. I have no doubt that if the situation were reversed, neither the Rethugs nor the media would give a hoot.)

      I had read that it was Cruz that had first used Fusion and then bailed when he was no longer in the competition.

  6. I just heard Schiff’s closing statement. He was magnificent, and for the first time I saw him deeply angry which is certainly warranted.

    The repugs have no shame. But we know that. However, I am always continually shocked about this, particularly after hearing Nunes pitiful closing statement. He reads from only one script over and over again.

  7. Yes, Kathleen, you are absolutely right. The Repugs want the Russians to continue to meddle in our elections and help them win again. It is as simple and dreadful and traitorous as that.

    • The one thing I heard from Dr. Hill which bothered me, was when she said that some of the countries “bet on the wrong horse”: i.e, thought that Hillary would win. I would have suggested to her that Russia bet on a horse, then fixed the race so he would win. something the other countries didn’t do. Further, if Russia had not massively interfered, Hilary would have won. Doesn’t she see that??

      Additionally, Russia is prepared to interfere again, to get Trump elected. And finally, Trump concocted a plan to ruin Biden and thus better insure his own election. And had the whistleblower not come forward, Zelensky would have announced the investigations, no one would have known Trump’s part in it, and it would have been a coup for him. So spare me anything about how Trump was poorly treated, or had his feelings hurt because other countries’ leaders didn’t like him. If Trump doesn’t cheat, if Russia doesn’t cheat, he doesn’t win, Hillary does; and thus these other countries would not have been “betting on the wrong horse,” Dr. Hill.

      • William, I didn’t take her testimony quite the same way. She was being “diplomatic” to 1) suggest that some Ukrainians disparaged trump because they may have wanted to make points with the expected winner and .2) say while she understood that he was hurt/angered by unkind comments, his actions in pressuring Ukraine to investigate their interference in 2016 and the Bidens now was an unusual response for him to take as the current prez. Did you notice how she referred to Hillary as the Secretary of State, former Senator, former First Lady Hillary Clinton? I heard her say that at least twice. I would be willing to bet she voted for her and knew, more than we the public, exactly what the Russians did to her.

  8. The hearings have provided an open and shut case against Trump to anyone who takes the time to learn the facts. Having said this, the Democrats’ strategy has totally fallen short. We know that the Senate will not convict. We know that after Trump is acquitted, he will take that as permission to do what he wants, and seek vengeance. The Democrats’ strategy does not account for this. At all.

    I get that Nancy wanted to provide a simple, easy to follow case and I am on board with that. But winding up the hearings so quickly?? Puhleaze!!!

    Rather than have Moscow Mitch run a quick “trial” so he can put Trump’s ordeal behind him, Nancy should have scheduled MONTHS of hearings, proving one count for impeachment beyond reasonable doubt, after another. She should have kept Trump tied up as long as possible. She should have kept control of the news cycle and never let go.

    I would have kept the hearings going into the Spring. And I would have added lots of consequential topics. More national security breaches like the leaks of our satellite photo capabilities, as when Trump actually posted classified satellite images on the net (which rightly drove that part of the national security community batshit crazy). Outrages like having ripped babies from mothers’ arms at the border — let the moms testify on national TV (it might be legal but if that is not abuse of power I don’t know what is). Any of us could think of a list.

    The objective is not to convict Trump, since that won’t happen. The objective should be to sicken any persuadables at what Trump has done and to sicken them at the thought of those who have enabled him.

    • I agree… we need more hearings Pompeo, Bolton, and Perry at a minimum. Subpoena them, then enforce the subpoenas. I would not object to subpoenaing Hunter Biden either; If he did nothing wrong what is going to happen? If he did, what are they going to do that hurts anyone other than Biden. If they start talking about kids making hay on their father’s administration, that will open up a whole new line of inquiry, that will keep us going until the election.

      • I agree as well. Once the House votes for impeachment, their leverage disappears. The Republicans then have control, and their goal will be not only to acquit, but to throw up every conspiracy theory they can,and smear every Democrat. It is like having the ball on offense and then giving it to the other team, which gets to keep it for the rest of the match. Pelosi is very smart. I think that she does not want to have the media start attacking her and Democrats for drawing this out. But Republicans are always all about optics, and when they get the ball, they do whatever they want with it. I would prefer to keep our side on offense, not to stall, but to demand that other key figures show up to testify; and if the don’t, then keep fighting this in court. “Having a clean and swift round” does not help when the other side then has all their time to muddy everything. I don’t think that Pelosi is intimidated by anyone,, but Democrats in general are always very wary of the media response, and so often try to appease them.

    • The timeline had to be compressed in order to prevent Republicans from dragging things out and telling us these are not the droids we’re looking for like they did with the Mueller report. She might have been betting that the critical mass of the evidence in a short timeframe might solidify the criminal nature of enterprise the Trump White House in the minds of the viewers better than Nunes’ stupid conspiracy theories.

      • Even if the intelligence committee may appear to be wrapping up hearings, they will take time to review their findings, possibly reach out to any loose ends (which may mean more witnesses), and eventually send their analyzed findings to the judiciary committee. There, particularly if Trump sends in his counsel(whoever that might be), hearing may be even more damaging. This is all prior to a house vote. This is heartening. It would not be a delaying tactic, but one in which even more Americans can hear all of the high crimes and misdemeanors. I see no reason that stuff from the Mueller report can’t be rolled in as well.

  9. centaur,

    Remember, the media and the American people wanted Pelosi to start impeachment hearings right after the Mueller report came out. She waited, despite great pressure because she knew the Mueller report was confusing and left many feeling like there was nothing there there and would fall on deaf ears. She was right to wait then. It would be very risky for the House to wait on these guys to testify BEFORE moving forward with impeachment. These trump men will do anything to delay, delay, delay. To make matters worse, the attention span of the average american is that of a gnat and these guys will take advantage of that reality.

    We KNOW the senate will not convict trump even if they have a video of trump and putin planning how they were going to steal the 2016 election and do it again in 2020. The GOP actions are, IMO, the patriarchy’s last ditch effort to hang on to power by any means necessary and it’s gonna get even uglier than it is now.

    I believe what we are witnessing are the results of the ongoing efforts to “dumb down” the American people An example of just how effective the dumbding down has become is despite all of the evidence of trump’s betrayal of the American people, the presidency, the Constitution, the rule of law, the media is still reporting “IF TRUMP IS RE-ELECTED…” I would think by now, if anyone is paying attention, that these words would never be uttered by the media without the American people taking to the streets in protest! We should pay close attention to our democratic counterparts in Hong Kong fighting for their democracy and recognize that we, too, must fight to keep ours.

    I agree that we should not stop investigating trump, but I believe that if the house waits to move on impeachment and the election gets into high gears, the impact and importance of his being impeached will be diluted and lost due to an onslaught of distractions, distortions and delays. Impeaching him now will have, I believe, a greater impact on uniting the American people with the common goal of voting in massive numbers. It’s the only way to possibly override the cheating that will certainly be in play. We should never underestimate the lengths those who want to keep trump in office will go to to pull another con job on the American people and complete the destruction of the American idea.

    • @Kathleen thanks for your thoughtful response. Re getting people into the street. Yes, that should have happened months ago. It’s too bad that the Women’s March organization fell apart — but that’s water under the bridge and someone else needs to step up. Hongkong’s citizenry is amazing, as you point out — literally 25% of its population has at one point or another taken to the streets at great personal risk. If only we Americans treasured our freedom as much as they.

      I don’t however understand why impeachment without conviction will “stop Republicans from cheating.” Maybe you have some insight that I don’t? My reasoning is impeachment followed by failure to convict if anything will unleash Trump further, because he will then claim “victory” and there will be nothing we can do to him thereafter, unless he loses his re-election bid and (hopefully) gets sent to the pokey.

      Of course impeachment is still necessary and I am glad that the Dems are doing it even if I think their tactics could be improved. Just to negate any precedent that would flow from leaving Trump’s conduct unchallenged, and as I said above, to wrest control of the narrative from Fox and Trump.

      • centaur,

        I appreciate your thoughts on this very important issue too. As for whether trump is convicted after he is impeached…I have no doubt that the republicans don’t care what he’s done and will not convict. They have sold their souls collectively to him and will stick with him until the fiery end! Nonetheless, the house moving forward to impeach him is the right thing to do and they, like Dr. Hill coming to testify, have a legal and moral obligation to do so.

        Sadly, the Russians have succeeded in their quest to divide us, create chaos, and promote tribalism in our political processes which has sowed hatred among us. Dr. Hill warned us that this was what Russia’s intentions were and will continue to do so, if we don’t take action to stop it. Unfortunately, despite her warnings about Russia’s meddling and the damage the GOP’s constant Ukranian conspiracy theories will cause them and us, they have totally ignored her warnings. Are we surprised? Clearly, they believe following trump and destroying our democracy in the process is just fine because they believe, with russia’s help, they too, like trump, will remain in power. It’s all about power and they are drunk with power.

        One thing isfor certain in light of the abhorrent behavior displayed by the republican party, we desperately need more women in government and that includes a female president if we want to change course and clean up the mess they will be leaving…that is, if we are lucky enough before it’s too late. For that herculean task, we will need a champion who is willing to fight with conviction and not fold when things get tough and compromise what’s best for the people away in exchange for crumbs. Been there, done that. Tired of it.

        No matter how dire things look, I’d rather go down fighting the good fight than sitting on the sidelines placidly accepting what trump and the GOP are doing to our beloved country. It really is up to us and how much we love our country if we want to defeat trump. If we do love our freedom as much as those people in Hong Kong, then trump, the GOP and putin don’t have a chance.

  10. We are living the painful reality that, in spite of clear evidence of much criminal activity, even under the ‘best” of circumstances impeaching AND removing a POTUS is an arduous process. As it should be, in general.

    I, too, am a bit disheartened but also believe that there is a long game in play.

    The witnesses were all credible and impressive, with the exception of the buffoonery of Gordon Sondland, as well as Volker and Miller trying to wiggle out of accountability. Those three all have iron clad connections to the GOP and Trump.

    Managing this process is fraught, for Speaker Pelosi, and so far I have yet to see a genuine misstep. She has kept a diverse and robust coalition together, has carefully counted the votes all while giving judicious free rein to Schiff and the Democratic members of the Intelligence committee.

    All the Republicans can do is to bray loudly and hope that their audience of one approves. And hope that FOX plays clips of their outraged theatrics, to keep the rubes happy.

    We have a complicit media, for the most part, but there also seems to be a higher level of comfort by Democratic politicians to call out their bothsiderism behavior.

    I am of the opinion that the R’s should be careful what they wished for. To use a not great metaphor, if the GOP wanted to use Trump as the igniter to burn down our governmental norms and institutions, they will find he is an uncontrollable fire accelerant which will damage all who are near him.

    We are going to be in rebuilding mode, which is, perhaps, not the worst thing. Something the GOP hasn’t fully considered is the Democrats being able to fashion the “new” normal of government, while they’re in tatters searching for shreds of their credibility here and there. Even now there are long time GOP members who are staying out of the fray, waiting to emerge as one who didn’t fall under Trump’s spell (even if they did, I’m looking at you, Paul Ryan!)

    The judiciary has been terribly contaminated, definitely, although Trump is writing the rules on how to conveniently ignore the courts. Congress can, and should, be a body of rules and regulations creation, anyway.

    One thing we have all learned is that, to quote Cher, we can’t “turn back time.” I, for one, am steeling myself for the fight. Apathy and resignation are our biggest enemies. We have some very smart, astute and compassionate people on our side. I wouldn’t want to be anywhere else. 🙂

    • Herstory,

      You wrote: “Apathy and resignation are our biggest enemies. We have some very smart, astute and compassionate people on our side. I wouldn’t want to be anywhere else.” Bravo!

      I like Elizabeth Warren’s campaign theme “dream big and fight hard”. That’s right in line with the optimisum you expressed so eloquently. Therein lies the key to our taking back our country.

      BTW, interesting article about the Warren wealth tax which I think should be read to get some alternate views of this tax by billionaires who have not been in the media complaining about it: https://www.msn.com/en-us/money/markets/disney-heiress-endorses-elizabeth-warrens-wealth-tax/ar-BBXaiiv?ocid=spartandhp

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