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Trump visits Walter Reed


Anyone want to take a guess what’s going on? I’d heard yesterday that a White House reporter had seen him in an agitated conversation with Bill Barr in the Oval Office. Other unconfirmed reports are that he threw things and threatened to fire people.

He took his ire out on Yovanovitch, Taylor and Kent today in a tweet and pardoned some war criminals yesterday. Sounds to me like he’s out of control.

And who could blame him for starting to unravel? Career public servants are telling the truth in televised hearings, some of his own side are starting to confess to the Impeachment Inquiry committee and violating Trump’s orders to defy subpoenas. His friend Roger Stone was convicted of lying to Congress about what Trump knew and when he knew it with respect to Wikileaks in 2016. Merrick Garland ruled against Trump on his income tax case, sending it to the Supreme Court.

Next week is going to be very traumatizing. Gordon Sondlund can look forward to having Roger Stone as a cell mate if he doesn’t correct the record he’s already corrected. His formidable loyalty wall is starting to crumble.

It’s looking bad for Trump. He’s getting blamed for everything he did. If I were him, my blood pressure would be through the roof and I’d be having trouble pushing blood through that bloated, lie clogged body.

Maybe he’s so irrational and out of control that his aides have bundled him off to a behavioral health unit for evaluation. Maybe they’re waiting for a bed to open in a clinic somewhere.

As one commenter noted:

“I hope it’s nothing minor”

I’m sure it was a typo.

More comments of this type are showing up in my twitter feed:

Oh, my, that would be awful. For Barron. The kid seems completely innocent. And what’s her name. You know, the one who’s smart enough to keep a low profile? Tiffany! Slipped my mind for a moment there.


Update: Trump is back home. According to his press secretary (who no one has ever seen on TV):

“After a quick exam and labs, the President is headed back downtown. The President remains healthy and energetic without complaints, as demonstrated by his repeated vigorous rally performances in front of thousands of Americans…

Lab work shows Our Glorious Leader to be stronger that Superman and can defeat leftist kryptonite with a single tweet!

Ok then. He went to the hospital about 5 hours ago, came back 3 hours ago. Spent some time meeting with soldiers. I’m sure they were thrilled about that. But all in all, he didn’t spend a lot of time there. About 2 hours. Probably didn’t wait in the ER too long. And you know, it does make you wonder why he had to go to the hospital to have blood drawn. He could have had the White House physician draw his blood to send off to the lab or do an EKG. No need for a motorcade and breathless speculation.

So, I’m guessing his trip was required because the hospital had some diagnostic equipment that they don’t have sitting around in the West Wing.

Still, 2 hours is a short visit. Contrast CT’s take minutes. MRIs take a bit longer. Behavioral health evaluation might have taken longer but with Trump, how much time do you need to determine he’s an unhinged sadistic megalomaniac?

So, probably nothing to worry about. Except that it was sudden.

And unscheduled.

And he had lab work done.

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  1. Well, it’s pretty obvious the white house is lying. Physicals are usually done at the white house with the staff doctor. There is speculation that this is step 1 in Trump resigning for medical reasons or poor health. I still cannot see him resigning when it immediately is going to trigger indictments. He’s in poor physical shape so he could have had to go to Reed for any number of ailments.

    • I think his comment about how hard this has been on his family might be a hint.
      Maybe Melanie has had enough. Maybe he doesn’t take rejection well.
      I’m still going with the diagnostic equipment at Walter Reed being a good reason to go there. A brief video clip shows him and his attendants walking briskly to their vehicles. So he wasn’t incapacitated at that point. But I’ve known people who needed bypass surgery who drove themselves to the hospital.
      I think you’re right. The doctor is going to say he’s got three clogged arteries and he needs surgery.
      Or he’s got colon cancer or something.
      The sympathy vote will protect him for awhile. But indictments will happen.

      • Melania reportedly has already checked out. She shows up when she’s needed but that’s about it. I would not be surprised in the least to find out he had coronary artery disease. It would be nice if we could rely on the white house to tell us the truth so we wouldn’t have to speculate.

  2. Maybe one of these poor souls will be tending Benedict Donald. 😈

    • You know, I was just thinking yesterday about all the amateur porn videos out there recorded by people doing weird, unorthodox things in multiples to excess and realized that THEY WALK AMONG US!

  3. I’m wary that whatever health issues the maniac has, it would be a sympathy, forgiveness and exaltation tool for his amoral supporters.

    • I think that his supporters would use any event to rationalize their love for Trump. It is sort of interesting, mostly upsetting, to realize that when Hillary, suffering from walking pneumonia, fainted once, she was attacked, blamed, mocked for it. Sanders is cheered after a much more serious episode, and gains points in the polls. I am sure that some of the media will excoriate the Democrats for causing Trump stress. Meanwhile over half the the people in the country cannot sleep, have had anxiety attacks, depression, and everything else, due to Trump. “Eat it, libs!” is the favorite rallying cry of Trump’s supporters, who just love their weird idea of what “winning ” means. I do not have any sympathy for any of them.

  4. How reliable is Daily Kos? This article is horrifying. At least, i now know who Horowitz is….anyone read his report?


    • I read this article. It is indeed horrifying, but the headline is extreme, I think. It is not going to blow up impeachment. It is intended as a distraction, and as a shot across the bow, but it is not going to be believable, and of course it would be based on lies and concocted stories. No one trusts Batr at this point. The “base” will love it, though. By the time Trump finishes, we will not have any allies, just a few totalitarian countries looking to get things from us.

  5. Since the topic of Trump;s health is still in the forefront, it is a good time to tell you about a cartoon which I have never forgotten. My father was a cartoonist and advertising artist,, mostly for ads in magazines and papers., though he certainly had the talent to have done things like Saul Bass, with whom he went to art school, and he would draw very cute animals on colored paper for me..He liked Jules Feiffer, for his politics and his drawings. So he had a book of his drawings, , and I picked it up and read it one day.

    Feiffer drew this multiframe cartoon about a political campaign. The officeholder, let’s say named Jones, was an absolutely buffoon, he was supported by a bunch of very rich people, so though political party was not named, these were obviously Republicans. He was running for re-election. However, in the middle of the campaign, he died suddenly. The rich backers were horrified; as the other candidate would now surely win. Then one of them got this bright idea. They filled the body of the deceased politician with sawdust, and stuck it out on the stage for a big political event, with one of them imitating his voice backstage.

    This was going fine for them….until the body started leaking sawdust during the middle of the speech. The rich guys flee the backstage in panic. The last frame has them holed up on some island. They fearfully pick up the newspaper, and the headline is, “Jones re-elected!” Feiffer then writes, “Moral: You can’t keep a good man down.” I have always felt that this cartoon, probably done back in the ’50’s, brilliantly summarized the Republican Party and also the electorate. Could we see a figurative, if not actual, evocation of it now?

  6. What in the unholy name of Hutizilopochtli is Spammy mad about NOW? 🙄

  7. Donald Trump is not Superman.

    THIS is Superman. :mrgreen:

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