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Standing O

As Republicans were objecting at the end of the session, Marie Yovanovitch got up to leave the floor after her impeachment inquiry testimony when this happened:

I don’t know what it means but it isn’t good for someone.

8 Responses

  1. Today is being called the “Butterfield Moment”.

  2. It was very touching to see and hear that spontaneous standing ovation. She more than deserved it. At this rate, I may lose my bet that Trump will be impeached, he might not get to stay in office that long. It would of course be worth the lost money, unless we end up with Pence and a pardon for him, a result I could not tolerate.

    • There is speculation that the GOP does not want to have a vote on this and will get Trump to resign. Resigning would be fine with me as long as they don’t cut a deal with him to let him off the hook on charges.

      • The deal I’d cut with him is he would have to give a speech where he admits his crimes and orders his followers to not retaliate.
        Also, he would have to agree to not defend himself afterwards and to disavow anyone who attempts to defend him. It would have to be a complete confession of guilt and all attempts must be made to prevent insurrection. In other words, he would have to admit that he conned his base and he would need to be convincing.
        If he breaks the agreement in anyway, the indictments would follow.
        Further, he would only be absolved for what he had done in office. Anything prosecutable before and after would be his problem.
        That’s the deal. Take it or leave it. His biggest punishment would be to deprive him of an audience.

        • That would work. It certainly would not stop NY state from charging him and even the feds as long as it happened before November 2016.

        • It is a very intriguing idea. But of course such a deal would have to be in writing, and even then, one could litigate for decades about the meaning of the words. And of course Trump would never do some of that, it is not in his psychology. I would imagine that his play will be to stay in office, where they can’t indict him for anything, and the statue of limitations would run out on some of it.

          I suppose that if the Republicans in the Senate told him, as with Nixon, that they were going to vote for conviction, he might be compelled to do something. But knowing these Republicans, who after all hold the power in this, they would demand of the Democrats that in exchange for the vote to convict, or telling Trump to resign, Trump gets pardoned by Pence, the Democrats do not try to remove Pence, and that the Democrats accept Pence with good grace. For Republicans to get Trump to admit he conned everybody, would be to admit that they did, too.

          I was very upset to see Jon Meacham, who appears to be the “go-to” historian on MSNBC, say something about how Republicans should admit to themselves that Trump was an interesting effort, but a mistake, and that they should realize that Pence would be better, because essentially he would not do rude or insulting things. in my mind, Pence could be even worse than Trump, a soft-spoken seemingly palpable religious fanatic who will take away women’s rights, force prayers in school, destroy all abortion rights, and fill the courts with exactly the same kind of judges that Trump is putting in. The only questions would be, who is less likely to blow up the planet, and who is less likely to be elected next time. One might think that Trump still has that “charisma” and so he would have a better chance to win; but he is damaged. Pence would get much of the media’s imprimatur, ” a new start,” “a refreshing change from Trump,” as he would give some kind of phony speech about how we must all work together. Media loves that kind of thing, and they love Republicans who are just not unpleasant to them. So my inclination is that we would have a better chance to beat Trump and also to win the Senate with him as the target, although it obviously depends upon whom we nominate. It is a tricky calculation, and I don’t get to make it, of course. But while many would just want an end to Trump so badly that they would make do with Pence, I think that this could be a very big mistake. Pence would get the inaccurate credit for the economy, as Trump would, and not the blame for all the insults and wrongdoing, though he was a big part of the latter, and is a thoroughly bad person.

  3. My druthers; Many people come forward (let’s start with Parnas, Fruman and Giuliani) to prove/provide indisputable evidence that trump has been in cahoots with Russia since the Miss Universe Pageant and illegitimate because the election was interfered with, therefore not free or fair. Out he goes along with Pence, his cabinet, all the judges he appointed, everything he enacted, just rewind to the day before he took office. If he cheated to win and worse betrayed this country, Hillary is prez for the next four years by default (she also had the popular vote and didn’t cheat). He gets charged with enough crimes to put him in a common man’s jail (not the country club ones) until he dies and he and his spawn lose everything in fines and back taxes.

    Well, that’s my fantasy and I am clinging to it! trump is a walking, talking catastrophe, a threat to humankind, and he must be stopped. Half of the country got what they wanted for the better part of 3 years, now it is our turn. I don’t think Putin will want anything to do with him once he is out of office unless it is to parade him around like a dancing bear on a chain. Unfortunately, I suspect trump will never be held accountable for any of what he has done, one party rule will continue under a Romney or a Haley; our experiment in democracy has failed and may well end in an ELE, taking the rest of the world with us. This country, all of it, must accept the fact that someone like trump should NEVER have been able to run for, let alone win, the presidency.

  4. “…our experiment in democracy has failed and may well end in an ELE, taking the rest of the world with us.”


    Was it over when the Germans bombed Pearl Harbor?

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