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Impeachment Hearings Day 1

Here is the link to the C-Span live feed.

You can also check the Canadian CBC feed. It starts at 10:00am.

These two feeds are suggested to avoid biased commentary that we might hear on CNN, MSNBC or FOX.

I’ll be working so please keep me up to date with your comments. I’ll check them at lunch.


Highlight du Jour (so far):

What to expect when you’re impeaching.

Vox gives us an overview of the witnesses and procedures.

Today’s first witness is Ambassador William Taylor. He’s the career diplomat who was called out of retirement after Maria Yovanovich was dismissed by Trump.

Did anyone else cringe when reading the transcript of the July 25 call where Trump trashed her reputation, said she was “bad” and called her “the woman”? He could have just as easily called her “the ottoman” or “the cat figurine” or some other inanimate object that displeased him. It made my stomach lurch.

I would expect Taylor to be accomplished, experienced, and from all we’ve heard and read of him, steely. This man does not seem easily intimidated. That may have been Trump’s mistake. It would have been much easier to replace Yovanovich with a Trump lackey if he didn’t have to put up the pretense of having a professional and visible US embassy in Kiev.

But if I were Taylor, I would be surprised and uncomfortable to realize that I replaced Yovanovich because why? Because I was a man who might be more easily compromised? That I was retired anyway so what would I care? I’m not a real diplomat anyway? I would just look the other way? My Y chromosome would make it easier to sympathize with the Trump contingent?

His deposition was powerful. He cares about our reputation, moral authority and our national security. He’s not a Never Trumper, he’s the anti-Trump.


The fact checker at WaPo has compiled a list of spin, that the Republicans have tried in the last couple of weeks, and then systematically debunks them.

This is not difficult to do because the evidence is so overwhelming and primary witnesses abundant. It doesn’t leave Republicans much to work with except that the witnesses are Never Trumpers, like that makes any sense at all.

But I’m sure the unaware will fall for some of these tropes. Don’t let it happen to you.

All the lies told to people who want so desperately to believe in their president remind me of this every time I hear them:

You’re a mean one, Mr. Trump.