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Ok, enuf zen, I’m pissed.

There are many things making me angry these days. I could write a book.

At this point, it’s not so much that I’m newly angry about something. It’s that I’ve been sitting on my anger for such a long time when it comes to Trump.

I’ve been angry about his heartless and expensive policies for three years now. That’s a given. We’ve all been angry about that. But this anger I’m talking about is bubbling up to the surface from some other place.

It’s not that I expect Republicans to grow a pair and stand up to him. Oh, no, we’ve been told explicitly to never expect such a thing. You almost get the sense that Moscow Mitch wouldn’t stop Trump from nuking San Francisco.

It’s irritating to read Trump and his mouthpieces whining about due process when they’ve separated families seeking asylum and allowed toddlers who don’t speak English and don’t have a lawyer represent themselves in immigration court.

No, this anger has to do with Trump escaping accountability time after time and now, finally, having to face the truth in public impeachment hearings. I’d like to take that truth and methaphorically ram it down his throat and make him eat it.

This time, he and all the like minded ethics challenged people he works with ARE going to be damaged. After this is over, everyone will finally know what he is.

What they do with this information is up to them. But they would have to be the most pathetic whip-kissers alive to allow him to crow in triumph that his pals in the Senate let him off the hook.

Let them whine that they can’t use the Chewbacca Defense to confuse Americans. Let them blame Never Trumpers as if Trump should be allowed to abuse his office without objection. I really don’t care, do you?

All I’m interested in is hearing Fiona Hill, Bill Taylor, Alex Vindman and clueless weasel Gordon Sondlund tell their truths once and for all and exposing the orange excrement in the White House.

He didn’t make America great again. He made us a global laughing stock and put many lives in danger.

And this is just foreign policy we’re talking about. We still have no idea how he is manipulating domestic policy to benefit his own financial interests.

Finally, we’re going to get some incontrovertible truth not about some wild, right wing conspiracy theory but a simple case of bribery on an international scale with global repercussions and all fingers will point to Trump.

Before the election 2016, I and 65,000,000 other voters made up our minds based on what we observed that Trump was a walking talking disaster. He has exceeded our expectations. What makes me angry is it took us this long to force the other 62,000,000 to see it too.

My ears are deaf to all of the chest beating and cries of unfairness from the other side. They’ve been given a better process than the Republicans ever had during the Nixon hearings and they’ve got Fox News cheering them mindlessly. Let’s not forget that they’re busily violating voting rights around the country while simultaneously sitting on a bill that would tighten election security in 2020. They’re doing it because they don’t think the rest of us have any right to vote them out of power, electoral college or not.

In these hearings, we’re the good guys and we’ll try to create rules and make everyone follow them after what has been a lawless three years of government controlled by the other side that has snubbed its nose at any norm that wasn’t memorialized in the Constitution, and some that were.

They deserve a lot less mercy than they’re going to get even if, by some miracle, Trump gets impeached and the Republicans get burned in the 2020 elections. That is what makes me the angriest.

What to do in the meantime.

Preet Bharara made a good point the other day about our obsession with what has been going on in Washington in the last three years. The building anger can be exhausting. There are other things going on in your world. You don’t have to pump cortisol into your bloodstream 24/7. Find something else to do.

With Wednesday’s hearings coming upon us at breakneck speed, and the anticipation of wall to wall coverage by network and cable news, I’m taking some time to clear the politics out of my head.

In the past year, I’ve found a few things that help me relax. Here they are in no particular order:

1.) Japji Sahib, recited by Snatam Kaur. The Japji Sahib is a prayer from the beginning of the Sikh holy book, the Sri Guru Granth Sahib. The prayer is made up of pauris, or stanzas, that describe the nature of god. The language is Gurbani. I have read some English translations. If you’re into Spinoza, you’ll like this one. I used to queue this up on my iPhone during my chemo sessions. It goes especially well with benedryl. You will awaken very well rested.

2.) Any video by Li Ziqi. It has occurred to me that maybe these videos are all a big Chinese communist plot to seduce us with Chinese culture. Ok, I surrender. Li Ziqi is a lifestyle blogger from China who lives on a farm in the countryside with her grandmother. She cooks, she sews, she makes her own sinks out of stone and furniture out of bamboo. She even made her oven out of clay that she dug herself. She’s like Martha Stewart on steroids. Some of her creations take a year in planning. The videos are beautifully produced and edited. The visuals are stunning. Ten minutes of Li Ziqi will lower your blood pressure for the rest of the day. In Chinese with occasional English subtitles but dialog is unnecessary.

3.) Restored by the Fords is an HGTV design show featuring an eccentric pair of siblings, Leanne and Steve Ford. There are a couple of reasons why I love this show. The Fords restore homes in Pittsburgh. They’re natives, without the heavy Pittsburgh accent. (Though Steve does tend to pronounce “colors” as “kellers” like my Dad used to do.) Leanne is the designer. She’s got that weird look in her eyes like so many gifted people who see around corners. But it would be wrong to underestimate the contributions of her brother who has very practical and ingenious solutions to carry out Leanne’s crazy ideas. The dialog between them is definitely not cheery Fixer Upper style. The Fords are edgy and sardonic, almost uncomfortably so. But Leanne’s designs are breathtaking. She has a way of carving up rooms that is unnatural. Her style is minimal with a palette of black, cream and grey. But none of her interiors are cold. They’re soft and curated. Every item that goes in a room is a work of art and all of the materials shine. Bingeworthy.

4.) Audible. This isn’t an ad for audible. It’s just that you can get stuff done while you’re reading. It can be very relaxing.

5.) Vinyl. You never know what you’ll find in a box of old albums. Music is so, so good.

6.) My back yard. It’s beautiful, no matter the season.

How do you relax and take your mind off politics?