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From “very, very bad to much, much worse”

Here is a sample of Ambassador Taylor’s testimony to the Impeachment Inquiry committees today. This is from his public statement prior to his hearing:

Holy Hemiola that looks bad. Trump is ruining our foreign policy with his self-serving transactions and careless ignorance.

As an American, I find all of this cringeworthy.

He’s coming to Pittsburgh tomorrow. Looks like I have to go in to downtown for work after all. But the streets are going to be a mess and traffic will be a giant pain in the ass.

But I’m curious about what he’s going to say to the frackers tomorrow. Maybe Pittsburgh will be his Waterloo. Any idle speculation or predictions? Put them in the comments below.

Protests are expected. Maybe I’ll join one.

I heard a lively discussion on the bus today between two strangers about how they both can’t stand Trump and they’re just getting sick of the drama and why can’t we just get rid of him.

There were some strange looking dudes on the bus today too. Who knows what THEY were up to. They didn’t look like locals. Anyway, I’ll keep my eyes peeled.

7 Responses

  1. I would imagine that he will just do his usual mix of anger and self-pity, and blame Democrats, the fake news, and anyone else he hates.

    It is quite a story, though. I just hope that the general populace truly understands the depth of corruption here. He is running the country like a mob boss. Trying to get Zelensky to go on record, so as to lock him in, make him a member of the mob. Get the media to jump on the Biden story, because “Ukraine wanted to investigate.” Turn our foreign policy into his own aggrandizement and destruction of his enemies. I would also like to know why gas price in California are suddenly about 50% higher than in the rest of the country. Is that his doing as well? Probably. What else is he manipulating?

    If we hear, “Well, hum, we don’t approve of this, but it does not rise to the level of impeachment,” it will be disgraceful. Bill Clinton lying about a consensual sexual affair was worthy of impeachment, and most of the Republican senators voted for conviction and hence removal; and yet blatantly trying to force Ukraine to do Trump’s bidding in order to get imperative military aid, is not? Who else is he presently extorting? This should be enough to get him impeached, convicted, and jailed, plus all the others who were part of it, Pence, Pompeo, Barr, Giuliani, Sondland, and more. Seriously jailed. Is this a democracy or an American/Russian mafia? We could have avoided this, had emails not been so important to so many crooks and fatuous dolts.

    • It wasn’t emails. Nothing could have been so transparently ginned-up an excuse. It was sexism.

      Putin looked at the fissures in the rule of law and pumped discord down all of them to shatter this country, but sexism was by far the deepest and most powerful.

  2. Also had not so many depraved non-elite white folks, many of whom claim to be “Christians”, been willing to sell their souls to Lucifer, not even for great wealth or other great prizes, but just for the petty hope of being able to say the N-word openly again.

    • Please have a little sympathy

      Having spent most of my early adulthood in NYC area I can say that this looks like it was recorded in the mid 80s, so it’s really an oldie but goodie.

  3. The New York Times wrote a misleading/lying headline about Hillary saying that she said that” Russians were grooming Gabbard for a third-party run.” What she actually said, in a podcast that actually could have been fact-checked, was that Republicans were looking at Gabbard as a possible third party candidate to hurt Democrats.

    ‘ Everyone got the story wrong, everyone was asked to comment on something she had not said. Five days later, the NYT rrevised the quote. Bernie Sanders apparently doesn’t read or doesn’t care, because he wanted to respond about how it was” “outrageous” to say that Gabbard is a Russian asset. No one had said, that, however. Beto, Buttigieg, Castro, others, were all asked what they thought about something Hillary never said, and the media kept talking about it, never once thinking to listen to the actual podcast So here we are with 20 or so dwarves running in the Democratic primaries, and a media which prefers the joy of going after Hillary some more to anything else, and a NYT which has now long passed the “what is going on over there?” phase, and the “they are awful” phrase, and now clearly looks like it is owned and run by people whose major objectives are to have Trump win again, and to attack Hillary Clinton, to the extent of actually making up news stories to that end.

    • William, did you get a chance to listen to the podcast? Hillary was superb. It was Stein she referred to as a Russian asset in no uncertain terms.

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