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Moar Innoculation

First, this Mulvaney quote should be rolled out any time the Republicans scream bloody murder that impeachment inquiries are “political”, as if that was a baaaaaad thing.

I’m not saying that Democrats are being political when it comes to impeachment inquiries. At this point, I think they have bigger concerns than politics. But let’s not let Republicans get away with it anymore.

Second, Trump and his party, that he owns, lock, stock and barrel, seem to think that ALL politicians have the same smarmy motives and practice the same unscrupulous behavior. Clearly, this is not the case or we would see a lot more indictments of Democrats for doing unethical, unconstitutional, cheating and backstabbing. We just don’t see it.

That doesn’t mean that Democrats are perfect or smarter than everyone else. But it does suggest that their motivations might be more intrinsic than extrinsic. Maybe more Democrats go into politics because they like public service more than Republicans. That’s a theory I would like to see tested or data collected or something.

But to assume that all politicians behave this way and that it’s ok to craft foreign policy around elections, in spite of the head of the FEC saying this is definitely NOT allowed is flat out lying.

You’d have to look long and hard to find anyone but Trump and his party who does it to this degree and I would challenge anyone to find evidence that even one Democrat has EVER done it.

3 Responses

  1. I have been thinking about that recently. The ultimate protection the Republican Party has both on the national and state level is that they know that Democrats will never do what they do, outside of this or that small exception. So when various people say, “This would set a precedent allowing any Democratic President (or any Democrat) to do these things,” it is not something which concerns Republicans. They happily impeached Bill Clinton for lying about an affair, four or five years after originally investigating him for the nonsense known as Whitewater. They would do it again. The first Democrat who does anything a hundredth as corrupt as Trump, would be excoriated and prosecuted. Two sets of rules. And Democrats by their nature, just are not like that. All the laughable tapes of things that Republicans said 20 years ago about impeaching Clinton, so at odds with what they say now, do not bother them, it’s all part of their nature. We showed you we are snakes, but you keep voting for us, so that must be what you want.

    The general populace for years has been inculcated to this, “everyone does it,” narrative. When Sanders spent six months bellowing at Hillary for making a couple of speeches to Wall Street, when his followers threw dollar bills at her, it is part of it. When Nader told everyone that there was no difference between the parties, it was another canard which gratified the perpetual cynics who like to believe that everyone wants to get in on the grift. And Trump and his mouthpieces employ the Goebbels technique of attacking your enemies for what you are doing. “You’re the puppet.” “Pelosi had a meltdown and we must pray for her health.” “The Democrats were the ones who sought foreign help in the election.” I guess that mafia people talk like that, too: everyone is crooked, they are just better at it. Republicans at this stage of their devolution have no scruples whatsoever regarding morality or rules, they are addicted to the perquisites of power.

    • I don’t know whom I despise more at this point:

      (1) The bigots, or

      (2) The bad citizens who are not bigoted, or at least not very bigoted, themselves–but will blithely throw the victims of bigotry to the non-existent mercies of the bigots, in return for endlessly low taxes.

      More and more, I think it’s the latter group. With some of the former group, one gets the sense that some of them have enough barbaric nobility in them that, given a proper education (or a Damascus Road experience), they could be brought over to the side of Light.

      The latter group, on the other hand, just want their low taxes. They have sold the withered, pitiful things they call their souls to Mammon for low taxes.

      The average affluent-or-richer white American is a nauseating crybaby about taxes.

      • Well said. Moody’s election model predicts a handy Trump victory, just based on the economy. Of course, Trump has very little to do with the economy doing fairly well, and of course it will decline very soon, whether just before or just after the election. Trump borrowed and piled up debt in his businesses, and then declared bankruptcy four times. That is his plan here; well, for this to happen after he is already gone from office with the billions he has stolen. And of course a government cannot declare bankruptcy; it can default on its debts, and then the Full Faith and Credit of the U.S. is worth nothing, the dollar is worth cents and we have chaos. The billionaires will have left before then, though. Back to Moody’s, this election will hopefully be run on many issues besides the economy.

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