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Debate Fallout

Sorry, guys, I fell asleep. But I heard there was some tension between Biden and Warren. And Buttigieg and Warren. And {{fill in blank}} and Warren. The issue was how to pay for healthcare for all.

I’m sure she has a plan for that.

Also, there were still too many candidates on the stage and that no one would miss Tulsi, Yang, Beto.

What else happened? Who won?

8 Responses

  1. I don’t think anyone won. There were too many people to declare one of them a winner.

  2. I only saw the last hour, but I watched some recaps. I don’t want to be unfair based on just what I saw, but it looked as if Buttigieg went after Warren (and also Beto), showing a different side of himself. He rather unfairly said that Warren’s answer to the question of whether she would raise taxes to pay for her healthcare plan (she said that she would raise them on the wealthy but not the middle class) was an evasion of a “yes or no question.” It wasn’t a yes or no question in connotation, but he wanted to score the easy point. I don’t see him ever answering any question with more than generalities.

    Others challenged Warren on the plan, as they should, because it is very important. Klobuchar looked good from what I saw, and apparently she was able to contrast her more centrist (she would call it effective) positions to Warren’s, which she implied were nice fantasies.

    Booker stood up against a question to Biden about Ukraine, saying that pitting Democrats against Democrats did not work last time. Bravo for that.

    Yang and Steyer are only there because of money, it is a ridiculous way to run these debates. They’ve already qualified for next time.

    Gabbard took the Trump position that Democrats have been trying to impeach him since his first day in office. She is a Russian plant, and will probably run as a third party candidate. I cannot stand her.

    It seems that the possible gainers from the debate are Klobuchar, Buttigieg, maybe Booker a little. I did not see any foreign policy questions, that is not something the candidates can ignore. Apparently there was about 20 minutes of that discussed in the first hour, and Biden did pretty well. Unfortunately, there is literally no one on that debate stage who impresses me that much, but someone is going to have to emerge, and be able to win, with a decent platform. Let’s see if Klobuchar makes a big jump up. If Biden falters, she could become the pragmatic candidate. If Sanders withdraws, it probably helps Warren. If these all stay in, I don’t see how the top two get passed, although we could have a brokered convention.

    • Gabbard Gabbard Hey is a Democrat only because she comes from Hawai’i, where Republicans are less popular than hemorrhoids. 😛

  3. My earlier comment seems to have gotten stuck in the spam folder

  4. Warren wins because she doesn’t go off message and won’t allow herself to become entangled in others narratives. Don’t let the innocuous grandmotherly exterior fool you, Warren is in control always. Her opponents will try to take the crown but I don’t think it’s gonna happen. Voters connect with her. Biden and Bernie often come across as incoherent and jumbled. Harris I like a lot but she’s lost traction over the past couple months & not sure she can make it up. Liz just seems to nail it. Doesn’t always make sense how she does, but never the less she persists.

  5. Seagrl,

    I totally agree with you!

    What everyone is missing is “why” Liz won’t say she will raise taxes to get Medicare For All passed. This is a complicated issue and can easily be taken out of context as to how she plans to pay for the healthcare. She has stated numerous times before how it’s going to be paid for by the top 1% by pitching in 2 cents of every dollar they earn over 50 million. If she were to follow Bernie and say “yes, taxes will go up”…that will be replayed ad nauseum on republican ads throughout the general election and people will believe that she will be going after the middle class to pay for it. She’s smart by not giving the republicans ammunition against her that can easily be misleading. However, she did say in that debate, which is also being ignored by the media and the other candidates, that she would never sign a bill that would hurt the middle class financially. I believe her. Her record for doing what she says she’s going to do gives her that credibility we all want in a politician.

    Did everyone notice how biden tried to take credit for passing the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau? Both former Sen. Chris Dodd and former Rep. Barney Frank told The New York Times they do not recall the former vice president being a key or significant player in getting Dodd-Frank passed, undercutting his claims. No surprise that many men in power try to take credit for work done primarily by a woman. Let’s not ignore that it was Nancy Pelosi who revied the Affordable Care Act when Democrats left it for dead. Just seems that women are less likely to give up so easily against difficult odds as the men tend to do. Liz did not give up on her signature CFPB, which many thought wouldn’t pass, and Nancy did not give up on the ACA when everyone else had. We need that kind of persistence and resolve in the presidency if we ever want to get anything done.

  6. Just saw this article about Hillary Clinton warning us that she believes the Russians are grooming a democrat this time around: https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/politics/hillary-clinton-suggests-russia-is-grooming-current-democratic-candidate-to-run-as-a-third-party-nominee/ar-AAIZkrE?ocid=spartandhp

    What you want to bet it’s Gabbard.

  7. If she runs as third party candidate, it’s very possible the Russian will be able to steal the electoral votes like they did in 2016…Hillary is warning us again. We should not make the same mistake we did last time and ignore her again. If we do, it’s too frightening to imagine another 4 years of trump.

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