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      **GUEST POST By Eric Anderson** If you don’t know where you are, you don’t know who you are. — Wendell Berry I’ve thought a lot about immigration in my time, and confess, I’ve never thought very highly of it. Which, of late, seems to be an extremely unpopular position among liberals. But it’s not that […]
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Shep Smith out at Fox a day after AG Barr meets with Murdoch


From Vanity Fair today:

While hosts like Sean Hannity and Laura Ingrahamare as loyal as ever, the president has grown increasingly angry with other of the network’s reporters, including Chris Wallace and Shep Smith, along with polls that suggest its viewers are coming around on his impeachment. “It is so different than it used to be,” Trump lamentedThursday.

It was against this backdrop that William Barr,Trump’s dutiful attorney general, met with Fox News mogul Rupert Murdoch on Wednesday night. Why they met, or what they discussed, is not clear, according to the New York Times, which first reported the rendezvous. But the timing of the meeting—as Trump, under siege from Democrats, ramps up his criticism of Fox News—raised eyebrows, leading to questions about whether the administration is attempting to get the network back in line. “What is the Attorney General of the United States doing meeting with the owner of a private television network?” CNN’s Vicky Ward tweetedThursday.

I don’t know, Vicky, but Shep quit today.

Maybe they asked him to watch his tone or read from the script they hand him. Who knows??

I’m not a Fox News watcher. I’ve only heard of Shep Smith by reputation. It seems like he was marching to his own drummer lately and perhaps causing Trump’s poll numbers to look less than stellar.

Well, Trump doesn’t need to worry about that anymore. I’m sure that no Fox News watcher will even notice that Shep is gone. (Not even two weeks notice!)

There’s no connection to AG Barr doing his best to make Trump feel better and prevent anymore Republican voters from defecting due to all of the negative Nancy corruption stories.

Yeah, that oughta do it.

Short review of podcasts

Podcasts I can’t listen to anymore:

  1. Pod Save America – Hosts are too smug, too frat boy, too guys sitting around reminiscing about the good old days. Pass.
  2. Mueller She Wrote – Good concept, sorely in need of an editor.
  3. Political Gabfest (Slate) – WAY too northeast corridor privileged upper class.
  4. The Weeds – I think this is a Vox podcast. Matt Yglesias’s voice is vocal frying, whining “nails on chalkboard” unlistenable. Very distracting.
  5. Ezra Klein Show – This one is on the bubble for me. His guests seem like variations on the same theme.

Podcasts I find useful/interesting:

  1. Stay Tuned with Preet Bharara – Knowledgeable, great guests, good sense of humor. Doesn’t take himself too seriously.
  2. Fivethirtyeight– Every data geek on this podcast has a unique personality. Plus, you know, moar data.
  3. Trumpcast– Virginia Heffernan has kept this podcast going well past it’s projected expiration date. It’s still pretty good.
  4. Why Is This Happening? With Chris Hayes – This one can be surprisingly good on occasion with “of the moment” topics and interviews.

Not to be missed podcast series:

  1. Slow Burn– This is a history of Watergate starting with Martha Mitchell to the resignation. Scarily relevant.
  2. Bag Man– This podcast digs deep into the role of Spiro Agnew during the Nixon administration years. Full of shocking surprises and revelations.

Got any recommendations? Put them in the comments.


I came home to this yesterday:


Anyone got any ideas on how to fix this that doesn’t involve wads of cash?

(Let us all bow our heads in memory of the garbage bin)