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Impeachment summary 2: of honeymoons and resumés

How many of you caught the exchange between Chuck Todd and Senator Ron Johnson on Press the Meat yesterday? Of all the journalists on TV, Todd wouldn’t have been my first choice for pulling the GOP up by the short hairs to make it answer the damn question. (You only have to watch up to the 3:10 mark):

That’s long overdue. The rest of journalism should follow suit. We’ve had three years of Kellyanne and Lindsay and every other Trump flying monkey getting on TV and spewing absolute nonsense about how it’s actually Lisa Page and Peter Sztrok (sp) who are responsible for Trump’s bad behavior. Or they pulled back the curtain on Trump’s bad behavior. It’s like there is an assumption that Trump is entitled to defenses that the rest of us can only dream about.

Besides, impeachment wouldn’t look good on his resumé. He doesn’t have to be impeached. He can always resign first. One wonders why a “billionaire” would be concerned with a resumé in the first place.

The rest of us can only marvel at the amazing talents of this ignorant, bloated, ugly, man with the integrity of a leaking orange pool toy. That’s not being disrespectful of The President. He hasn’t earned respect. For all we know, he isn’t the president at all. Don’t make me go into how incredibly improbable it is for him to barely squeak by in the electoral college by 80000 votes and yet lose the popular vote by 3 million. I’m sorry, but that will never feel statistically probable to me. 3000 votes? Maybe. 3 million? Nope. Never.

Which brings me to this little exchange from the transcript about just how mean we’ve been to poor Donald:

He’s asking Johnson to repeat and elaborate on what Johnson told the Wall Street Journal: A high-level diplomat, Gordon Sondland, who appeared to be doing Trump’s bidding in Ukraine, according to text messages, privately told Johnson that military aid was tied to Ukraine agreeing “to get to the bottom of what happened in 2016.”

“At that suggestion, I winced,” Johnson told the Wall Street Journal. “My reaction was, ‘Oh, God. I don’t want to see those two things combined.’ ”

Todd wants to know why Johnson was unhappy with that. Johnson doesn’t answer the question. He responds by lamenting that Trump didn’t have “some measure of well-wishes from his opponents” and that his administration was “sabotaged” and brings up former intelligence officials whom Trump has made conservative lightning rods. He is, in other words, reiterating Trump’s talking points rather than criticizing the president.

It’s hard to know where to start with this. It would make me enumerate another list of outrageous behaviors by Trump that clearly show that Donald Trump didn’t deserve “well wishes from his opponents” or ANY decent American for that matter. None of his opponents want any part in this. We don’t condone it and we haven’t been given a good reason for why we should taint ourselves by being in the vicinity of his toxic waste pool.

His administration hasn’t been “sabotaged”. It’s that Trump has asked us all to not object to offenses against our values, morality, dignity and sense of honor. If Republicans want to put everything they stand for on the table to defend this guy, that’s up to them. But they should be aware that the rest of us are witnesses to the lengths they will go to in order to defend the indefensible.

Meanwhile, the honeymoon is over with the press. Todd appears to be one of the first who has decided the press has had enough of the abuse where it is expected to be respectful of lies and conspiracy theories that make it complicit.

I expect to see some backsliding but in general, this is progress.

I’ll take it.


It seems that we have fucked the Kurds again. Turkey is beginning to invade northern Syria and will take this opportunity to deal the Kurds a crushing blow in the meantime.

You remember the Kurds, right? They were our partners in Iraq? They bravely fought off ISIS on their own territory? We provided military aid but they did the heavy lifting. They were the ones that quashed the ISIS caliphate in Raqqa?

Yeah, those guys.

Trump has decided that we will step aside and leave the Kurds to their fates against their nemesis, Turkey.

I’m not entirely blaming Trump for this. Obama should have interceded in Syria with air support when it had a chance. It was a big mistake then.

It doesn’t justify what Trump is doing now. But then again, he’s lost his generals and has only an acting secretary of defense, likely a Trump toady. So this is what we can expect.

The world will never trust us again even when Trump is kicked to the curb.