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      From our benefactor. Slight reduction in speed of increase of cases. Death rate continues to increase.  I think we still have some serious undercounting going on, and in particular I think it’s a good idea to keep an eye on Florida. The results of the work I do, like this article, are free, but food […]
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Nancy’s “strategy”

We’ve heard about how reluctant she’s been to call for an impeachment inquiry. I truly believe that it was the last thing she wanted to do.

But maybe there was a sort of method to her reluctance. I’ve had a feeling for awhile that Nancy knows how to push Trump’s buttons. Maybe she’s been consulting with experts concerning Trump’s malady. They likely told her that cluster B personality disorders also include antisocial personality disorder in addition to narcissistic personality disorder. Can we see that in Donald Trump? Yep, I think we can.

Given his natural tendencies, he was likely to increase the number of violations. Increasing the violations also increased the possibility that he would become over-confident and reckless, neglecting to line up fall guys or clean up the evidence.

So, if Nancy had a strategy, maybe it was simply patience. She gave him plenty of rope and waited.

We lucked out that there was a witness to the latest violation. Let’s hope that his debriefing of the House Intel committee isn’t intercepted by Mitch McConnell and his Republican iron curtain.

One final thing: I was reading Hoarse Whisperer yesterday on Twitter and he made a very good suggestion about leaks, opinion, punditry and the press. Basically it was this: people who know real secrets don’t leak them the way you think they do and prolific leakers aren’t as well connected as you might think they are. Pay attention to commentators and experts who do not jump to conclusions but only report or analyze the information they are given without excess extrapolation. He says former prosecutors, military administrators and subject matter experts are usually best bets.

Just something to keep in mind going forward into this impeachment inquiry.