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The real reason Nancy wants to avoid Impeachment?

There are all kinds of theories. I’ve heard it’s because she wants evidence and there is none. But the Clinton impeachment had the evidence bar set so low that the mountain of evidence that Trump has created exceeds 10 Nixons. So, that’s not it.

Is it because the blue dogs might lose? They might lose anyway if Democrats look feckless and like they didn’t get anything done. Most people are not political junkies. They probably don’t really understand how congressional majorities work and they haven’t listened to I’m Just A Bill since forever.

Moderate Democrats are skerred? Please. A lot of seats gained in 2018 came from Pennsylvania where voters *finally* got a more proportional representation. People like Conor Lamb are now in very secure districts. He’s being a wuss if he’s an impeachment holdout. (I don’t know. I’ve been otherwise preoccupied).

So what’s the real reason?

I suspect there’s a nugget of truth in the following tweet:

I like Kamala. I’d vote for her. But it’s still too early to pick a nominee though I do have a favorite.

But my point is not about Kamala. It’s about our free press.

They’re the ones who gave us Trump in the first place because they couldn’t let go of their Hillary grudge (thanks, Sally Quinn). AND the media wanted a horse race. They wanted the Democrat to come out on top but just barely. That would have meant 4 years of even more torture and using Trump as a battering ram against Clinton.

If Democrats break the glass for impeachment as the media is currently urging them to do, there’s a good possibility that journalists and media moguls will use it as spectacle instead of the serious business that it is.

This president might not even be our president and he’s increasingly authoritarian, autocratic and unstable. Getting him out of the White House is not a joke or the product of a 3 year rage. He really needs to be removed before he gets people killed or ruins the economy even more (oh, it’s coming. Get your plan B together now for the next Great Recession).

We just can’t put this kind of responsibility in the hands of a careless media who thinks of impeachment as a programming decision. This is not Nancy vs Donald, get ready to rumble!! We shouldn’t have a scoreboard on who’s up in the impeachment polls and who’s losing ground to the media conjured narrative.

Just the thought of it makes me shudder.

The impeachment of Donald Trump needs to be carried out on national TV with the greatest of care, gravitas and no kidding around.

The media hasn’t apologized for what they did to Clinton in 2016. Jeff Bezos is a hands off publisher to a point. He’s still a rich guy. Dean Baquet is an asskisser.

I just don’t think we can trust them.

That’s what’s holding things up.

17 Responses

  1. RD,

    A very astute, well thought out observation and one well worth serious consideration. I have noticed how the media has turned serious reporting into a competition to get the best ratings. I agree that the media has failed the American people beyond anything I could have ever imagined. That failure was never more clear than when they allowed trump to get tons of free passes and they never vetted him (or Bernie, for that matter), while covering Hillary only to criticize her hair, her voice, her clothes, her E-MAILS in an all out effort to undermine her campaign.

    Comey, too, is largely responsible for giving us trump, with the media gleefully aiding and abetting him every step of the way.

    • Yes, Hillary ran against Bernie and his bros, Trump, Putin, Comey and the Media and still received almost three million more votes than the current occupant-individual No.1, but all they can say is that she was a bad candidate who ran a poor campaign.

      • There is a dark and angry part of my soul which would enjoy a successful leftist revolution’s putting an electric shock collar on the testicles of the White Male Media. 😈

        This is why the only devil I really believe in is that guy I see in the mirror sometimes.

  2. RD,

    Good to see you up, about and eloquent as usual.

    For a soothing read, here’s a link to the SDNY site for the laughable effort of Dump’s attorneys to stymie production of his tax returns:


    SDNY’s attorneys have just filed their answer to Dump’s complaint. It’s pure legal catnip. Dump’s complaint reads like it was written with a sharpie and is supported entirely by “just cause” cites. SDNY’s answer has multilple pages of state and federal authories which are, unlike the 2 or 3 in Dump’s initial complaint, controlling authority. It’s meticulously argued, with language that respects the court and the law.

    I just cannot think at this point, with this much national attention, that any New York judge would repeat their error of letting Don. Jr (or was is Kushner?) off the hook.

    The unique thing here is the almost real time availability of the filiings. It lets anyone who wants to follow along in real time.

    • Ayayay, the reason I didn’t go to law school is because I didn’t want to read legal documents.
      We have to, don’t we?

      • But these are *fun*!

        (says the nerd who got into programming via the language & symbolic logic backdoor)

  3. All true but I would add that as news consumers, Democrats, well really all of the electorate, need to send a message and not reward media by watching or consuming click bait both siderism BS. And clearly, we should not reward any candidate who attacks another by carrying Trump’s water as Sanders did when he implied, indeed, Hillary was crooked. I dropped my NYT subscription on as soon as they started their doggy reporting on Trump, I thought maybe Judith Miller was back. And I don’t watch CNN.
    I wasn’t for impeachment I wanted him in jail and fined, but now I am. I also believe we need to become really loud and demand Trump; Pence Pompeo resign, Pelosi can’t do this on her own. All three need to be impeached as conspirators for the bride of a foreign government to benefit the Republican Party. I think Pelosi’s concern is that somehow Trump and cronies escapes without punishment like Nixon. Anyone believe Trump cares if the House impeaches him, I don’t.

    • Jeez, so true about CNN. It’s unlistenable. You’ve got the mandatory two teams against each other flinging poo and making way too much noise.
      I can’t stand it. That’s why I prefer the quieter, gentler MSNBC. it’s not a political decision. It’s that I want to hear what’s going on without having to wear noise cancelling headphones.
      Plus no Kelly Anne Conway. Or Rudy Giuliani. Why intentionally book liars and psych ops specialists?

  4. I think that Nancy has been against impeachment because she did not even have enough support in her own caucus. She could perhaps drag them there, but at the cost of them losing in the purple districts. The House is the only guardrail against complete fascism at this point, including the end of Social Security and Medicare.

    I am still upset that Pelosi seemed to put her fingers on the scale for Obama over Hillary in 2008. But she has largely been an excellent Speaker, and there is no way, in my mind, at least, that she is afraid or spineless, or whatever oppropria are tossed at her. She hates Trump, and knows how dangerous he is. But she also knows that impeachment will never result in conviction, there is a zero percent chance of getting 20 Republican Senators to vote for it. So the media, never our friend, will write headlines screaming, “Trump acquitted, says that the Democratic witch hunt is finally over, vows revenge.””Trump claims full exoneration, as McConnell calls Democrats traitors to the country.” There is no pot of gold at the end of this. “Doing the right thing” has value, but if it loses the next election, is a pyrrhic victory indeed.

    Now, I take your point about the electoral results of this being uncertain. But I am positive that it won’t remove Trump from office by itself. We have seen the recent hearings: Mueller’s testimony, Lewandowski’s contempt for the House, others not even deigning to show up. Are they suddenly going to cooperate? Of course not. They will defy everything, dare the Democrats to file lawsuits, which will drag along for years, and ultimately be dismissed by the Supreme Court which has been stacked for just this purpose. The hearings would be so rancorous, that the media will inevitably resort to their “both sides are going too far” attitude. There would be some catharsis, but not nearly enough, I fear.

    At this point, though, with the apparent revelations about Trump trying to extort Ukraine to go after Biden, impeachment may be necessary. But I am not excited about it. It will go on, some things may be unearthed, and the process will end in the Senate. Then the voters will have to save us, which really is the only way left to avert a perpetual Republican dictatorship. And then we have the issue of who is our presidential candidate. Right now, I’m looking at an unimpressive Biden, Warren’s rather intransigent and unfeasible policies, and then various others who are unlikely to get the nomination. Lose this election, and none of the rest of it will matter.

    FInally, I am so sick of the “Never Trump” Republicans telling Pelosi what to do. Their party caused this, and they were with Gingrich and DeLay and GW Bush and Cheney all the way, as the Republican Party became a cult filled with fake religiosity, bottomless corruption, and the throwing out of all constitutional principles in the services of Winning Above All. If they had wanted to do so, they could have come out strongly for Hillary, but they did not. All they are hoping for is getting rid of Trump, and replacing him in a a few years with a Sanford or Haley. They don’t care about Democrats, except as a wedge to save their party from him. And the Far Left scarcely shows up to vote, anyway, as their favorite pose is to disdain all of it, and stay home and carp and complain until someday Bernie or AOC will lead them to fantasy nirvana.

    • I am still upset that Pelosi seemed to put her fingers on the scale for Obama over Hillary in 2008

      So many people conveniently forget this… This has made me anti-Pelosi from that point forward. She wants to be the Queen Bee… I think that Warren and Harris need to watch out for her should they get the nomination… Nancy will be Biden all the way in the primaries

  5. I watched Pelosi’s conversation at the Atlantic. She is as sharp as ever, exceedingly intelligent. Talked about history, the need to protect the Republic. I would rather have her be President than anyone in the country, outside of Hillary.

    Trump is going to release “the transcript” of the call with the Ukraine President. But there may have been several calls, and I do not trust this release at all. Meanwhile, Schiff says that the whistleblower wants to speak to the House, and that he hopes that this can be done as soon as this week. But DNI and DOJ will likely try to stop him.

    Pelosi believes that Trump simply cannot be re-elected. We just have to hope that an impeachment inquiry will not lessen those chances. At least I can think of no one better than Pelosi to handle this. It is a watershed moment in history, and we’ve lost these before; or better said, we have been cheated by the forces of evil in this country, which are as strong now as they have ever been. The media will be crucial in how this narrative is told, and that is a major concern in itself.

  6. Well, RD in case you haven’t been watching the news, NANCY DID IT!!! NYT reports formal impeachment inquiry!!! O Frabjous day!!

    Now let’s hope the committees let counsel examine witnesses at length — like Mr. Berke did re Lewandowski. Only this time, give basically ALL the time to counsel, no more grandstanding by Members…

  7. “Swing voters” are people who think:

    “Well, yeah, the Republicans sold our country to Russia–and skim billions of dollars in graft out of the public treasury–and rig the political system so they can never lose, or at least never lose severely–and endorse neo-fascist bigotry, to the point where they would roast brown immigrant children alive on pay-per-view if they thought they could get away with it–and speaking of roasting alive, they and their corporate and Russian masters are roasting all of us alive with anthropogenic global warming–but if we vote for Democrats, THEY MIGHT RAISE OUR TAXES!!!1!”

    The modern Republican voter, independent voter, or voluntary
    non-voter (I call the last group “Vote Slackers”; I have NOT
    copyrighted the term; please feel free to make it viral) is either a
    bigot, or displays a depraved indifference to the sufferings of the
    victims of bigotry. I have gotten to where I may well despise one of the
    latter group more than I despise an honest bigot. As Dr. King said, at
    least with the honest bigots one knows where one stands. (BTW, I’m
    white, if anyone’s wondering.)

    I would like to add that the average white American is a despicable crybaby about taxes. The Revolutionary slogan was “No taxation without representation!”, not “No taxation, period!”

  8. This is NOT my comment; it comes from George Lastrapes (I don’t know if that’s his real name or not) on Wonkette:

    Can you imagine The PeeResident delivering a eulogy at a funeral? Trashing the loved one, telling the widow she might be doable if she fixed herself up, telling the school-age daughters to get boob jobs, reminding the attendees that his inaugural crowd was the biggest in history, that the guy is a loser for dying, that he’d be doing Ivanka if she wasn’t his daughter, that we don’t need any more elections (just coronations), that evangelists have told him that if he is not the Second Coming that’s not what Jerry Falwell Jr’s porno tapes say, that he’s the Golden Calf, too, and deserves multiple Nobel prizes, and that’s not brown lipstick ‘cuz he kisses only the most autocratic butts.
    He ran out of breath, and then began his second paragraph.

  9. The Blue Dogs were wiped out in Obama’s first mid-term. The Democrats lost more seats in that election than the GOP did in 2018. Now the Democrats have two wings, the Left, and the Loony Left.

  10. Niles,

    I don’t think you can accuse anyone on the left for being loony for simply standing up for policies they believe in (which is what America is supposed to be about) considering the actions on your side of the aisle the last 3 years. Thankfully, we haven’t morphed into Russia yet, despite all of the efforts by trump to make that happen and become our despot, like his puppet master in Russia.

    I don’t know who is loonier – trump or rudy. The latest melt downs by rudy on TV and trump’s continuous flip flops on Ukraine make it hard to choose. Of course, there is the saga of Moscow Mitch, as well as all of the other republican lemmings in the Senate who have betrayed the OATH they took to represent the best interests of the country and uphold the Constitution, NOT trump. So, who’s being loony here?

    Lincoln was right…”America will never be destroyed from the outside. If we falter and lose our freedoms, it will be because we destroyed ourselves.” Ironically, it is his own republican party who is responsible for trying to bring his prediction to reality.

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