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Not a fanciful movement by your favorite Russian composer.

No, I’m referring to the letter that NOAA drafted to preserve Donald’s “dignity” after he was contradicted in no uncertain terms by meteorologists in Alabama who he said was in Dorian’s path.

There are soooooo many bad things that Donald has done lately that any other president would have been forced to resign. For example, we’ve learned that he exposed a US intelligence asset in the Kremlin to the Russians. That asset had to be evacuated out of Russia toot sweet and is now trying to keep a low profile here in the US.

He made plans to meet with the Taliban – during 9/11 week.

He seems to have had more involvement in the Air Force’s use of Prestwick Airport in Scotland than his denials would suggest.

I’m sure I missed something else. Oh, yeah, almost forgot. He took the money away from military brats for their new middle school in order to build his stupid wall. Then, his secretary of defense said that Congress should “backfill” the money that was allocated for the school in the next budget. So, to summarize: Nancy et al are supposed to reallocate money in the budget that was targeted for a specific purpose again because it wasn’t used properly the first time, probably in violation of the Constitution.

And it’s only TUESDAY!

But what Commerce Secretary demanded NOAA to do was the equivalent of climbing a water tower with a bucket of paint to defend Donald’s honor when everyone knows he’s the dumbest town strumpet around.

If we’ve learned anything from the Russians it’s that it’s a really bad idea to manipulate data and hide ugly truths. They *will* come back to haunt you and the world will have a hard time believing anything you publish. I’m sure there was good science done in the Soviet era. Too bad most of it is buried.

Anyway, it turns out that there are inspector generals who are looking into the matter. Threatening to fire someone for not falsifying data or incorrectly correcting the record for political face saving reasons, is frowned upon.

This one is worth putting the pressure on the administration. It will undermine everything we stand for as a country if we can’t even trust ourselves. That’s the point, isn’t it? Bad governments are very good at undermining truth and reality.


Walk to work music.

Something a little bouncy, a lot country. 💋💋💋💋💋

36 Responses

  1. I’m beginning to think he has tertiary syphilis.

    • But but but his DOCTOR said he was the healthiest human being he had ever seen!
      I think we can completely dispense with that medical report now.

  2. Off topic: I first heard this song on MTV, in the early ’80s, when music videos were still MTV’s primary programming. Alas, it never got the love it deserved here in the USA.

  3. I have noted the absolute lack of ethics, decency and respect for democracy which is now a proud emblem of the Republican Fascist Party. What happened today in the North Carolina legislature has taken this to a new but certainly not ultimate level.

    If you have not followed, the state elected a Democratic Governor two years ago. The Republican legislature then immediately passed lame duck session bills to curb the Governor’s power. This is now a reliable part of the Republican playbook, as they did the same thing in Wisconsin and Michigan That would be disgusting enough. But in NC, they took it further. Apparently there was to be a special election for a key state legislative seat, but the Republicans got it canceled by lying to a court about the districting. They also of course cheated in NC 9 in 2018, and should have lost the election as a result, but the election commission just called for a new election.

    The Republicans and the Democratic Governor are locked in a budget fight. The Republicans do not want to fund school, clean water, or anything in that vein. Today, one of their members, in charge of Rules, sent out that there would be no votes this morning. So most Democrats did not show up, but the Republicans did, and passed the override 55-9. Democrats were of course aghast and furious. Republicans in the chamber were gleeful. The Speaker said that they had to lie, and that if people do not go to work on 9/11, the terrorists win. So we see that Republicans are like some horror movie creatures whose only goal is devouring people, no matter how they manage it. This is beyond unethical or duplicitous. Unless this party is absolutely destroyed, and that is unlikely to happen, they will further poison this country figuratively and literally.

    • So how do we stop them, William? Everyone wants the Dems to do something, but what? How do you make a shark out of a guppy? If we are as lawless and ruthless as they are (which I doubt we can be), what will be left? I suspect most people have no idea how far this country has gone into the danger zone. They still think this is normal politics (so boring) and everything will be fine in the end. The pendulum isn’t swinging, it is ready to fly off the clock!

      I was having lunch with two friends and they surprised me by mentioning Samantha Bee and Rachel Maddow and how “unfunny” they are. First, I was shocked they watched either one and second by that being their take away. Two women speaking truth to power in dark times and they were not amused! Rachel’s reporting usually leaves me flabbergasted, rabid with anger or hiding under the bed.

      • Cats, I just wrote you a really long “answer” to your question, but it has disappeared, so I do hope that it turns up again!

        • ME, TOO!!!! First RD, now you, is it the Republicans?

          • Very possibly! What showed up below, about Maddow, is something else I wrote, but not the longer post about what Democrats should do, at least in my view. I guess I should write shorter posts, because they are easier to replace!

      • I am one of those who does not appreciate Maddow as much as many others do. She seems to delight in painting the most ominous picture possible, and then looking very depressed about it. She goes on and on about how the Republicans have cheated and are destroying the Constitution. She never offers solutions, or encouraging plans. She just folds her hands and looks hopeless. I do not know what the point of this is, I guess it is just her personality. Sometimes she even smiles grimly. My brother sends me dozens of unrequested articles with titles like, “How Republicans are destroying all of the New Deal,” or, “Republicans’ new plan to hold power forever.” I am aware of this, I do not need to read it over and over again. I appreciate when a show has some guests who can offer some inspiration as to what we must do, or what they are planning to do. It may fail, but at least it offers an upside. Maddow is like the voice of doom, every evening, unless she somehow perks up talking about her fishing trip with her girlfriend, which doesn’t do any of the rest of us any good.

        Actually, at this point, the only hosts on MSNBC I like, are Chris Jansing, who does not have her own show, and Nicolle Wallace, who at least hates Trump, even if she is a born and bred Republican. Both of them look for bright sides, something to hold on to, and they are gloriously sarcastic as to Trump’s ridiculous pronouncements.. O’Donnell does that, except that his utter dislike of the Clintons spoils it. Stephanie Ruhle is probably a Wall Street Republican, but she has a heart, and is intelligent. But of course opinions will greatly differ as to media people we like. I watched Samantha Bee before the 2016 election, and then after the horror of our side “losing,” she had a bunch of strange looking people dancing around in sort of a ,”we can still dance in the middle of all of this” statement, and holding up a sign saying “2018.”This did not cheer me up one single bit, so I stopped watching her, perhaps unfairly. I am noticing that MSNBC seems to be putting on more Republicans as guests, as we move closer to the election. Some are “Never Trumpers,” but as you note, they like to offer advice to Democrats, or criticize Pelosi for not moving to impeachment, even though they never explain how this will help Democrats in the upcoming elections. I do understand the moral argument, of course, but I’m wondering if their major purpose is to get rid of Trump, so that they can elect Sanford or Haley or someone of that type. Most of all of them would love GW Bush being President right now, and Reagan is their template.

  4. I am done with both Nicolle Wallace (Bush lover) and Joy Reid (Obama lover). I watch Maddow because she is brilliant and presents well researched news items, usually in context and often before anyone else. She doesn’t do any of those pundit panels I abhor. I haven’t heard anyone else mention the nuclear explosion in NW Russia; the barges with radioactive waste that were dumped off their own coast; Putin saying that he proposed to Donald that the US buy their defective nuclear powered missiles to keep things “balanced;” and, that Russia launched a floating nuclear plant to the Antarctic where it will probably end up on our doorstep. She also spent several nights on the plight of the last remaining medical facility in Missouri to provide access to abortion.

    The other night Maddow made a 15 second comparison between trump’s egregious and dangerous mishandling of classified information vs the overblown molehill that was and is the Republicans’ claim that Hillary may have mishandled classified info on her private email server, aka Gowdy’s blue dress. I hate that she repeats everything ten times but she does make me think and her reports always seem fresh, insightful and relevant. Also think she is a good interviewer.

    I haven’t watched Bee in awhile but she usually nails events and individuals imperiling women’s rights and did some great reporting on the states’ TRAP laws.

    I like the two up and coming hosts whose names I can’t remember or pronounce. They apparently have an early, early morning show together before the god awful Morning Joe. They report and host without apparent affect or bias and they are both articulate and thoughtful. I have only seen them when they sub for the MSNBC’s big guns.

    I hope your other post appears! Sorry for the blither.

  5. wonderful

  6. As to the debate, the best news from it for me is that Castro will never be anybody’s VP choice now. Maybe Beto will be, he would win Texas, and then the Republicans could not win the election.

    I thought that Klobuchar came off well, and she is another very good choice for VP. As far as higher, it would be very hard for her to pas all these other candidates, but she has a better chance to make a mark in Iowa than does Beto. Buttigieg also has a chance to gain ground in Iowa. He did well in the debate, too. Kamala did better than in the last one, but I will note that the smog here was awful in the ’70’s, then the problem did improve a great deal in the ’80’s and ’90’s.I seriously doubt that Kamala had anything to do with this, but if someone can show me where she herself “went after the polluters,”and improved air quality, I would be duly impressed.

    Biden still has the best chance to win the general election, and by a decisive margin, which is so important in trying to win back the Senate and statehouses But he is certainly not very impressive in these debates. Some of the “gaffes” are more in the nature of parapraxes, slips of the tongue, not very meaningful. But while I think he is coherent, he is not very impressive in articulating policy. The two candidates on the Left, Warren and Sanders, likely have more votes between them than does Biden. All three may end up at a contested convention.

    Sanders is anathema, everything he says is in the nature of a wild promise which even he has no understanding of how to fulfill. Warren is more appealing, but she also blithely tosses out “plans” which involve immense taxes, and which are very unlikely to be passed. And I still don’t think that many people want to risk their healthcare plan on M4A. And no, Obama did not do some courageous thing with the ACA, when he had majorities in both Houses, and could have done something better. All in all, I think that the candidates who most helped themselves tonight were Klobuchar and Buttigieg, though I personally prefer Beto at this point. He got threatened with being shot, by a Texas state legislator, after he said that he wanted to take away assault weapons.

    • Booker said it best. Biden cannot seem to reassure people that he will not fumble and bumble through a general election.

  7. When I posted my previous comment in the last thread a few days ago I almost complimented you for not falling for the fake news hoax known as “Sharpiegate.”

    • By now, Benedict Donald could convince his cultists fans that we really did lose the Moon 20 years ago today. 😉

  8. Hell, I’m old enough to remember when Amurkan conservatives prided themselves on being the meanest, toughest, anti-Russian motherfuckers that ever fucked a mother.

    Now? They line up to lick Putin’s arse.

    They would rather kneel to a foreign dictator than stand in solidarity with fellow Americans who happen to be swarthy or LGBTQ.

    Well, cr@wd@ds, you have shown the rest of the country your true character. We will simply have to turn out and outvote you, again and again and again, until your political power is extinguished forever.

    • For example, we’ve learned that he exposed a US intelligence asset in the Kremlin to the Russians. That asset had to be evacuated out of Russia toot sweet and is now trying to keep a low profile here in the US.

      Not even close. The asset was exposed by Deep Staters trying to sell Russian collusion by leaking classified info to the press. The first time they tried to evacuate him he refused to go. Now, to cover their asses, they are trying to blame it on Trump. The asset in question is currently living outside Washington DC under his own name.

      • That’s a good one, cr@wd@d, but it doesn’t quite measure up to the one about the flying reindeer. 😛

  9. I am so glad Beto said what he said, it’s been heartening to see the gun worshipers in defensive mode ,for a change. They are not a “huge” majority by any means.

    They can keep their rifles, shotguns and pistols. The message being you don’t get to own military assault weapons anymore. Make the GOP repeatedly defend war machines in civilian hands.

    You want to see those all important suburban women voters run for the Democrats? Keep defending those weapons of mass murder, GOP.

    I wrote on another blog, someone had to break the glass, Beto did so.

    Good for him.

    • I agree: good for him. I keep hearing pundits say how bad that was for the Democratic Party and how Beto handed the GOP a gift. Do they know how most of the country thinks and feels? Do they have a clue?
      We’re sick to death of being held hostage by the NRA. We’re sick to death of feeling queasy before going to the movies or a concert or a church service: looking for the exits, clutching our loved one’s hand, wondering how much time we’ll have to duck under a seat or a table and if our our response time is now too slow to save us from a bloody end. Mostly, we’re sick of thoughts and prayers.

      • Yes! There is some kind of knee jerk reaction from the media and politicians when it comes to riling the assault weapon owning demographic. And the NRA. They fear that which has minimal power and it is being exposed more and more.

    • I saw some right-wing guest on one of the shows, I think he was oonce Boehner’s aide, saying how Beto can never run for anything in Texas now, and that his statements do damage to “common sense gun reform.” And what is that? Nothing meaningful at all. Just words to paper over the fact that nothing will be done. There was once an assault weapons ban, and apparently the price for Republicans voting for it was that it expired in ten years. And then GW Bush got installed, and the Congress let the bill expire, and now we have this. Either we do something to get rid of assault weapons in the hands of average citizens, or we are prisoners in our own country.

      We will see if the unquestionable momentum for major legislation is stymied by the gerrymandered and court stacked electoral realities, set up to allow a rural White minority to subsume everyone else’s vote. We need a massive win in the upcoming election, and in the Senate, and that will not be easy. But Beto is willing to set out the issue for all to see, rather than tiptoe around it, as most of our politicians do. Hillary took on the NRA in the last election, and they poured in a record amount of donations to beat her, and they didn’t, but the Russians and Cambridge Analytic, and vote suppression, and Comey did. The gun issue and the climate issue are the two most important ones. And we mus focus on them, and not get sidetracked by other issues. I am hoping that Beto ends up on the Presidential ticket in one of the spots. I don’t know how likely that is, though it is at least more likely than a few weeks ago. Maybe one of the candidates will mention that Sanders voted against the Brady Bill five times.

  10. 😆 https://i.imgur.com/f2UbA05.jpg

  11. Look on the bright side, RD: NOAA can retract the multi-hundred-million dollar RFP they have on the street for new supercomputers and replace it with a simple requisition for a box of Sharpies. Think of the money we’ll save!

    Side note: I’m amazed nobody has brought up Trump’s first-year proposal to shut down all the NOAA weather satellites.

    • If someone were knowingly and systematically trying to destroy everything worthwhile in this country, they could not do any more than Trump is doing. One would think that once in a hundred times, he would randomly fall into doing something positive, but he does not. Does he think of all these things, destroying our infrastructure, our intelligence systems, the free press, etc? Or is someone telling him what to do?

      And to think that many people, including some credulous or stupid media members, though that Trump might be a moderate, or an actual populist, who would not be bound by right-wing orthdoxy. Instead, he is a corrupt, lawless destroyer of the entire fabric of the democracy, while piling up as much many as he can for himself and his cohorts. And millions of people decided that they would just as soon have Trump as Hillary. How much cognitive dissonance or drugs are required to not be overwhelmed with unassuageable guilt for this? I will never forget Chris Matthews repeating, “Why doesn’t Trump run as a populist, a sort of Huey Long, who cares about the working class people who keep being sent off to wars, who are not making enough money….” Anything but another Clinton, right, Tweetie?

  12. I decided to watch Nicolle Wallace’s show today, and it was fine, until the final segment, which was about Kavanaugh. And to discuss this, the show had on the absolutely infuriatingly obtuse Jason Johnson, and Karine Jean-Pierre, who is smarter, but similar in her positions. Johnson told us that the reason the House will not impeach Kaanaugh, is that they “lack backbone,” and that people voted to give the Democrats a majority, but at this point, they might decide to stay home, because why bother to vote? Jean-Pierre said that people expected the Democrats to “hold (various people) to account,” and they are not doing it.

    So I guess these two people are saying that people shouldn’t bother to vote Democratic, because Trump, Barr, and Kavanaugh are not being impeached. The fact that none of them could possibly lose their positions as the result of any of this, either is not comprehended by them, or more likely, does not matter. People voted for mostly moderate Democrats in 2018, because they wanted health care protected, and Medicare and Social Security to continue. And many other things. Johnson is either a tool of Russia, or simply an arrogant firebrand who thinks that he is right about everything, and has no regard for decisions of elected officials. As much as I would like to see Kavanaugh humiliated in an impeachment hearing, he’s not getting removed; and the hearings would likely go exactly the way of the confirmation hearings, particularly as the FBI is apparently the tool of the Justice Department, and thus will not question potential witnesses. Things are very dire in this country, but trying to impeach Kavanaugh is not the solution to any of it, frustrating as that may be. And this endless and uninformed complaining about Pelosi and House Democrats is pretty similar to the endless complaining about Hillary in the campaign of 2016, and will possibly have the same effect.

    • Yeah, Johnson has pissed me off in the past. One of his ire-inducing comments was about how Hillary lost black men’s votes because of her “superpredator” remarks. It was my understanding at the time that 1) Hillary’s comments were, as usual, taken out of context; and 2) the twisting of her comments were part of the Russian effort to suppress the black vote through misinformation. At the time of his comment, he should have known better.

      Harris just made her pitch to impeach Kavanaugh. The clips Rachel ran of the hearing were so nauseating. I thought it interesting that while Kavanaugh sneered, snarled and whined, the only thing that moved on his wife’s face were her eyes. No emotion whatsoever. I would love to know what was going through her mind. My takeaway during the hearings is that she despises and quite possibly fears him.

      Rachel opened her show with an item about a second whistleblower to the IG with allegations about a WH official, possibly the Prez* per Schiff, interfering with Congress’s efforts to access trump’s taxes. Another subpoena to a trump toady has been issued. Another claim of “privilege.” Most corrupt admin, ever.

      • Cats- I only caught bits and pieces of Rachel talking with Harris. I heard Rachel sounding mildly remonstrative – essentially asking Harris “are you sure you want to go down that road?” in re: impeachment. It did not sound like an appealing route, despite the fact that he deserves it in spades.

  13. I checked a set of odds on the presidential race. Right now, they list the odds of the Democrats winning the popular vote at -360, Republicans +270. That is making Democrats about 78% to win the popular vote. But in terms of winning the election, Democrats are -125, Republicans +105. That is basically even. So–and these of course are just odds–Democrats are about 78% to win the popular vote, but only 51% or so to win the White House.

    This is of course a complete indictment of our outmoded and ridiculous electoral college system. Can you imagine election after election where more people vote for the Democratic candidate, but the Republican wins, and then virtually enslaves the voting majority by deliberately enacting laws and Orders to take their money and their rights? Where people in rural states which have a disproportionate number of electors (remember that electors are the sum of Congresspeople and the two Senators from each state, so that a state like Wyoming gets a minimum of three electoral votes, while California, which has about 190 times the population of Wyoming, gets about 19 times the electoral votes) control the country?

    This is utter disenfranchisement, and a violation of “one person, one vote.” But of course it’s not going anywhere, because Republicans do not intend it to. It is very close to apartheid, even if not specifically based on race. Actually, there is one way to change this, which is if a bunch of Democrats from CA and NY moved to smaller red states, and outvoted the Republicans in national elections.. But likely the Republican states would pass legislation saying that no one who has not lived in the state for 20 years, could vote there. So they may have found the ultimate way to game the system forever in their favor, but at the cost of making the country ungovernable. If the Democrats can somehow take the White House, and even the Senate, they had better spend much of their time trying to fix these inequities in the most feasible way they can, because otherwise the Republicans will come right back in and make it worse. There is no “bringing the country together,” it is a fool’s game for Democrats to try it at this stage.

    • Gee, California is already free to split itself into 190 states to even the odds. All it takes is a simple majority in the state legislature and a simple majority in Congress (Article IV, Section 3, paragraph 1). It wouldn’t be the first time: Maine split from Massachussetts and Kentucky and West Virginia both split from Virginia, after all. No amendment required. You could have done it anytime between the 2006
      and 2010 elections.

      Electing a President based on popular vote would require mandating a plebescite in the first place. There’s no such requirement in the Constitution – states are free to choose electors any way they want.

      States in flyover country are already treated as colonies by coastal economic interests. While formalizing that arrangement politically might be a tad more honest, I doubt if it would work out well in the long run. 😉

      • Sounds like the Constitution has locked us into one party rule, voter suppression and disenfranchisement, lack of accountability among our elected officials, loss of checks and balances, and pervasive corruption. Yippee! I guess the best we can hope for now is a benevolent dictator who will chuck the damn thing out.

        • Or that enough of my fellow non-elite white Americans will grow a functioning brain and quit putting their shit-brained prejudices above their actual self-interest…sh’yeah, riiiiight…*lolsob*

      • I expect that I entertain a much lower opinion than Prop does of the non-elite white Americans of the flyover states, even though I am one of them.

        I guess the un-esteemed Mr. Podhoretz would call me a “self-hating redneck”.

        • IBW, perhaps ”enlightened” redneck would be more appropriate. In this day and age one person, one vote just makes the most sense to me, but according to Prop we cannot get there from here, nor perhaps should we. The electoral college may have been wise at the time, to me it is an anachronism not meeting its intended purpose and therefore completely worthless. Moreover, i think, as Kathleen would probably say, the EC is just more white patriarchy animus keeping us in the past, where i for one do NOT want to be. I would like to try matriarchy for awhile, with an updated Constitution. Yeah, I know, ain’t gunna happen.

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