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What “The Mooch” interview says about how Republicans think.

The news of the day is all about Trump’s self-dealing. He’s been using the military to prop up one of his failing golf resorts in Scotland. The pentagon isn’t talking but the details are leaking anyway. It’s alarming if we can’t trust the military to hold the line against Trump.

Now, most Democrats knew well in advance that Trump was bad news. It wasn’t just because we thought he was a celebrity wannabe, ignorant, attention seeking, buffoon who was poking some voters’ baser instincts to get ahead. It wasn’t just because we are coastal elites who indulge in identity politics.

But if you listen to Anthony Scaramucci’s interview with Virginia Heffernan on Trumpcast’s episode Backstage at the Scaramucci Redemption Tour, that is the impression you get of the impression Republicans have of us.

Time after time, Mooch tries to make us see reason: Democrats have to wake up and stop acting like their principles are meaningful because OMFG, TRUMP IS A CRAZY TYRANT AND HE’S GOT TO BE STOPPED!!! WHY DON’T DEMOCRATS UNDERSTAND THIS?!?!?

The whole interview was a deep dive into the mind of a rabidly free market, soulless Republican operative who finally realizes that maybe, just maybe, there is a Rubicon in his value system that’s buried deep in his mental archives that Trump is in danger of crossing.

Heffernan tries to get Mooch to examine that inner self and moral center but he keeps deflecting away from it. Mooch is like the narrator of Heart of Darkness who finally sees “the horror, the horror”, but doesn’t quite understand his connection to it.

While I’m relieved that someone as hardcore as Mooch is finally seeing the light, I’m disturbed by his misperception that Democrats haven’t seen it yet. Part of this might have to do with Mooch’s assessment of himself as the self-made man, an ambitious guy with a towering intellect that defied the lowly circumstances of his birth. Now that he’s figured out what Trump is up to, it’s his sacred duty to bestow this nollij on the clueless lefties who don’t see the peril.

(One wonders why he’s not delivering his “Trump must be stopped and not reelected” message to the Republican voters. After all, none of US is planning to vote for Trump. But really, this isn’t about the voters, it’s about the candidates that the never Trumpers and new converts object to. Right, Mooch? You just don’t like Elizabeth Warren.)

Jeez, he should have made some friends on the left a few years ago. We could have saved him all the angst. We’ve been running around with our hair on fire ever since the media became obsessed with Hillary’s email server while yawning at Trump’s missing tax returns and his rally speeches dripping with malice.

What does he think the Women’s Marches were all about? Did he think it was all pink pussy hats and intersectional kumbaya? Did he see the protests at the airports during the early days of the Muslim ban? Probably he did. But he misinterprets those protests as having something to do with identity politics.

What he doesn’t see is that we have made the mental connection between the mistreatment of the powerless out groups as one of the stages on the way to authoritarianism.

Mooch is finally realizing that Trump poses an existential threat to people like him while we’ve seen Trump as an existential threat to everything from our citizenship birthright to the economy to the rule of law to elections to the health of the planet.

Trump is reversing EPA policy not because he is against regulation. It’s because there is profit to be had by chaining Americans to big oil. He’s anti-universal healthcare because the healthcare industry expects him to protect their bottom line. He’s imposing tariffs because it helps him and his plutocratic base to atomize our relationship with the rest of the world and each other. If we are all rugged individualists, we will either spend our days trying to negotiate our terms and figure out how badly we’ve been cheated, or we’ll be too exhausted to do anything but go along with it.

I’m not sure what scenario is triggering Mooch the most. He’s so confident of himself and the free market that it’s difficult to tell how he personally feels threatened. Maybe he’s finally found his inner patriot. It’s not the one that plants multiple evenly spaced flags on the lawns in the free market Green Zone in Iraq. It’s the one that probably has its roots in his lower middle class origins. His sense of the country has been perturbed.

It’s his own “rags to riches”, brilliantly ambitious self-made American alpha male identity that is in peril.


I keep writing posts. They keep getting “lost”. I don’t know what happens to them on the way to the server but I’m not amused. I put a lot of time into writing these pearls of wisdom and then “poof!”, they disappear.

Anyway, this is an Open Thread until I can figure out what’s going on.

Topic du Jour: will Trump’s self-dealing, using the military to save his Scottish golf resort, be the final straw or will it take dropping a nuke on Puerto Rico to get people to finally decide they’ve had enough?



Seriously, I’m pretty PO’d about losing my posts. The last one was one of my better efforts and it’s GONE. But the one off nothing post gets uploaded? What’s going on here??