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When it rains it pours edition

The floodgates are open. It sounds like many staffers are leaking what they know to the press. Maybe in solidarity with the Whistleblower? Maybe to cover their own asses? Maybe it has to do with Trump calling the whistleblower’s sources spies that should be dealt with?

Something must have triggered this. I suspect it all went south when Dan Coates resigned. It just seemed like just another Trump season but under the surface, the dam was cracking.

This is going to be an interesting weekend. Any guesses how long Trump holds out? Put your estimate in the comments.

This is an open thread.

Hang in there, Niles. It’s almost over.

The SHTF Scenario for Trump

He went too far. He got cocky and careless. The House Intel Committee is questioning the acting DNI. You can watch it here.

I have to work so take good notes.

Meanwhile, the Whistleblower complaint says that the actual meeting log between Trump and Zelensky is stored on a secure server for political reasons. Let’s hope someone from the NSA has hacked into it before the WH person with the su password wipes the thing clean.

This is an open SHTF thread:

Things that make you go “hmmm…”, Explosive Edition

So, Rep. Jackie Speier was on Rachel Maddow last night and Maddow asked her if she’d read the whistleblower complaint. Yes, she had. Well, some documentation has been classified retroactively by the president in the last 24 hours so she couldn’t talk about it. But did she have an opinion about the contents?

Yes. It was “explosive”.

Interesting choice of words.

Let’s read into this word as if Speier were trying to blink out a message. (Put your tin foil hats on)

What if the whistleblower (wb) found out that Trump “promised” to deliver something even better than $250,000,000 in military aid to Ukraine? What if Trump promised one of our nukes?

Maybe he thought that would sweeten the pot since Ukraine disarmed years ago and didn’t have one around. I know it sounds crass to offer something associated with radiation to a country that hosted Chernobyl on its soil but this is Trump. He’s not the kind of guest you invite to dinner for his refinement and sensitivity.

Just the other day, Trump was going on and on about how we are upgrading our nuclear arsenal. What do you do with a huge, shiny nuclear arsenal? I mean, seriously, what’s the point of having nukes if you can never use them? Why not use them as a bargaining chip? Offer a nuke to Zelensky in exchange for making Biden look like a monster and watch the NYTimes go after Biden like Ramsay Bolton’s dogs.

Or why not get the Ukrainians to say that Biden offered them a nuke if he became president? Would that be execution worthy for Biden? Didn’t the Rosenbergs get the “electric chair” for giving the nuclear info to the soviets?

I’m not saying that nukes had anything to do with it. All I’m saying is that “explosive” could be a significant choice of words. There are many possibilities. I’m just letting my mind go where it wants.

You know, five impossible things before breakfast.

Comment below on your best “explosive” scenario.

Two Desis in a stairwell talk impeachment.

Keep your eyes and ears on these two.


I spoke too soon about Trump failing to set up his fall guy. It’s Rudy:

The U.S. ambassador to Ukraine, Marie Yovanovitch, became a primary Giuliani target.

Yovanovitch, a longtime State Department Foreign Service officer, arrived in Ukraine as ambassador at the end of the Obama administration, more than two years after an uprising centered on Kiev’s Independence Square ousted the Russian-leaning government.

Though she was widely respected in the national security community for her efforts to prod Ukraine to take on corruption, Giuliani targeted Yovanovitch with wild accusations including that she played a secret role in exposing Manafort and was part of a conspiracy orchestrated by the liberal financier George Soros.

Oh pleeze. 🙄

Am I expected to believe that Rudy is dumber than Trump when it comes to Soros conspiracy theories?

Anyway, Rudy isn’t the President. To be honest, I’m not sure who is the president. Well, we’re about to find out. When Trump crossed this latest line, he made it necessary to open all of Pandora’s boxes on his previous antics.

But back to Trump. If you’re theoretically the President (never proven for this Pennsylvanian), you don’t have to do stupid, unconstitutional, self-dealing things that will get you in trouble in a domestic and international theater. It’s a given that you will try hard NOT to do such things. That’s what the oath of office is about.

Saying “Rudy made me do it!” doesn’t really apply under these circumstances. He doesn’t even work for us in an official governmental capacity. He’s a personal lawyer. He’s, oh nevermind, you’d have to be really gullible to buy this blame shifting. Or you’ve never been a parent of children.


In the end, the House is proceeding with impeachment for the only good reason: to protect the integrity of the 2020 election. That’s what the Ukraine incident is all about – Trump trying to smear his opponent Yanokovych style.

We don’t do that kind of thing here in the US and most of us want our votes to have meaning.

That’s why Trump is being impeached.

He may survive a conviction in Moscow Mitch’s Senate but no one will go into 2020 not knowing what Trump has been up to or thinking that their votes don’t count.

The best thing to come out of this is that we will ALL take elections much more seriously in the future.


Walk to work music.

Yep, going back. I have plenty of vacation days to use but sitting around at home is not my idea of vacation.

Someday, I will have a week at the beach. Oh, yes, it will be mine.

But for today, it’s back to work.

Nancy’s “strategy”

We’ve heard about how reluctant she’s been to call for an impeachment inquiry. I truly believe that it was the last thing she wanted to do.

But maybe there was a sort of method to her reluctance. I’ve had a feeling for awhile that Nancy knows how to push Trump’s buttons. Maybe she’s been consulting with experts concerning Trump’s malady. They likely told her that cluster B personality disorders also include antisocial personality disorder in addition to narcissistic personality disorder. Can we see that in Donald Trump? Yep, I think we can.

Given his natural tendencies, he was likely to increase the number of violations. Increasing the violations also increased the possibility that he would become over-confident and reckless, neglecting to line up fall guys or clean up the evidence.

So, if Nancy had a strategy, maybe it was simply patience. She gave him plenty of rope and waited.

We lucked out that there was a witness to the latest violation. Let’s hope that his debriefing of the House Intel committee isn’t intercepted by Mitch McConnell and his Republican iron curtain.

One final thing: I was reading Hoarse Whisperer yesterday on Twitter and he made a very good suggestion about leaks, opinion, punditry and the press. Basically it was this: people who know real secrets don’t leak them the way you think they do and prolific leakers aren’t as well connected as you might think they are. Pay attention to commentators and experts who do not jump to conclusions but only report or analyze the information they are given without excess extrapolation. He says former prosecutors, military administrators and subject matter experts are usually best bets.

Just something to keep in mind going forward into this impeachment inquiry.

The real reason Nancy wants to avoid Impeachment?

There are all kinds of theories. I’ve heard it’s because she wants evidence and there is none. But the Clinton impeachment had the evidence bar set so low that the mountain of evidence that Trump has created exceeds 10 Nixons. So, that’s not it.

Is it because the blue dogs might lose? They might lose anyway if Democrats look feckless and like they didn’t get anything done. Most people are not political junkies. They probably don’t really understand how congressional majorities work and they haven’t listened to I’m Just A Bill since forever.

Moderate Democrats are skerred? Please. A lot of seats gained in 2018 came from Pennsylvania where voters *finally* got a more proportional representation. People like Conor Lamb are now in very secure districts. He’s being a wuss if he’s an impeachment holdout. (I don’t know. I’ve been otherwise preoccupied).

So what’s the real reason?

I suspect there’s a nugget of truth in the following tweet:

I like Kamala. I’d vote for her. But it’s still too early to pick a nominee though I do have a favorite.

But my point is not about Kamala. It’s about our free press.

They’re the ones who gave us Trump in the first place because they couldn’t let go of their Hillary grudge (thanks, Sally Quinn). AND the media wanted a horse race. They wanted the Democrat to come out on top but just barely. That would have meant 4 years of even more torture and using Trump as a battering ram against Clinton.

If Democrats break the glass for impeachment as the media is currently urging them to do, there’s a good possibility that journalists and media moguls will use it as spectacle instead of the serious business that it is.

This president might not even be our president and he’s increasingly authoritarian, autocratic and unstable. Getting him out of the White House is not a joke or the product of a 3 year rage. He really needs to be removed before he gets people killed or ruins the economy even more (oh, it’s coming. Get your plan B together now for the next Great Recession).

We just can’t put this kind of responsibility in the hands of a careless media who thinks of impeachment as a programming decision. This is not Nancy vs Donald, get ready to rumble!! We shouldn’t have a scoreboard on who’s up in the impeachment polls and who’s losing ground to the media conjured narrative.

Just the thought of it makes me shudder.

The impeachment of Donald Trump needs to be carried out on national TV with the greatest of care, gravitas and no kidding around.

The media hasn’t apologized for what they did to Clinton in 2016. Jeff Bezos is a hands off publisher to a point. He’s still a rich guy. Dean Baquet is an asskisser.

I just don’t think we can trust them.

That’s what’s holding things up.

Angelina Update

Hi all,

Thanks for all the good wishes and thoughts. They must have worked because I’m doing really well. Both surgeons were satisfied with how things went. I’ve been home since Wednesday afternoon and today went off the pain meds. I have a sexy pink compression thingy and haven’t seen the damage but it’s ok. There’s a tissue expander in there that’s going to pump me up in a few weeks. It’s not going to look the same but for some reason, it’s giving me an opportunity to do stuff I never thought I would. Like plan my tattoo. I have no tattoos now but I’m going to have a spectacular one in about a year. I never thought I’d want a hot tattoo on my chest but there you go. It might go viral. (No, I’m not going to tattoo “I’ve got a plan for that!” E.Warren)

My hair is growing back but in a strange way. I have a mid-cranial crest, like a Sleestak. I’ll have to see if it turns into a Mohawk. Almost ready to ditch the wigs just when we’re headed into fall. Oh well. Should be good. I’m going to color it violet for awhile.

So, looks like I’m going to make it after all and that’s saying something because you only know half of what I’ve experienced this year. There’s so much more. It deserves a book. More on that later.

I should be back blogging more regularly now that I’ve gotten that off my chest.